• Local: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Duração: 11 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Roger C , Setembro 2016

It was amazing scenery and so much to see and do.

Avaliado por: pat.mcgivney , Setembro 2016

A great day seeing the country but get ready for a bumpy ride while crossing rivers and lava fields!

Avaliado por: David B , Agosto 2016

Phenomenal trip. Villy, our tour guide was very good. He took us on hiking tours and driving routes rarely seen by others. This tour was well worth the time and money spent.

Avaliado por: hazel r , Julho 2016

well worth going on this trip. Excellent guide who explained about the landscape.

Avaliado por: Smukh77 , Julho 2016

GREAT trip. the topography is incredible and this is a tour not to be missed!

Avaliado por: clarkp , Julho 2016

Loved this tour and our guide who was a native Icelander. Our guide was enthusiastic and it seemed it was important to him for us to gain an understanding of the country you could tell he was so proud of. We took some great hikes and going to the site of the 2010 volcanic eruption was a highlight. Awesome day and way to experience Iceland if you want to do more than just sit in a bus and look at the sights as you drive by.

Avaliado por: Anna K , Junho 2016

This is a perfect tour if you're looking for something with a little more freedom than the get on the bus/get off the bus model of the standard Icelandic sightseeing tour. Our small group of about a dozen people had plenty of time to hike, take pictures and wander in awe through various parts of Thorsmork, a stunning park with enchanted valleys, glaciers, cliffs and waterfalls. The tour guide and driver Oskar was informative without being overbearing, and allowed us plenty of freedom to explore different locations on our own while still keeping an eye on everyone's safety. Hiking trails included both easier and more challenging options, so as long as you bring your boots and sensible clothes, hikers of all levels should be good to go. That said, you can definitely make things a little more exciting by scrambling up a cliff or behind a waterfall! The drive itself was also really cool, with our van leaving the road behind to cross rocky fields and even small rivers. It did make for a bumpy ride, though, which bothered one person on the tour who had back problems, so if this is an issue for you please keep that in mind. Overall, an unforgettable experience.

Avaliado por: Anna G , Junho 2016

We loved it. A lot of driving in a modified vehicle but definitely worth your time.
We really saw a lot on this tour: Thorsmörk, a glacier tongue, a black lava beach,
a lava cave and several waterfalls . We even got to walk behind one! Matthias, our
guide was brilliant and very helpful. Can only recommend it. If you are only in Iceland
for a few days like we were and only have time for one more tour apart from The Golden Circle one,
this is the tour you should do!

Avaliado por: Sophie C , Junho 2016

Une magnifique journée, on en prend plein les yeux, une belle découverte du pays!!! Bus confortable et merci à notre guide!

Avaliado por: Kristin G , Setembro 2015

WOW! Such stunning views, and a great day of hiking. This is a long day, but you will not be disappointed with the activities and the absolutely majestic landscapes and hidden waterfalls.

Avaliado por: Samantha S , Agosto 2015

This was one of my favorite memories of my week in Iceland. My tour was pretty unique. My fantastic guide was named Jon Spencer, and on the tour was his daughter and her family visiting from the states as well as an Icelandic resident who were all equally amazing. The tour itself takes you off the beaten tourist's track except for Seljalandsfoss, but heavy crowds there are to be expected. The multiple walks and hikes through the tour really made it for me, even though my foot slipped trying to cross a stream to get towards the glacier and I completed soaked my shoes. Thorsmork was truly an adventure, the beauty was overwhelming. Jon gave us lots of wonderful information on Iceland and took us to many scenic stops along the way to take photos. The sheer diversity of all the things you are able to see during this one day is unbeatable.
Warning: You WILL get wet. Between the waterfall and all the beautiful streams, creeks, and canyons you will very likely get your shoes wet. Bring extra socks our amazing guide had some for us, but that may have been a forethought since he knew his family would be there?, bring a raincoat, and consider wearing something warm but water resistant on your legs. My tour was in July and the sun was out for most of it, but I imagine this advice is even more important for those doing this tour in the fall/winter. The advice is Iceland is always to pack layers and that could not be more true for this tour. There were points where I was down to a t-shirt and maybe an hour later I was back up to a fleece, a rain coat, and a wool hat.
Overall, I could not have been happier with this day. I recommend this tour to everyone since you see so much and a lot of it isn't packed with tourists. Truly a wonderful experience.

