• Local: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Duração: 5 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Lynadius J , Julho 2016

The tour guys where excellent!

Avaliado por: Kadian W , Junho 2016

This tour was amazing! The guys are funny and very knowledgeable. A great welcome to Puerto Rico treat.

Avaliado por: dammfam , Fevereiro 2016

Staff was very entertaining. Fun tour for my teen daughter as well. Entire trip was enjoyable and fun.

Avaliado por: Pavan G , Setembro 2016

It was fun for me, although we left a bit late in the evening and a few people on our tour were really unhappy since they had no experience kayaking especially at night through thick jungle like growth and they were feeling yelled at :. It was good overall though. Not worth doing twice.

Some folks who did other tours said that the rain forest trip was better.

Avaliado por: wgledhill , Junho 2016

While the crew was a bit off the wall they made the trip fun and good care of us. Well worth the time and money. However the promised pictures on Facebook never appeared.

Avaliado por: Megan S , Maio 2016

I truly enjoyed this tour. At first I was nervous because I did not have a partner but Michael, one of the guides partnered up with me and made the tour great. Make sure you eat dinner before you go..

Avaliado por: princesssheba73 , Fevereiro 2016

This was a very enjoyable experience. I went by myself, and was paired with a friendly gentleman, who had no previous kayaking experience. We laughed and tried to avoid running into other people and low tree branches. I would recommend scheduling this tour for after the full moon, to truly enjoy the bioluminescence. It was interesting to see the organisms lighting up, but was not as good as what I expected. The entire experience was enjoyable, and the tour guides were very entertaining. Definitely will do it again, after the full moon.

Avaliado por: William H , Julho 2016

This was on my bucket list. I enjoyed it, but like most Eco tours, they arn and #39;t as good as they used to be. We were told the and #34;glow and #34; has steadily declined in the last 11 years. We had to hold tarps over our canoe to make it dark just to see them.

Avaliado por: christoher D , Maio 2016

Ok, Kayaking through the mangroves was pretty amazing and I'm glad I did it, even if the price was a little steep - however we saw almost no bioluminescence, a few sparkles if you agitate the water, but even then, barely. So go on this tour if you're up for a nice evening out kayaking, but don't count on seeing the water glow! Also the tour guides were just OK - I heard other tours going by getting a lot more on the history of the bay, the science behind the bioluminescence, etc. We didn't get much of that.

Avaliado por: Ruth S , Dezembro 2015

The kayak tour was fun but stressful. The pick up at the hotel was late by 1 hour. It was storming, dark and raining. It could be because of the timing of the season. The alWe did enjoy the Kayak tour guides once we were able to get it started.

Avaliado por: Paola K , Março 2016

It was very nice to kayak through the mangroves at night but as far as the actual experience of seeing the bioluminescent bay, it was a disappointment. Not the fault of the tour guides who were actually very nice and funny,but the whole experience is a lot of hype and nothing more. I think that the pictures on the internet are retouched and I would not do it again.

Avaliado por: rebecca l , Fevereiro 2016

People were wonderful but we were not pleased with the deception of what we were going to experience in the water. Very little activity from the bioluminescents in the water!!! There should of been a discount because it did not live up to what you claimed would take place.

Avaliado por: Mignon L , Janeiro 2016

Our driver Obie was superb!
The tour guides i think is an entirely different company/contract between Bespoke and the glass bottom kayak company at the bay were great -- energetic, helpful, informative, entertaining.
However, the management could have informed us days before the tour instead of hours before the tour that the bioluminescent bay is covered with seaweeds and therefore not as luminescent as one would expect. We could have planned something else for that day -- like maybe a tour to the mosquito bay instead of the bio bay in Fajardo. Yes it was still our decision to do it but we didnt have enough time to book a different tour since we were informed of the situation hours before our pick up time...

