• Local: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Duração: 2 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Cathy A , Dezembro 2016

Must take this tour!! Fun and informative with a great, lively tale on the history of beer in Iceland. Olaf, the tour guide and hostess was charismatic, dynamic and incredibly entertaining! Plenty of samples provided.

Avaliado por: Suzette F , Dezembro 2016

Olaf made this tour terrific, informative and funny! Beer was excellent too.

Avaliado por: Richard S , Novembro 2016

Excellent , our guide was a quick witted intellect , The beer tasting was the emphasis , making the tour properly short . Do it !

Avaliado por: Nina Antigone V , Outubro 2016

Very fun!

Avaliado por: Sindre S , Setembro 2016

The best and most funny beer tasting that we 4 from Ålesund have ever done!!

Avaliado por: Dixie P , Setembro 2016

Awesome tour. All the beer you could drink and a history lesson about the prohibition in Iceland. The presenter was hilarious. We had such a good time we wanted to go again before we left Iceland but did not have the time.

Avaliado por: markw243 , Agosto 2016

Sylvia was hilarious, excellent and lovely. The tasting was more than a tasting, it was one can after another. So, everyone was great friends in short order. Suggestion, take this tour early in your visit to meet some great people and share your visit.

Avaliado por: Mary H , Agosto 2016

Fantastic experience! Our tour guide Jarpruour was funny and very personable! You definitely get to taste quite a few beers as well as tour the brewery. We also had fun chatting with the others in the tour. It was only about 20 people.

Avaliado por: andrew l , United States of America, Julho 2016

Not so much a brewery tour as it is a beer tasting while learning about the history of Icelandic beer. Our guide was hilarious! Lots of beer, and finish with a shot of Brennivin.

Avaliado por: Breanna D , Julho 2016

We got a lively history of alcohol in Iceland while trying several different types of beers and liquor. At the end we took a tour of the brewery.

Avaliado por: Maude_galarneau , Junho 2016

This was a great brewery tour! While tasting different beers, we got a great presentation of Iceland and #39;s history/relationship with alcohol. Our guide was very entertaining and made the visit more than fun. I would definitely recommend this tour!

Avaliado por: Andrew S , Junho 2016

Great beer tour. Heavy emphasis on the BEER portion and less so on the TOUR portion.

Avaliado por: Jessica M , United States of America, Junho 2016

BEST brewery tour we have ever been on. More about drinking than actual touring! :

Avaliado por: Andrew C , Junho 2016

Sylvia was awesome! She was excellent at not only entertaining us, but educating us as well.

YOU will be given AMPLE SAMPLES, and there is a very good chance you will leave with a buzz. Best to eat before or immedately after the tour.

Avaliado por: Michael F , Junho 2016

Sven did an excellent and entertaining job of explaining the history of Iceland's relationship with beer. And he also shed light on other aspects of the Icelandic liquor culture. We enjoyed the tour very much.

Avaliado por: jscaccounts , Junho 2016

Quite simply the best brewery tour you will ever go on!
Most brewery tours you their is a talk and a few samples at the end and a walk through a gift shop, this is nothing like that. You get given loads of beer and Sylvia was highly entertaining!

Avaliado por: Evelyn O , Junho 2016

It was very funny and interesting

Avaliado por: Annebettiol_ca , Junho 2016

Not your typical brewery tour.
Our guide Sylvia was very animated and very knowledgable.You would not be disappointed if she is your guide !!!!!
This a tour worth taking .
You get to find out about the history of Iceland pertaining to prohibition .
You try many different types of beer too!

Avaliado por: Stefani S , Maio 2016

I was hesitant on booking this tour, and let me tell you I am SO glad we did it!! This tour was unlike any other brewery tour, our guide was absolutely hilarious and interacted with everyone. She made learning history while tasting beer so much fun. It was our first day in Iceland, it was a great way to spend our first night and start our trip. When the tour was over we all ended up being dropped off in downtown to continue the drinking with our new friends. Very fun, very worth it - I highly recommend.

Avaliado por: Katie D , Maio 2016

Amazing tour! So much beer and many laughs. Fantastic time!

Avaliado por: Elizabeth S , Abril 2016

A fun evening with the most entertaining host! Made some good friends and enjoyed fab beers!

Avaliado por: Paul P , Março 2016

One of my favorite parts of the trip, it was a ton of fun and the guides were hilarious. Definitely wouldn't pass this up.

Avaliado por: victorialai11 , Março 2016

Great experience and this is not the ordinary brewery tour that you experienced before! Worth to have unlimited amount of tasting of beer with this amount of money! You will know the funny alcohol history of Iceland deliver by friendly, interesting and energetic staff!!

Avaliado por: Jill W , Março 2016

Value for money approx 7 drinks. Our host Anna B was brilliant. The drink just kept on coming would recommend having a good meal before you go! The presentation was light hearted humorous and we probably learned more about Icelandic culture there than any other trip! The tour was short but essential all that was required. The pick up/drop off by the bus was perfect too. It was great to socialise with other tourists as well. Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere- well done Olgerdin.

Avaliado por: Rochelle H , Fevereiro 2016

This was less of a brewery tour and more of a comedy show/brief history of Icelandic booze/beer tasting. My group loved it and would highly recommend. Sylvia was fantastic and left us laughing for days. We all left drunk and happy!