Avaliado por: petewest , Junho 2015

The tour was super fun! The guide was very knowledgable and showed us all the great spots. Highly recommend!

Avaliado por: Harry D , Outubro 2014

Excellent great guide who knows his stuff.

Avaliado por: Carolyn , Julho 2014

We loved this tour! Our guide was wonderful. We had to do quite a bit of hiking through rivers and climbing rocks. It was quite a beautiful day.

Avaliado por: Andrew F , Agosto 2013

This tour is a great experience. Our guide Anna was very knowledgeable, and made it a great day.

Avaliado por: Mark W , Agosto 2013

This trip is outstanding. Our guide was extremely well-informed and helpful and spoke perfect English. The scenery is well "off the beaten track" and exceptionally pretty. The hike in Thorsmork was adventurous and exciting, gave us a real buzz, and was not overrun with lots and lots of tourists which certain other excursions were, so we were a small select group, making it a very personal and friendly experience. This was truly the pinnacle of our week in Iceland!

Avaliado por: Mariko R , Julho 2013

Although the trip was cold and wet the natural beauty of the places we stopped were well worth it. Our guide was helpful and accommodating. Remember to hang on to your seats bc it's a bumpy ride and be prepared to get your feet wet!

Avaliado por: Zsuzsanna C , Junho 2013

The tour was amazing!The tour guide was very friendly and helpful and I so much enjoyed the rough track leading to Thorsmork!I learned a lot about Iceland's nature,history, volcanoes and the views a must see!I would recommend this tour to everyone who intrested about nature and wish to see more about Iceland's unspoiled beauty.
(Be prepared wear waterproof shoes and warm,waterproof clothes)

Avaliado por: Marie S , Junho 2013

Mycket bra rundtur med vandring uppför och nerför branta klippor genom isländska GrandCanyons. Vattenfall i olika storlekar och höjder. Kändes som att vi fann den isländska själen under denna rundtur. Rekommenderas verkligen !!!

Avaliado por: r.waddell9 , Agosto 2012

This trip was perfect! Loved all of it! It was beautiful! The tour guide and bus driver were great, and I never felt bored at anytime. IT was an awesome adventure. Thank you!

Avaliado por: Darcy E , Agosto 2012

This was an outstanding trip! The guide was knowledgable and fun. The pace of the trip was perfect, with plenty of time for hiking, lunch, sight seeing and picture taking.

Avaliado por: Arielle L , Julho 2012

A great and exhausting day. We hiked to some beautiful, hidden areas tucked away in the canyons. Our tour guide for this trip was fantastic--funny and helpful, especially when it came to hiking across the streams. We made four hikes overall--each one was progressively harder than the last, but our small group handled it well. The scenery was well worth our efforts.

Avaliado por: Olive B , Junho 2012

Magical day had on this tour. smaller group and you felt as if you were definitely getting away from it all with far less tourists. Hike and walk through Canon stunning while the trip there is a wonderful experience in itself! Great guide

Avaliado por: SARAH H , Maio 2012

Brilliant - I would highly recommend this trip. I only had a few days to explore Iceland and this trip was really worthwhile. The journey itself was fun, tour guide was excellent and we even had the opportunity for several small walks. The weather was mixed - sun and snow which suited the atmosphere of Thorsmork.

Avaliado por: Karen T , Julho 2011

I did this with my 12 year old and we both enjoyed the stunning beauty. A bit of a hike across some small rivers, over a lot of rocks , and up and down some big hills. Not hard, but one needs to be able to hike an hour.