Avaliado por: David T , Novembro 2016

I never write reviews but I felt it important to let others know about this trip so they would avoid it. I take a lot of tours and I don't expect perfection. In fact, I tend to focus on the positive. However, nothing about this experience was positive. First, the company didn't respond to our questions by email or phone so we weren't even sure if they were going to pick us up at the hotel, but they did. We expected a training session based on the Viator ad, but instead we received only a 30 second onshore demonstration by hand gestures from a guy speaking broken English. We didn't think this would be a big deal since we believed based on the ad and reviews written about the tour that the waters were calm and the kayaking distance was short. Instead, we journeyed quite a long way AGAINST a strong current in pitch black conditions even moonlight can't shine through the tree canopy in the channel to the lagoon and they don't use any lighting, which you would think is because they want you to see the bioluminescence, but it turns out there is hardly any to see. We saw only a few pinpoint sparks the entire time we were in the lagoon, and this was after huddling under a dark tarp for 30 minutes with the instructors! After everyone asked why the bay wasn't lit up like in the tour photos, we were finally told that actually a few years ago an algae infestation drastically reduced the population of the bioluminescent microorganisms and they are still trying to recover. Well for pete's sake, leave them alone to recover and stop having tours until people can actually see some and get the experience they paid for!! Outrageous and completely MISLEADING! Furthermore, there were so many tours going through the channel at the same time that it was dangerous trying to move out of the way in the pitch black! We were caught in tree roots several times and nearly capsized since we couldn't see in the pitch black! In fact, once we got stuck in a tree root system after having to move over for several groups going through at the same time and struggled to try to get out. To add insult to injury, the tour guide yelled at us and acted like we were idiots for getting stuck when we couldn't even see or it wouldn't have happened! Ridiculous. After several minutes and much ado, he finally produced a flashlight so we were able to extricate ourselves and we wondered, since there's no luminescence in the channel, why not have a little light on to make it safer anyway!! Outrageous! We were told to bring a change of clothes but when we finally returned to the beach, we found the bathroom door looked so all of us had to ride back the 45 minutes to the hotel soaking wet! Ridiculous. So, the tour was not at all like it was presented, the bioluminescence was basically nonexistent, there were too many groups at one time so it was unsafe and the guides were rude. This tour was nowhere near worth the 110/person they charged. I recommend you avoid taking it at all costs!! Abysmal failure.

Avaliado por: Seyra H , Setembro 2016

Two of the three guides were fine Michael and Kevin. The third Monalo was so nasty to make it a bad experience. He did not motivate you at all, but instead yelled at you and made you almost panic anytime you did anything wrong. Acting as if you were being a brat instead of a person who had never kayaked in the pitch dark in a mangrove with strong currents. There was absolutely no light making it impossible to see. Other groups would cut in front of you with no glow sticks and you could not see at all. Next thing you know, crash into them and here he comes to criticize you again. You would crash into trees and other people and he would yell at you about it. Other tours were there and they had lights so others could see, but not ours! Then Mr Personality would yell at you to look at the canopy overhead, it's so easy! This is all while other kayaks are coming at you as well as motorized vehicles. It certainly will test your marriage if you are doing this with your spouse.

The actual bioluminescent was less than expected to say the least. If you saw this online or read it in a book, trust me they overstated what actually is there. This was very strenuous and not at all worth the effort. Other people on the tour would not follow simple directions causing everyone else to crash into each other. The guides spent more time showing how hilarious they were and the rest of the time being pretty nasty. They also spent time flirting with women from the previous excursion while our group was trying to understand what we were doing. I spent 400 on one of the worst excursions of my life. The only highlights were our driver Chris and the dog. Chris was really friendly and did a great job driving in really bad traffic. If you are looking at things to do in Puerto Rico, I would not recommend this unless you are an experienced kayaker. I travel all the time and do these things all the time. There are always some issues, but I will hands down say this was the worst. Never again!

Avaliado por: David L R , Maio 2016

Upon arriving, our guides were all eating in the back of a truck. No one told us we were waiting for another group, so we just milled about, very unprofessional.
After arriving at the lagoon, we saw no bioluminescent, so we paddled around for about thirty minutes, until a guide said he found a spot where we could see some, we didn't. So our guides had us put our canoes together, and they put a plastic tarp over our heads. The tarp was covered with sand, so we all felt the sand falling on our heads. The tarp didn't help, we still saw nothing. Then one of the guides said he found a spot, so we paddled there and we saw a few sparks under water, if we stuck our arms and agitated the water.
After reading a few previous reviews, we learned that the lagoon was contaminated due to flooding, so many people are paying for this tour and not seeing anything.
The kayak trip back was a nightmare. All the kayaks had glow sticks, so we were supposed to follow the kayak in front of us, but the kayak in front of us kept running into the mangroves, so we kept following, and the kayak behind us, would follow us. The three guides each had a flashlight but one guide led and the other two took up the rear. So they would get irritated that we would keep going into the mangroves. We just wanted it to end.
The drive back took 90 minutes, we didn't get back until 11:20 pm.
Worst tour I've ever had

Avaliado por: William F , Dezembro 2015

Basically there was no bioluminescence. Also there were difficulties with picking everyone up so we had to turn around and pick someone up that was missed. Driver was great though and very positive.

Avaliado por: mdelorca , Novembro 2015

Really substandard. On way in to the mangroves, several of us got waylaid and guides were nowhere to be found. Very little bioluminescent activity, which was the entire point. Although we were fine, it is a strenuous trip for the uninitiated. Even with application of provided bugspray, I had severe allergic reaction to insects/fauna. Not at all recommended