• Local: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Duração: 10 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: John H , Dezembro 2013

Great tour

Avaliado por: Mark S , Dezembro 2013

We had a great day out in a fabulous country, unfortunately we only glimpsed at one minke whale, but the boat trip was great, we were very impressed that wet weather gear was provided on-board. The Gullfoss and Geysir tour was amazing, we saw so much in one afternoon, would have liked to spend more time at several of the locations, but we now have a very good Idea of what we would like to see on our next visit ! the guide was great, very knowledgeable with a good mix of jokes and banter

Avaliado por: Nicholas John C , Julho 2013

A very good trip, with good sightings of minke whales, dolphins and numerous bird species. Recommended!

Avaliado por: Robert Charles S , Agosto 2012

I would have been happy to see a few puffins and a trip out to the bay but this was a most enjoyable trip. We saw dolphins and minkie whales as a bonus. The guide on the ship kept us informed of the local flora and fauna and his enthusiasm when we saw the dolpins made the day.
Organisation again was excellent.

Avaliado por: Becca G , Agosto 2012

It was wonderful, everyone was very friendly and informative, we ended up seeing at least 100 pilot whales and white sided dolphins. The puffins were pretty great too, i just wish they were closer up. (We went August 8-18, 2012)

Avaliado por: Cameron M , Julho 2012

Wonderful crew, saw a few whales, dolphins, and loved the puffins. Highly recommended.

Avaliado por: Maria R , USA, Junho 2012

Saw a couple of Minki whales , dolphines, puffins, and harbor Porpoise

Avaliado por: Gabriele N , Abril 2012

Amazing. My wife spotted 5 whales me only 4 but I managed to capture one in a picture. The organization is so good and when on the boat they even give you a pill for seasickness! Well organized and on time.

Avaliado por: Wes , Março 2012

Although we didn't see any whales, it was a great trip and the staff did their absolute best in the freezing cold!! Will be back again..

Avaliado por: Kirsty H , United Kingdom, Julho 2010

Has to be done, but be wary if you are prone to seasickness. i'm not but there were a lot of sick people around me on a very sunny clear day. If in doubt take seasick tablets.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , United Kingdom, Julho 2010

A brilliant tour - we got to see Minke whales, puffins and dolphins and the tour guide was very informative. We'd definitely recommend it!

Avaliado por: Anônimo , United Kingdom, Julho 2010

The whale watching was brilliant and a must when you go to Iceland. There is never a guarantee of seeing them but we saw a whole family of Orca whales. A dream come true. The Gulfoss and Geysir Tour was lovely too although I wish we had had more time at all the stops to take it in more. However, for a full day, could not have asked for a more enjoyable day!

Avaliado por: Kelly G , Canada, Abril 2010

Unfortunately I spent most of this trip with seasickness, which I have never experienced before. From what I could hear, we did have some sightings of minke whales. The guide was fantastic, and the lady behind the bar was extremely sweet to me as she knew how awful I felt. Even though I was so sick, I'm still giving it 5 stars because of how amazing the crew was.

Avaliado por: Nadim T , Lebanon, Setembro 2009

Yes, I absolutely loved my experience with the exception that we did not see any whale but rather dolphins.

Avaliado por: Goran D , Slovenia, Setembro 2009

Very professional, excellent logistics, no delays, very good guidance and explanations. Fantastic scenery and country and very nice people. Even the bad weather - bad for us, non-Icelanders - was much easier to stand with such well organized excursion.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Slovenia, Outubro 2008

We went whale watching in April. I think we were lucky with the weather, as the water was very flat and it was sunny and due to this we saw lots of dolphins, porpoises and minke whales; they just surrounded the boat and we were able to take lots of photos. The trip lasted over two hours. I recommend wearing warm clothing and a hat, but you can use the warm jumpsuits that they provide on the boat to wear over your clothes. Refreshments are provided on the boat. We had to wait around for about forty five minutes to be picked up for the golden circle trip after getting off the boat. No one really told us what we had to do or who would pick us up, so we had to ask at the ticket office. I enjoyed the golden circle tour, but wish we had had longer to stay at the drop off points.

Avaliado por: Kelly G , USA, Agosto 2008

We had a great time on this cruise! We saw a few whales and quite a few dolphins; the guide was quick to point them out and was very knowledgeable about all the marine life around Reykjavik. The puffins were super cute, that might have been my favorite part of the tour. Bring a jacket - it gets cold out on the boat!

Avaliado por: Susan G , Agosto 2013

Ship did not get close enough to see puffins clearly. Lots of whales and dolphins. No transportation available back to city center or bus station.

Avaliado por: Jaana S , Agosto 2013

It was great, even we didi not see whales... :)

Avaliado por: Jessica H , Julho 2013

A great day! A very relaxing afternoon excursion during our stay in Reykjavik. In the three hour tour, we saw several Minke whales and a few dolphins. We passed Puffin Island, though were only able to see them from a distance. Our guide was great at pointing out the whales, keeping everyone engaged, and pointing out the major landmarks as we sailed further out of the harbor. We passed Mount Esja, could spot the location of the Blue Lagoon, and passed the mountain that was the inspiration for Journey to the Center of the Earth. Truly a great day!

Avaliado por: Mrs I J T , Junho 2013

very good, informative and even managed to see whales and dolphins this time, did a tour with another company 2yrs ago but no whales actually nothing but seagulls.

Avaliado por: Nicola M , Junho 2013

The tour was very professionally organised and the crew of the ship could not have been any more helpful. Unfortunately, we only got one glimpse of a harbour porpoise but guess that's just luck of the draw! It can get quite rough out there, so if you are in any way prone to seasickness, I would highly recommend taking pills before travelling.

Avaliado por: ltownsend2008 , Abril 2013

So, you're probably not going to see a whale leaping out of the water making a giant splash, nor a puffin close up like in the photo. You will see some backs with fins and lots of porpoise backs with fins closer up. If you are thinking Sea World in Florida then you have the wrong idea. However, this is a fun trip if you like boats and being at sea.

The tour guide is very enthusiastic "11 O'Clock MINKY WHALE!!!" and tells you a lot about whales and the area so you should be interested in this.

They offer free sea sickness tablets at the bar and unless you 100% know that you won't get sea sick then please take one as soon as you board as it can be very very choppy! Also make sure you have a strap for your camera as you will get thrown about! Saying that unless you have a "proper camera" with multi shot then there's not much point. Just enjoy the trip instead.

They offer you warm snow suits at the beginning so there is no need to be cold. Bring good gloves and proper shoes. There is an indoor lower deck with bar, middle deck with roof and open upper deck. Toilets on board are as to be expected of a boat.

They come around giving our blankets on the way home which is nice.

We saw two Minky backs and a collection of porpoise backs. It is exciting scanning the water looking for them. Like some cold wet version of "Where's Wally".

Didn't see puffins but it isn't the season. Don't expect too much Come back in the summer to go to Puffin Island.

So if you like boats and don't get sea sick then do this. If you want to see and meet animals then try a horse riding trip instead as this was awesome! If you have kids then just visit the zoo!

Avaliado por: Brian W , Setembro 2012

Great tour. Saw a pod of some 200 Pilot Whales.

Avaliado por: Kenneth L , United Kingdom, Maio 2012

No Puffins too early in the season.
Weather poor heavy rain, but did see pods of Minke Whales and the cruise staff are excellent, encouraging concervation in a nation that hunts whales for food.