• Local: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Duração: Minimum 5 hours (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: WEI LIN REBECCA C , Outubro 2016

This tour was really good. It gave a totally different experience in Iceland. Relaxing in Blue Lagoon without any time limits was awesome, especially after my muscles ache from the horse riding, which was lovely and picturesque by the way. I was a complete newbie at horse-riding, but I found myself staying on my horses. The guides are also distributed evenly to ensure that everyone is safe. I would recommend this trip to everyone.

Avaliado por: Jacqueline P , Setembro 2016

It was my first time on a horse and I didn't have to be afraid cause the horse had done it hundreds of times. He resonded to me very well, and made my experience a fun one. He was a good choice for me.
The staff were helpful and gave you tips along the way.

Avaliado por: mnrsconnolly , Agosto 2016

The staff at the horse-riding tour were fantastic. The scenery was breathtaking. The Blue Lagoon was relaxing and beautiful. The bus was on time to take us back to hotel.

Avaliado por: debbieg3000 , Julho 2016

The staff are very friendly and helpful they had everything I needed for a fun ride including gloves, helmet, and boots if you choose. They chose the perfect horse for me not too fast and I think we rode for a couple of hours along the Icelandic country side. I loved the experience and the only feedback I would give is that it would be nice for them to have a platform to help in mounting/dismounting the horse. My legs are strong but I am not experienced enough or agile enough to hop up on the horse. I used the fence to dismount in the end so I didn't embarrass myself. I would also bring a fanny pack for my phone/camera because they don't recommend that you bring a purse on the ride because of all of the bouncing. There are hooks to hang your personal items on including your purse but no lockers.

Avaliado por: Christen D , Junho 2016

I booked my horse ride with Laxness Horse Farm through Viator and I'm so glad that I did. The staff were wonderful and helpful. They matched us to horses based on our riding experience. The first half of the ride the whole group rode together at a slow pace. We were then given the opportunity to join a fast group or slow group on the ride back, I went from being one of 20 to being one of 6 and I had an amazing ride. I love riding horses and this was one of my favorite rides to date. They take you for a lengthy ride with astounding views. I definitely want to go back.

We then went to the Blue Lagoon. I went in the afternoon and I think if I had gone in the morning or evening it may have been a bit less packed. Either way it was very soothing and relaxing. I wanted to try to book an in water massage, but they were booked out for the entire month before hand. If you think you want one, make sure to book well in advance. The bar had delicious drinks, but they are on the pricey end. The facilities are all very clean and well maintained. I definitely want to go again and I will book in advance.

Avaliado por: Diane , United States of America, Junho 2016

If you drive around on Iceland you're bound to see tons of beautiful horses, so this is a great opportunity to see them up close! You might even bond with your horse my mom did -- my horse, on the other hand, had a little bit of an attitude, haha. This is probably the longest horseback ride I've ever been on a good thing! and at times they gallop a little -- so this is not the boring pony ride of your childhood! Being able to go to the Blue Lagoon afterwards was very nice. They have flexible return hours so you can stay at the Blue Lagoon for pretty much as long as you want, but return buses are every 2 hours which was a little too spaced out for me -- I could have used another half hour or an hour but ended up cutting my visit a little short because I didn't need to be there another two hours. Blue Lagoon is a must-see if you're visiting Reykjavik!

Avaliado por: Corine T , Junho 2016

Great day!

Avaliado por: Alison D , Abril 2016

I loved this trip. Got to see some lovely views and the horses are beautiful. Unlike any other horse. They are quite spirited and the trot is very bouncy due to shorter legs. The people were great too. Very friendly and match your horse with your experience.

Avaliado por: Edward F , Março 2016

Horse-riding was great fun! The sights were beautiful and the Blue Lagoon can't be missed! Very recommended

Avaliado por: lsu_batgirl , Setembro 2015

Had a great time at both the horse farm and the blue lagoon. One thing that wasn't clear was that you start at the bus terminal and go to the horse farm then you go back to the bus terminal and then leave from there for the blue lagoon around 1pm. This caused some stress as I had made massage appointments for 2pm and the bus was late departing the terminal so we missed about 20 minutes of our hour long massages. So in short if you are booking any reservations at the blue lagoon do so after 3pm.

Avaliado por: gretchen.alonso , Maio 2015

Horse riding scenery was great. It looked like a postcard. Well trained horses even though you never ride a horse you will enjoy it. They explained the basics. Pants are provided so you do not get dirty. Time at the lagoon is sufficient to eat and enjoy from 3-4 hours at the Blue Lagoon if you leave in the last bus.

Avaliado por: Johnny H , Maio 2015

Å få sitte på hesterygg var en flott opplevelse, og hyggelige jenter som hadde turen med oss

Avaliado por: Dick L , Maio 2015

Ska du till Island - glöm inte ta en ridtur! Magiskt!!!!!

Avaliado por: Marie M , Abril 2015

An amazing adventure wrap up warm and enjoy !!!!!

