• Local: Roma, Itália
  • Duração: 5 dias (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Venkataraman K , Janeiro 2017

The tour was conducted by professionals. The timing was well paced. We enjoyed the tour and the family time.

Avaliado por: Yvonne Z , Agosto 2014

had a great trip guides were very good

Avaliado por: gconcon , Agosto 2013

Guide was very knowledgeable/friendly.

Avaliado por: Paul N , Julho 2012

Very hospitable travel arrangements. Allows you to explore Italy at your own pace. Highly recommended.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Junho 2010

You went above and beyond for our trip. This included getting us to and from accomodations. This would have incurred the other costs that would have made this trip unaffordable. The hotels on the three star were super. Why pay for four star.

Avaliado por: Marianne E , Outubro 2015

The tour was amazing ..tour guides and leaders was very helpful and kind..but the trip need to be ended back to Rome

Avaliado por: Norman A , Junho 2015

Organisation for Florence train and hotel transfer was poor though tour in Florence was very good with an excellent local guide. Pisa trip was very good with again an excellent local guide. Venice hotel transfer was good as was tour next day. More information on Hotel addresses and more detailed maps of Florence and Venice would have helped in finding hotels and meeting points for tours.

Avaliado por: Yvonne Z , Agosto 2014

a little disorganized when leaving Rome to Florence but it was a great trip our local guide was awesome. un fortunately I cannot remember his name but he was great very knowledgeable and patient

Avaliado por: Adam M , Agosto 2014

Gave you enough me time, but you still had to expertise there to show you around each city. Hotels suggested were in great locations, and pretty good condition. Highly recommend this!

Avaliado por: flex , Dezembro 2013

Great trip, would recommend to everyone. Transfers were great and met us at the train station on time. Hotels were good. Would've liked to stay in florence an extra night but great experience nonetheless

Avaliado por: Roger W , Setembro 2011

Although it was 5 days, 2 days were free / some travelling, so i felt we missed a little. After saying that, the hotels were all good and we were looked after - it was nice that al the planning was done for us using local knowledge.

Avaliado por: Sally S , Julho 2011

Good tour: customers need further user-friendly information about train tickets: the fact that the voucher IS a train ticket (no need to collect them at station) and that seats have been reserved on the train.

Avaliado por: ZAHIRANIZA M , Abril 2011

The trip was great and satisfactory.
The choice of hotels was excellent i.e. close to other attractions. Impressed with the pick up services at hotels and stations, regardless of the short distance to the next destinations (which could be done independently).
Nevertheless, we are unhappy with the tourist guide's service for the Pisa trip (depart from Florence). The service was first handled by a trainee (who basically not ready for the job) but always interrupted by the other guide. Due to this, some information was repeated. Unpleasant and unprofessional. Should avoid training a trainee in a trip like this. Also, we'd like to advise trips to be planed in the morning and not in the afternoon.

Avaliado por: SACHIN N , Outubro 2010

Very Good.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Junho 2010

First know this you won't be with the same group of people for 5 days on this tour. For us, this was a plus. You go to Florence with a busload of people that are daytripping there from Rome, stay in Florence and go to to Pisa the next day again, with a day trip group. You then take the train from Florence to Venice on your own as well transfers provided from Hotel in Florence to Hotel in Venice. Then, you take a 2 hour tour of St. Marks Square in Venice. You need to book some other tours in Venice as just seeing St. Marks Square doesn't cover that amazing city by far. We flew into Rome, stayed there for 5 days and then took this tour so it worked out very well. The hotels are basic -- clean, friendly staffs and in good neighborhoods - don't expect anything fancy. This is a very easy way to see these cities and I would highly recommend taking this tour!

Avaliado por: cb_lim , Março 2014

Very good experience , everything were arranged properly and precisely , such as hotel and train transportation .

Avaliado por: louiselarochelle , Dezembro 2013

The tour was not as I expected it to be. We met the tour on the first day and realized we were on a bus to Florence with people that were not all on the same 5 day tour and also with 3 different languages. So although we paid for an English tour we had the narration in Italian, Spanish and very poor English. After the tour of Florence we were separated from the bus group and taken by cab to our hotel in Florence where we checked in and received vouchers for the rest of the tour. The hotel was clean, very welcoming and in a good location but I was very disappointed with my room which was basically a closet. I paid $100 per day extra because I was alone and felt I should have had the same kind of room as my friends which was very nice. We did not see the tour guides again until the next day where we were instructed to meet near the station for our bus trip to Pisa. This was good and we arrived back to Florence for the afternoon and evening, made our way back to the hotel and were on our own. Next morning we had vouchers for train to Venice and we were transferred by taxi to the train station. When we arrived in Venice we were met by representatives of Viator and taken to our hotel. Again we were left alone with instructions to meet at a specific location in the morning for our tour of Venice. Again the hotel was very nice and well located. Breakfast was very good. But again I had what I felt was an inferior room to my friends' even though I had paid extra. We met the tour guide the next morning and had a very brief tour of Venice, not at all what was described that we could expect. All in all we were mostly on our own figuring out where to meet etc. and felt that we could have arranged this ourselves. It was an expensive tour and I expected more. The company made a good profit from us.

Avaliado por: LAURA M , Agosto 2011

The food included in the tour was disappointed. The restaurants you choose could be the best complement to the guided tours trough the cities. And it is Italy, Italian food is one of the best in the world.

