• Local: Costa Maya, Mexico
  • Duração: 3 horas 30 minutos (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Barry S , Janeiro 2017

We sign up for the viator trip as a last minute excursion. The goal was to see the ruins with a smaller group then what the cruise royal Carribean offered. We walk off the boat and started to walk out of the village to find our tour company viator holding our names up. The day was an amazing day. We were driven to the ruins by Aaron in an air condition comfortable large van with 10 passenger. Aaron is a very safe drivier. We had a women guide driving with us. I can't remember her name but she spoke English very well. She narrated to us during the way over and also the way back to the ruins and answers lots of our questions about Costa Maya. We stopped at a butterfly farm on the way to break the long trip up. We arrived at the ruins and another guide informed us about these ancient pyramids that have been excavated and restored, and now stand as testament to the myths and rituals of the Mayan peoples. We arrived on the 21st of December to see the December Solstice. It was amazing. Hightly suggest this tour to anyone who is on a cruise to this port. They were always aware of the time and our needs such as water, soda, bathroom breaks etc. Thanks so much Charlie for our wonderful day adventure.

Avaliado por: Neil P , Janeiro 2017

Very informative,educational and enjoyable. We enjoy the company of our driver/guide,Robert. We learned a lot from Luis, our tour guide. Other people from another group wished they were in our group. Robert and Luis are hiighly recommended. Thank you very very much for making our first trip to Costa Maya a memorable one.

Avaliado por: Corinne B , Dezembro 2016

Amazing tour!
Everything was perfect... except the butterfly farm which we didnt car much. But the ruins tours was awesome.
We stopped there with the Freedom Of the Seas in dec 2016, and that tour was well worth the price. Victoria, our guide at the ruins, shared her knowledge and showed us her personnal treasures.
Nice day, thanks Viator for the tour! I recommand, it's was cheaper than the same excursion booked onboard the cruise ship!

Avaliado por: Chrissyshapiro , Dezembro 2016

This tour was awesome! Our tour guide was Sitlolli. She said she also goes by lollipop. She is one of the most interesting tour guides we've had in a long time. She is full of knowledge about the entire region. She has Mayan culture info. She had butterfly knowledge. You ask her she had an answer. The van was a new one with great AC. We headed out to butterfly farm. We got to release some large beautiful butterflies. Then on to the ruins. On the way she informed us of the Mayan culture and everyday life in Costa Maya. We climbed the ruins with her. She pointed out interstate facts along the way. We got to see monkeys swinging in the trees. Did I tell you they provided bottle water, juice and soda? They do. On the way back we stopped for fresh pineapple for a snack. It was juicy and delish! If you can get on a tour with Lollipop jump at it. We left the tour feeling educated and entertained. We drove through downtown were the locals go shopping and eat at restaurants. She offered to let us out but we would have to walk the 45 minutes back to the pier. After the full day of climbing we just enjoyed the drive through of the town. Viator hold on to Sitlolli and her tour group they are real professionals and will do Viator good!

Avaliado por: vtrull1 , Dezembro 2016

Cannot say enough good things about this tour. We just walked from the port and quickly found a sign with my name on it. Inside the office was very organized. Traveled to the ruins in a newer clean van. Our guide, Citlalli, was the best I have ever had. She obviously enjoyed her job and is extremely knowledgeable. The Chacchoben ruins area is large and much more visually appealing than Tulum. We stopped by a butterfly farm on the way back as well as getting a fresh pineapple snack from a roadside vendor.

Avaliado por: susan m , Novembro 2016

Highly recommend the excursion with Viator. They are trustworthy and I felt comfortable with the Bus driver. He came for us after the tour so that we did not have to look for the bus or the bus driver after the tour was over. Their location was only a two block walk past the gate from the cruise ship port. Also there were people to help direct you to the Viator location.

Avaliado por: Scott M , Setembro 2016

Amazing experience. Guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. Bus was cool and clean. I would highly recommmend.

Avaliado por: Tina C , Junho 2016

Tour was very informative and excellent. Famliy of 4, with children 14 and 11.

