• Local: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Duração: 3 - 5 hours (aproximadamente)
A partir de USD 57,49

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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Arleen C , Outubro 2016

very professional and prompt for pickup. Guide was knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. Saw the lights and absolutely phenomenal! Go with this group!

Avaliado por: JESSIE G , Julho 2016

Saw the lights, tour guide was knowledgeable, fun and informative, what more could you want from a trip to Iceland!!! Amazing best experience of our lives

Avaliado por: Martin M , Junho 2016

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Joe D , Maio 2016

OUTSTANDING! I suggest the 9PM trip as I wanted to leave at midnight but the bus driver kept saying Have Patience!! Freezing my Florida butt off but at 1:10 AM the most incredible light show I have or will have seen!
The colors... green, red, purple made the entire trip worth every penny. THANK YOU Mr. Bus Driver!!

Avaliado por: Pam R , Abril 2016

Fantastic tour and tour guide!

Avaliado por: pypercomm , Abril 2016

We saw the lights! One of my bucket list items and we were so fortunate to experience this breathtaking wonder. So convenient and easy with the tour bus picking you up at your hotel. Grayling is the company running the buses and they were always on time and very organized. There is a small cafe at the site where they took us so you can get inside for warmth and coffee. We were lucky as the lights started around 10:30pm. Words can not express the beauty of the lights. I'd definitely recommend taking this tour!!

Avaliado por: Irene D , Abril 2016

We just got back from Iceland and were fortunate enough to take a Northern Lights tour during the last week they were available for the spring season. Unfortunately, on our first attempt, there was nothing to see but the tour company let people re-book a second night at no extra charge. So glad we had the opportunity - what a show the skies put on! Great experience, all around. We were bused to an area that had facilities, so you can get coffee, hot chocolate, snacks, and be able to use a bathroom. The tours will resume again in the fall. Don't miss a chance to get into a dark sky area to see them. Be sure to dress warmly. Spectacular - words can't adequately describe the thrill. Highly recommended!

Avaliado por: Graham L , Abril 2016

Brilliant we saw the lights and would recommend this excursion
Thanks Carol Lycett

Avaliado por: Saman A , Abril 2016

Brillaint, we were lucky enough to see the lights.

Avaliado por: Adam S , Março 2016

This was fantastic. It took a few nights to get out and see them but I was not disappointed. I suggest however you ring the local tour people and rebook if the tour does not go out on the night you booked. Great tour great river and guide. Would do again. Dress warm!!

Avaliado por: Renee C , Março 2016

Loved this tour! We drove for some time to a remote location. The weather temps were absolutely frigid, but we really didnt mind. We were able to keep going inside the store to warm up.
It was later in the season but w e were able to see the Northern Lights, several times, however they were faint. But we saw them nonetheless.
Our tour guide, Roman, was fantastic. And gave us a wealth of knowledge about the Northern Lights and about Iceland along with some personal history.
This really is a must see if you've never experienced northern lights before

Avaliado por: lorna_sims , Março 2016

Enthusiastic tour guide. Saw some amazing lights!

Avaliado por: Bobo , Março 2016

Sighting of the lights are based on various factors controlled by nature. Long night and very cold. Advice is to really wrap up warm by layering up and wearing proper footwear and wool/merino wool socks to keep your feet warm. Nothing worse than having to cope with freezing feet. Guide explains about the Northern Light and you will get busloads of tourists all chasing the lights. At last tour, there were at least 14 buses ranging from 3 different hours tours. 7,8,9 pm schedules.
Unless you planned to self drive, you have no choice but to join a tour. If you want exclusivity and small group and freedom of chasing the lights elsewhere, it will cost at least thrice the price of this tour.

Avaliado por: A.H.M. K , Março 2016

Helaas niet gezien, maar je mag opnieuw mee de volgende avond als je hem niet ziet! Ik had alleen de pech dat het elke avond bewolkt was. De tour guide en de buschauffeur deden erg hun best om ons een zo leuk mogelijke avond te bezorgen en hebben ons als troost nog naar een geiser gebracht. Petje af!

Avaliado por: BenedictJnr , United Kingdom, Março 2016

Having the luck to see the northern lights dance in the night sky, was an unbelievable experience that will always be with me. The tour guide did everything possible to make the tour enjoyable and also provided us with some great back stories into the folk legends behind the aurora borealis. All in all, a tour well worth taking.

Avaliado por: Angela R , Fevereiro 2016

This was amazing! This is what we came to Iceland for mainly, and it did not disappoint!! Our guide was great, really friendly and happy to answer any questions. They even help you get your camera on the correct settings to capture the lights. Amazing, can't recommend enough!

Avaliado por: Georgina H , Janeiro 2016

Great tour as you can keep going back until you can see it. We didn't see legal northern lights so we can go back anytime in the next two years. I would recommend taking a proper camera as we got some amazing photos even though we could only barely just see the lights. Highly recommended and need to plan another trip to Iceland to try again!

Avaliado por: Alicia , Dezembro 2015

Awesome, watching the northern lights is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We were able to watch them on our second night. Out tour guy was very nice and he let us stayed in the bus and just call them when the lights showed up. I would recommend you hunting for the lights on your own if you have a car, but without one this tour is highly recommended.

Avaliado por: Elaine G , Dezembro 2015

Amazing trip from bus driver to tour guide and off course the lights made a great show for us! Would really recommend that you take a great camera for the pictures.

Definitely a trip to do.

Thanks again bus 18 x

Avaliado por: Nicola B , Novembro 2015

We did this trip on our first night and we did see the northern lights. Our tour guide as excellent and kept us out until we got to see the lights. It was a long trip but well worth it.

Avaliado por: Lynda C , Novembro 2015

Be prepared for a long bus journey but if you are lucky enough to see the lights it is worth every minute!

Avaliado por: Amanda F , Novembro 2015

This tour was great because the guides were REALLY focused on getting us to see the lights. We were out till 2am which was really long and tiring after a while but I know they just wanted everyone to experience the lights as much as they could.

Avaliado por: MARIE M , Novembro 2015

Although we were unfortunate not to view the Northern Light the Staff could not have did anymore to make this trip more successful and offered a return trip for another night

Avaliado por: sjclark , Maio 2015

The tour war excellent and we were very fortunate to see a marvellous display.

Avaliado por: William G , Maio 2015

We were so fortunate to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights against the Milky Way in mid April. Awesome!