Avaliado por: Fraser G , Canada, Agosto 2011

The Good:Got a free transfer from our hotel in Rome to get to the meeting point to go to Florence (not part of the tour, but a nice surprise)
Great hotel in Venice. Were met at the Venice Train Station and taken to our hotel (a short ways away)
Great organized transportation
Good Day tours for each city with educated, professional guides
Skip the line entrance for the tours was great

The Bad: Very poor communication when starting the tour (no one knew what hotel we were staying in, in Florence when we departed Rome...made enjoying day one of the tour a little hard). The hotel in Florence was terrible (despite selecting the 4 star option)
The descriptions of your day to day activities needs refining (schedules were not kept and things were included that were not I wasted some money pre booking some museum entrances). 2 of 3 Tours in English and Spanish...took a long time to learn about what we were looking at.

Overall a good tour package, but I am sure you could arrange this yourself with a better hotel in Florence and less worry about where you are going to sleep at night.

Avaliado por: Michael S , Agosto 2011

The tour guide up to Florence and the local Florence guide were hard to understand and we felt rushed. The area around the statue of David was so crowded, we could not hear or understand most of what the guide was saying. Our lunch was pleasant and the shopping is great. The hotel in Florence and Venice were clean, comfortable, and the staff pleasant and helpful. Our local guide in Pisa was young and fun and shared many interesting "curiosities" and fun stories. If you want to go up in the Leaning Tower, you have to book that ahead of time. We were not told this until we were there. Though trains/stations in Italy are easy enough to get around, you will have to figure out what you are doing on your own as no one from the tour is there to help you. The itinerary said someone would meet us at the Venice train station, but there was no one. Luckily we were very near the hotel and locals were nice enough to point us in the right direction. Our local gude in Venice was interesting. It was definitely worth going in the morning as it is very crowded by around noon. A free trip to the Murano glass factory was included and definitely worth the trip. Excellent show of working with glass by master George and our guide was fun and shared many interesting things with our group.

Avaliado por: Tamara D , Julho 2014

Watch out for your expectations on this tour, it took a while before I found anyone from the tour company at the first meeting point who knew about this tour. (Francesca was excellent) However I had booked this "tour" so that this part of my holiday would be travelling with a group guiding me through Italy. However it is a bunch of small tours run by different companies put together (you just get vouchers for each item) and you still have to figure out how to get where (and pay to get there) and find your new guide at each point. When booking this tour the "free time" was appealing to me, however there is much more of it than it sounds in the description. The only reason I would give for someone to do this trip is if they want to have someone coordinate their travels as far as timing, and are happy that they will still be travelling alone. However I believe that if I had booked the tours and hotels separately it would have cost me a great deal less, (at least half). Also none of the companies took any responsibility when there were errors, it was always one of the others responsibilities and you are left with no recourse to get satisfaction. I would not do it again.

Avaliado por: Myrna V , Junho 2013

I personally did not like the fact that in every place we had a different tour agency and agent. We spent too much time moving from one place to the other to get to the departing point to start the trip. I don't see the value of arriving in Rome when you don't include a Rome visit so it is a waste of time.
In Venice, to get to the meeting point from the hotel was impossible because they don't tell you how to get to that point and none comes to pick you up.
The tour includes too much free time instead of taking you to more interesting attractions. I could have done this trip by myself.

Avaliado por: George M , Junho 2012

The lapse in organisation in Florence was not acceptable and created a very poor perception . The taxi to take us from the hotel to the station never arrived , there was no communication or explanation. Were it not for the super effort of the staff at the hotel , we would have missed the train to Venice . The rest of the trip was ok but we found some of the tour guides fell short of a good mark .

Avaliado por: NORAIN M , Fevereiro 2015

It started well. As expected, we were being fetched from our hotel in Rome to Florence. After the tour, the nightmare begins.
1        Being foreign to Italy, we SEARCHED our way to the hotel OURSELVES and by asking around. We almost gave up after searching for MORE THAN 2 hrs! Further, the guide had WRONGLY marked on the map..!!
2        Upon reaching the hotel, we were asked for voucher. The guide earlier had told us that we DO NOT NEED to do anything except collect our room key. We had to wait for an hour to check with the agent again re voucher.
3        Trip to Venice. We almost MISSED our train! We were looking and waiting for a tour guide, just like our trip from Rome to Florence. 30mins before train departure, still no sign of any tour group or tour guide. We run back to the hotel if they could help contacting the agent but it was Christmas! We were thinking of how to get the ticket. We run back to the train station when were told that the vouchers were the tickets. We were still not sure if there will be a group with tourist guide to Venice or just us, we decided to board the train ourselves wondering what is going to happen next in Venice! To our surprised, there was an agent waiting at train station and sent us to the hotel. We realised that this 5D trip is like a “hopping trip”. One place we searched our way out; another place we had an agent. Wonder why was not consistent!
4        Hotel in Venice. We had opted for 3 STAR hotel buy we ended-up at 4 star hotel! We don’t need a luxury hotel as we don’t have kids or elderly travelling with us and we were out most of the time. Wonder why this was changed without informing us!
Looking at the itinerary from the website, “5-Day Italy Trip: Florence, Pisa and Venice”, “Day 1 to Day 5”, very promising and felt secured. Little do we realised that it was actually a “hopping tour”, we still need to be INDEPENDENT as we still need to TRAVEL and SEARCH OUR WAY. I would rather book hotel/ train myself..!!

Avaliado por: Glenn J. D , Setembro 2013

The groups were way to large, spent hours waiting around for other people that could not respect starting times. We were not given train tickets [part of the package], and our experience at the Florence train station was terrible. The driver that dropped us off the the station knew nothing, and our "voucher" meant nothing to anyone there. We actually had to get on the train without a ticket. After many phone calls to Viator [note, my cost], we got a "ticket number" over the phone and it was accepted by the train ticket collector.