• Local: Reykjavik, Islândia
  • Duração: 2 horas 30 minutos (aproximadamente)
A partir de USD 89,60

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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Killian M , Novembro 2016

Didn't get to see the lights but you can keep trying if that happens lifetime guarantee!. The first night was too choppy so they organised a bus to go into the countryside instead. They provided us with cosy overalls on the boat and gave us plenty information on both the bus and the boat actually. As the night wore on, they gave us a free hot drink - I don't think this was ordinarily included, it was just quite rough and cold so they were being nice. Even though I didn't get to see the lights, they tried their best and I had a great time.
The harbour isn't perfectly dark but they go out a fair distance and it's an experience unto itself.

Avaliado por: cmkacher , Outubro 2016

We saw a truly spectacular display of northern lights on a clear night in the bay of Reykjavik. The warm jumpsuits were great to have as we watched from the top deck of the boat. Our guide was very knowledgeable and gave a great explanation of the science behind what we were experiencing. Great tour!

Avaliado por: sephirot36 , Setembro 2016

Buena excursión para relajarse

Avaliado por: Carolyn T , Julho 2016

The night was perfect. There was only a sliver of the moon showing so it was perfectly dark for viewing stars and showers of green light. The girl narrating from the bridge was very knowledgable about the night sky and the man reciting the poem was delightful! We all were very blessed to be there!!

Avaliado por: Jeffrey B , Junho 2016

My tour was nothing short of spectacular! We went very late in the season and were not expecting to see any lights. Turns out we saw lights from the beginning to the end of our tour. The stories, poems, and songs were an additional bonus. I highly recommend this your to anyone who goes to Iceland!

Avaliado por: claire.manroubia , Abril 2016

L'organisation était vraiment super. Un guide était sur le pont pour nous dire où regarder. Malheureusement le ciel était voilé donc nous n'avons pas eu un spectacle aussi beau que sur les photos mais cela reste une belle expérience

Avaliado por: Christine B , Abril 2016

You're at the mercy of Mother Nature on this one...but we lucked out and saw a great show! The tour operators were great - just be sure to get there early to get a good seat on the top deck! It gets crowded.

Avaliado por: Julia , Deutschland, Março 2016

We saw the Northern Lights!!!! So amazing. We really enjoyed the cruise. Totally worth the wait and the cold. However, it may be a bit difficult to take nice pictures with a standard camera as the boat moves a lot with the waves. So, if you are there for the pictures, maybe the bus tour is more recommendable.

Avaliado por: Amy E , Março 2016

Even though it was spitting with rain, and incredibly cloudy, we managed to see the lights! The boat trip itself was fun being able to speed away from the distance of Reykjavik's lights and over into darkness. The lady operating the tour was lots of fun! She kept us entertained whilst waiting for any sign of the lights.

Avaliado por: Michael K , Fevereiro 2016

Saw the lights as we were setting off out of port, great experience and lovely crew.

Avaliado por: Amanda K , Dezembro 2015

We saw a small display, it was a good experience

Avaliado por: carmelam , Novembro 2015

Trip good but northern lights disappointing. Thought we would see bright lights like the photo but instead it was a greyish cloud :

Avaliado por: sylvia.good , United States of America, Outubro 2015

Another bucket list tour. They boat was roomy and comfortable. Make sure you grab a coverall when you arrive on board and try to sit on the top deck. It was cold but soooo worth it!

Avaliado por: Nancy V , Outubro 2015

Awesome trip, very interesting and informative.

Avaliado por: fetje m , Março 2015

Helaaaaaaas , 4 dagen geen heldere hemel dus tour gecanceld....
Volgens organisatie blijft deze ticket 2 jaar geldig ! dus we koem graag nog eens op IJSLAND.

Avaliado por: Carola P , Março 2015

Die nächtliche Schifffahrt hat uns großen Spaß gemacht. Es war zwar lausig kalt, aber in den kuscheligen Overalls fühlten wir uns richtig wohl. Es war beeindruckend die Stadt, besonders die Harpa, von der Meeresseite aus zu betrachten. Nordlichter sahen wir allerdings erst Tage später, als wir in den frühen Morgenstunden an der Meerespromenade Richtung Apartment schlenderten. Wow! Mein Tipp: ... und dann Nachts nach oben schauen!

Avaliado por: louisemimnagh , Março 2015

This your was amazing. Despite zero visibility and snow for a while our captain preserved. Just as we were going to return to the harbour the lights appeared in all their glory.
We spent over an hour watching them form and dance across the sky. It was amazing and I'm so pleased I chose to go

Avaliado por: Renukaa D , Março 2015

It was fantastic, well organized and great attention was given to details.

Avaliado por: Dennis B , Fevereiro 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: julie c , Dezembro 2014

Amazing views from boat of lights on 4th try. Luckily had 4 nights to keep trying. Well worth the wait as excellent. In meantime very friendly informative staff who we got to know really well as a small company. Would recommend boat over a bus trip anyday

Avaliado por: Zoe J , Dezembro 2014

Absolutely fabulous trip! We waited a couple of hours before we saw anything but the guide was extremely informative and the whole tour was extremely well organised. This tour company were so helpful and would highly recommend this trip. Magical!

Avaliado por: Claire J , Dezembro 2014

This is a great trip if you get to see the lights, fortunately for us we did - eventually. Be prepared to be patient as we were out on the sea for a good hour or two before the lights appeared, but appear they did and it was worth it. You get the benefit of warm coveralls on the boat - use them - you will definitely need them. Boat has café on board too as a warm drink is necessary. It was great to see Reykjavik from the sea and all the crew on board were very friendly and helpful. We were lucky and saw the lights on the first night so you may want to book this early in your trip so you have other nights to do the trip if you're unlucky the first time.

Avaliado por: pearl t , Abril 2014

Take advantage of the complimentary overalls in addition to dressing warmly. Overalls and boat are well maintained. Hotel pick up and return a good feature. Lucked out - smooth waters, clear skies and lots of Northern Lights activity. Good tour. Worth the effort and cost.

Avaliado por: Norma A , Março 2014

Great trip - make sure you put on the waterproof suits provided, keeps you nice and snug whilst on deck. Trip was from 9am until midnight, much more civilised than the coach tour, spoke to a couple who went out at 7.30pm and didn't get back until 1.30am!!

Avaliado por: Marilyn L , Fevereiro 2014

The experience was amazing! Within thirty minutes of arriving in the boat's selected spot to stop, we were viewing stunning Northern Light displays. They lasted about one hour. It was a tremendous tour.