Avaliado por: lbdepalm , Março 2015

I am NOT a horseback rider - been on a horse maybe twice before in my life. But this was wonderful. My horse Bones was well-behaved and patient for the most part and the guides were incredibly experienced and helpful. There was a guide in the front, the back, and several in the middle to make sure no one ran into any trouble and to help out if they did. They had waterproof gear, boots, and helmets for everyone, and the countryside that we rode through was picturesque.
And the Blue Lagoon - enchanting enough that though I didn't have much time to spend there, I returned on the last day of my trip and spent hours there, just luxuriating in the warm waters, sipping a smoothie and enjoying one of the facial masks they offer. If you need a few relaxing and rejuvenating hours, this is the place to go.

Avaliado por: Georgina F , Março 2015

I had never done horse riding before so I was a bit nervous but within a few minutes of riding I picked it up really quickly. The Viking horses are similar to our Shetland ponies and are very well behaved, gentle and adorable. The ride lasted for 90 minutes approximately and you get the opportunity at half way to go into a slow or fast group. I felt very comfortable riding for the first time and the saddles and stirrups made it easy to stay balanced on the horse - I ended up going with the small group of fast riders as I enjoyed it when the horses started to gallop rather than just trot! Great tour for beginner riders!

Avaliado por: Danielle N , Fevereiro 2015

Absolutely amazing!!! Everything was well organised and just an absolute treat to have taken part. I would recommend this trip to anyone

Avaliado por: skiag , Dezembro 2014

Outstanding! The people at the farm were wonderful. Made sure we were all bundled up and warm to ride. The horses were very gentle. Great ride with gorgeous scenery.

Avaliado por: Clare W , Dezembro 2014

The ponies are really docile and anyone with a bit of riding experience would find this fun - they do trot so don't do if you're expecting a leisurely walk. The blue lagoon is a must on a trip to Iceland - we loved floating around enjoying a glass of fizz :)

Avaliado por: onjoli , Outubro 2014

Horse riding was so much fun and the scenery was absolutely beautiful! I highly recommend it! And the blue lagoon after was perfect :)

Avaliado por: SAYANTAN B , Abril 2014

the Viking horse ride was the highlight of the whole trip. It was 2 hours of pure bliss. the horse was led through lava fields, mountain streams, and icy terrain, and it was a wonderful way to admire the beauty of the landscape! it is great for both experienced horse riders and beginners, (I am the latter), and you are in great hands. the guides are experienced and keep a close watch over the riders. will definitely recommend!

Avaliado por: njcalderon , Dezembro 2013

My friend and I had a terrific time on this tour. We had arrived from the US early that morning and were quite jet lagged. After checking in to our hotel we took a quick cat nap and then were off to ride. Great way to get over jet lag! The riding facility was in a nice location, not too far from Reykjavik but still in the country. They were organized and very professional. I loved the fact that the guides spit up the group so that the beginners did not slow down the intermediate and advanced riders. Even better, we met half way through the ride so that those beginners that felt comfortable moving up to the advanced group. I have been fortunate to ride all over the world, these Icelandic horses are amazing! Super sweet character, they move at a sweet pace and smooth tolt gate!
Following the ride, we had to wait a bit for our transportation to the Blue Lagoon, but it was nice time to get a sandwich and buy a 66 degree sweater. Note, the Blue Lagoon part is transportation only, make sure you purchase your entrance fee prior on the blue lagoon site. We spent almost 3 hours there soaking and scrubbing and took a break for a salad. The tour offered several options for transportation back to your hotel in Reykjavik. Great way to get over jet lag!

Avaliado por: Marlene G , Agosto 2013

Amazing experience - the horseback riding was well organized and so much fun. The lagoon is an absolute must-see!

Avaliado por: Jessica H , Julho 2013

What an INCREDIBLE experience- definitely a must-do while visiting Reykjavik. The Viking horse farm is family-run and is situated on Videy Island, in Reykjavik harbor. The staff is warm and friendly and is overly generous with their time. Our horseback riding tour was supposed to be two hours long, but our guide so how much we were enjoying it and gave us an extra hour of trotting and cantering (the second half of the tour splits into beginners and more experienced riders). The views of the island are idyllic and truly breathtaking. I could have stayed for another few hours! The Blue Lagoon was another surreal experience- a hot spring in the midst of lava fields, where people from all over the world gather to relax and enjoy the wonder that is Iceland.

Avaliado por: Mandy , Julho 2013

We had a great time! The horses were amazing! They are energetic yet they took care of two dozen beginners and they gave a few experienced riders a GREAT time! The farm was pristine and the tour guides were knowledgeable. My friends had never ridden before and they loved it. Plus, they are very tall and the ponies were accommodating - even of my husband who weighs over 200 lbs. The Blue Lagoon was relaxing and amazing. It was great having the bus take us all around. We rented a car but we never had to use it because the tours were so easy and efficient.