Avaliado por: James H , Junho 2016

We had a great time! Our ship had switched port days so we were worried about our off ship excursions but the tour company once we found them was waiting on us as we were the last group to arrive. The one problem we had was identifying which tour company was the right one, like others have said the booking had Costa Maya Tours as the name of the tour operator, but the tour operator was Toucan. So keep that in mind, I had been aware of this before our cruise so it really wasn't that hard to find them, just look around and you will be fine. The Tour itself was great, bus ride was good and the tour guide was excellent and you could tell he really cared about the ruins and the people who live in the surrounding areas being a local himself. We had 4 kids ranging from 19-24 on the tour and they loved it. A bonus while on the tour a group of monkeys passed over us in the trees above.

Avaliado por: Amy T , Abril 2016

We booked this as an excursion on a cruise. It was perfect. We LOVED the sample of the pineapple. I wish we could have brought some home. My struggle is always what to tip! Keep the cash handy!

Avaliado por: Betti G , Fevereiro 2016

Best shore excursion yet! Clean buses, nice roads, excellent guides!

Avaliado por: Che Che , Janeiro 2014

Our original tour company - Alto did not show, we had to make other arrangements to find where is office was located. With little Spanish experience, we managed to communicate our needs. In our voucher it indicated free YELLOW TAXI ride to the location. When we got to the location, no one could explain what was going on and our driver would not be paid by the tour company. We decided to pay for the fare on our own. The good part of all of this, another tour driver took us along with another family to the Chacchoben and they did a fabulous job. Our lemons of a trip turned into lemonade with the new company. All and all the trip and day was fun. - FYI - if you are cruising, you cannot confirm your reservation if you do not call.

Avaliado por: Paolo B , Janeiro 2014

Out tour guide was Diana. She was great. Very informative and attentive to any request. Greatly Recomend it!
One minor note: meeting place info not accurate. Guide was waiting for us not at the pyramid, but half way from the port and and pyramid. Recommend Viator to coord. Better with local agency.

Avaliado por: Ananth , Dezembro 2013

The tour started a bit shakily. We had a wait at least an hour to start off. The tour operators were rounding up a lot of new customers to fill their buses as much as possible before starting off for the ruins. Also, the booking had Costa Maya as the name of the tour operator, but the tour operator was Toucan. We were a bit apprehensive!! But once it started, it was worth every penny. The ruins and place itself was fantastic. Nice surprise - the operator provided cold water throughout... they even brought it to the top of the sun temple platform.!! Absolutely recommend.

Avaliado por: mtdougher1 , Dezembro 2016

It was a fantastic trip and an unforgetable day.

Avaliado por: bstar0743 , Dezembro 2016

This was a very interesting tour. Our family filled two vans and the tour company very accommodating waiting for one family to get to the gathering point because of difference in SHIP time and local time. Very good local guides.

Avaliado por: Jane L , Julho 2016

Long drive, but worth it. The guides were very friendly and knowledgeable. The company provided cool drinks and the vans/mini-buses were comfortable. The ruins very very interesting and extensive. I would recommend this tour to others.

Avaliado por: Liliane A , United States of America, Abril 2016

This excursion was great. Our Guide Ishmael was informative well spoken and very accommodating. Our driver Carlos was wonderful. I would recommend this trip to any one and everyone. The van was comfortable.

Avaliado por: Kms , Dezembro 2015

Interesting tour but long journey to get to the site. Driver took us to beach on way back. Beach ok, but drinks very expensive 9 for non--alcoholic daiquiri.

Avaliado por: Jack W , Dezembro 2014

very good guide who was informative as well as personable. trip was delayed about one hour, but well worth the price.

