• Local: San José, Costa Rica
  • Duração: 12 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: turner , Setembro 2016

The tour is well described by the tour information and the comments from those who have taken it. It was a great tour, but if you visit during the nesting season for the turtles September-October you should stay for at least one night if possible. You don't get to see any turtles on the day trip. It was a fairly long trip form San Jose to the park, and of course the same going back. But it was worth it.

Avaliado por: Marc H , Julho 2016

We did the day trip to Tortuguero. We went during the rainy season so be prepared for rain and muddy terrain! Our tour guide Luis was excellent with many years of experience. The breakfast and lunch were both excellent too!

Avaliado por: Dorothy R , Fevereiro 2016

Excellent. I can't say enough good about this trip. Although it was a long day and the roads were bumpy, it was outstanding and we saw so many animals and learned so much! Our breakfast and lunch stops were great and our tour guide, Bernie, was the best! Outstanding!!!

Avaliado por: Julia E , Abril 2015

We really enjoyed our trip to Tortuguero, definitely one of the best days that we spent in Costa Rica. Having the chance to see sloths, turtles, monkeys and more in the wild was a great experience. Highly recommend.

Avaliado por: Betty G. R , Março 2015

Wonderful experience. Very exciting being on the Lucky River and seeing all the wildlife--crocs, blue and tiger herons, howler and whitefaced monkeys, lizard, etc. It really did feel like we were on the Amazon River! Beautiful scenery.Our guide--Louis--was excellent. He was very knowledgeable and personable. Had a great breakfast and a wonderful lunch at the Evergreen Lodge in the jungle. Visiting Tortuguero Town deep in the jungle was an interesting experience. And seeing the beautiful ocean where the turtles come ashore to lay their eggs was exciting! There were many people at the dock getting ready to go on the tour. Somewhat muddy getting from the dock to the boats. All-in-all, this tour was a highlight of our Costa Rica trip!!

Avaliado por: Wesley D , Fevereiro 2015

great experience

Avaliado por: rgnarula , Fevereiro 2015

Very nice tour. Unfortunately the best time to see Tutles is in August September and then again you need to overnight as they come out to lay their eggs only at night.

Avaliado por: Marion M , Dezembro 2014

It was a really great experience! Our guides spotted soooo many animals - it was amazing! Totally recommend it!

Avaliado por: Jazzy , Outubro 2014

We enjoyed the tour but didn't get to see the turtles you have to spend the night to see them since they come out in the evening. The trip was nice we got a chance to see crocodiles and moneys in the trees. It was nice seeing the villages and school seeing how some of the people live in Costa Rica. We enjoyed the tour.

Avaliado por: Kristi E , Março 2014

Awesome tour and operators
Was disappointed with viator as a booking agent because
tour came to pick me up an hour earlier than you told me at 5:30am and viator did not book my campions tour but did confirm and charged him for it so I had to go alone

Avaliado por: Eduard Z , Russian Federation, Dezembro 2013

This trip was amazing! We stopped several times during our trip to see sloths, bananas plantations and other animals. When we got closer to the national park, we boarded to the boat and then we had a pleasant river ride! The stuff was very knowledgeable about things around. We have seen myriads of birds, crocodiles, turtles, Jesus Christ lizards, monkeys, frogs and many many other animals! The surrounding is very beautiful out there. Breakfast and lunch were very good. On overall, I'd give 5 out of 5 stars for this trip!

Avaliado por: Valerie C , Dezembro 2013

Loved this tour - even if the turtles had already gone to the ocean a few months ago. The tour company - Jungle Tom Tours was very informative, the sightings where spectacular - I don't know how these people see some of these animals, and the stop for lunch was very good. Tomas and Rosalyn were great guides. I would highly recommend this tour, especially through the Rainforest

Avaliado por: Johan K , Denmark, Fevereiro 2013

This is a MUST tour. You will see a lot of different animals, birds, monkeys and krokodils, and its all just outside your boat.

Avaliado por: James E , USA, Março 2011

Guide/Driver Thomas, EXCELLENT!!! he is simply the best!!! Highly recommend this trip, it is a very long day, but wonderful..Thank you Thomas!!!

Avaliado por: Terry , Março 2011

Fantastic! Our guide was incredible and went out of his way to find wildlife for us to view; he even got up close and took pictures for us if we wanted help.

Avaliado por: Marco H , Janeiro 2011

Although a long trip (ca. 12 h), I loved this trip. The guides were VERY knowledgeable and super friendly. There was lots of wild life to see and even on the way to Tortuguero the guides always were watching out for things to see by the road. They spotted e.g. a sloth just by the road side and gave us all the time we needed to take some pictures and observe. Although many hours a very relaxed trip.

Avaliado por: Ernel Arcangel F , USA, Dezembro 2010

Great tour

Avaliado por: Anônimo , USA, Julho 2010

The trip I took was fantastic! The guide was very knowledgeable and shared so much information about Costa Rica. I left feeling like I knew a lot about the country. The food was great, and the experience was stellar. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone!

Avaliado por: Estelle V , Dezembro 2016

We enjoyed the trip overall. The bus trip was quite long and the bus was completely full, so we had to sit in the first row with no leg space at all, which was quite uncomfortable for the long trip. The boat trip was very nice. I would have preferred to have more time at the beach or in the little village, rather than spending 45 minutes at breakfast and another hour or so at lunch. However, overall we had a very nice experience!

Avaliado por: Edwin P , Outubro 2016

This was a great tour and great tour guides, could not have been better.

Avaliado por: Karen C , Abril 2016

Had a great time. Just wasn't the season for the turtles!
Thank you,

Avaliado por: Barbara M , Junho 2015

Mucho está incluido por el precio del tour.

Avaliado por: Emily F , Abril 2015

I know it is not sea turtle nesting season but tour made it sound like we would see something n there was nothing to see,, and that is part of what you are paying for!
Rest of your tour good

Avaliado por: Regina Y , Abril 2015

The tour guide on this tour was wonderful! And the boat ride through the rain forrest was really beautiful! The turtles are only in season part of the year, so we didn't see any turtles on this trip. The food was OK, but not the best.

Avaliado por: reemshaf , USA, Março 2015

This tour was amazing!