Avaliado por: James G , Fevereiro 2014

I was excited to find such a great deal on the excursion price for this Mayan Ruins tour rather than putting the extra $ in the cruise ship's pockets and hoping to be able to keep the $ in the local economy. Our driver got us to and from our destination safely and was very friendly. The tour guide at the site was very friendly and knowledgeable. As other past guests have mentioned I would wear tennis shoes and be prepared with bug spray if you are going during the warmer months but fortunately bugs or extreme heat were not an issue for us during January. The only problem with this tour was a little confusion finding where to meet our driver for pickup. Our excursion passes labeled everything as Viator Travel but no one at the port or outside the port gate seemed to know them or how to find them for transportation. Luckily after searching for 20-30 minutes we finally found a lady at a booth that was listed under a different tour/travel name who had our names and was expecting us. I would recommend this tour to other families as all of us enjoyed it from ages 6-59 in our party. I would suggest that Viator make it very clear on how to find the tour group for transportation for future tour groups. Thanks!

Avaliado por: family cruise , Janeiro 2014

These ruins were worh the trip. After speaking to many people about which ruins to visit during this cruise these were recommended by numerous friends. I was so excited with your tour guide - she was informative and knowledgeable on these ruins and was passionate about the tour.
The only downside was they were hard to find once we disembarked of the ship. We had to go outside of town to meet them and nothing was clearly marked.

Avaliado por: Rise J. P , Janeiro 2014

Directions to the pick up site from the cruise dock were a little confusing, as every native person on the street is trying to get you to sign up with their tour. After meeting up with the tour operator, (who was calling our name) who then took us directly to the mini-bus. We were taken immediately to the ruins, about a 35 minute drive on good roads. Our group was small and a good size-about 15-20 people. The tour guide-Victoria- spoke very good English and had a good knowledge of the ruins. The Chacchoben trip was well worth the money, and we had a very good day!

Avaliado por: Mike , Junho 2016

Finding the tour company was difficult because the vouchers say Costa Maya Tours, but the tour company is actually Toucan Tours. They are located just outside the gates of the port and are not too difficult to find. Once we were checked in, we had to wait for a while for a driver? for more passengers?. They gave us plenty of cold bottled water, which we were grateful for because it was HOT. Our van was not very comfortable, but served its purpose for the 45 minute ride to the ruins. On the way, our tour guide stopped for pineapple, which was delicious. When we got to the ruins, we had to pay an additional 1 per person, which was not disclosed to us when we booked the tour. We spent about an hour at the ruins, which were impressive, but be warned that the heat and humidity were brutal. There is very little shade, so be sure to bring a hat and sunglasses and wear clothes that you don't mind sweating in. Our tour of the ruins was great. The ride back is when things started to go sour. Our driver was texting and on the phone for most of the ride. While he was driving. He said he would drop us off at the port if we wanted or he would take us to the beach. Most people chose to go to the beach. He promptly called his friends and told them in Spanish that he was about to drop off 12 tourists at the beach. Our van was met with a dozen men trying to sell us everything from food to kayak rentals, and they even followed us onto the beach. One man tried to rent us a FREE beach chair. We had agreed on a time to meet and go back to the port, but we had difficulty finding our guide and ended up having to wait around for 40 minutes for him and the group. I would not do this tour again. Costa Maya is just an attempt to exploit visitors-- save your money and enjoy the pool onboard your ship.

Avaliado por: Fionn M , Junho 2016

We weren't too enamoured with this particular tour, we followed the instructions on the document we received and left the port area... before long we had a guy calling us asking were we on the tour... he had a plaque of a different named company to the voucher... We showed him the voucher but he said it was them and directed us to their stand... sure enough at the stand it was them and they had our name and details and werent asking for money. The company that was ACTUALLY providing it was Toucan.

Next we were left waiting for around 30 minutes for a driver but to be fair we were provided with unlimited free water..

The vehicle was clean when it arrived and comfortable, along the way the driver stopped and got some pineapple in the village for us.

Upon arrival to Chacchoben we were asked for 1 dollar each to pay for upkeep not a big deal but shouldve been advised to us.

Our driver had little english very little.

We met up with what appeared to be their ONLY tour guide and joined another group who had seemingly arrived earlier.

The guide was knowledgable and friendly but at the end our late arriving group we added to a DIFFERENT group and taken back to fill in the missing gap which involved some repetition... this could have been organised better.

Overall it was ok but left a bit to be desired,