• Local: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Duração: 11 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Katherine P , Janeiro 2017

My boyfriend and I booked this trip while staying in Isla Verde. We cannot say enough positive things about the experience, all of which are due to our guide Alicia. She went out of her way to pick up and drop off everyone on the trip where it was most convenient for them, regardless of traffic or other nuisances. Throughout the day, she made a point of stopping whenever she could to highlight details specific to Puerto Rico in El Yunque and the sights we were seeing. She made sure we had the best experience by timing our trails where we wouldn't be stuck in foot traffic. Alicia was extremely personable and accommodating. She wanted to get to know everyone as best as she could in order to cater to individual interests. We forgot a towel and while we were on our bay tour she went out to get us one. Alicia goes above and beyond her job requirements in order to ensure everyone has a once in a lifetime experience in the nature of Puerto Rico. You will not find a more passionate and knowledgeable tour guide and travel expert. The bio bay tour was absolutely unforgettable. The glass-bottom kayaks were a cool touch but do not stress if you end up in a normal kayak because the guides make sure everyone has the best view of the phenomenon as possible. There was always clear communication between us and all of our guides on the itinerary and safety regulations for each part of this tour. We will be recommending this experience to any of our friends looking for an adventure-filled day in Puerto Rico.

Avaliado por: Nicole M , Janeiro 2017

We absolutely loved our tour of the Rainforest. Our tour guide, Alicia was amazing! She was very kind, patient and generous with her information. Alicia was highly accommodating, very knowledgeable and overall wonderful to be around. Alicia was funny, informative and I felt like we were fast friends, Alicia was the best representative of Puerto Rico. I am so happy to have met her and I have a great respect for her job and I love Puerto Rico even more because of her and her efforts. The lunch should be included in the tour price. Its really ridiculous to not have the 12 lunch included in the tour price. To have to pay for the tour and then go to lunch and have to pay for that separately is very silly to me. Also, make sure to bring lots of snacks because we got picked up for the tour at 8 am and didn't eat lunch until around 2-3 pm. There are a few places to grab snacks at the rain forest, but they're really expensive. On to the kayaking tour in the bioluminescent bay. Please keep in mind that this tour takes place at night, it is very very dark. The tour is about a mile 1 and 1/2 long, going and coming back so 3 miles total. This is not a very strenuous activity but it lasts a while, and takes some effort to get through it. I do not recommend this tour for young children. We had one younger child on our tour that was very scared of the dark and the tour guide had take him back to the shore. There are a bunch of tour guides available during the tour, who will help you if you get stuck or anything, which is very reassuring. The tour guides are also, funny, entertaining and overall great representatives of Puerto Rico. I'm very glad we took this tour also. It is a must see/must do experience. I highly recommend it!

Avaliado por: Frank H , Janeiro 2017

Fantastic excursion. My wife and I both enjoyed this immensely. I believe a great deal of our experience came from our guide Aicia. She was incredibly knowledgable and so much to the experience. The rain forest was awesome. Some things you can do on your own when you go places. These two experiences are not things to be done without the experience and information from guides like Alicia. Highly recommend this excursion. Bug spray and cash for the gift store or for snacks throughout the day is all you will need :

Avaliado por: Chandler Z , Dezembro 2016

This is a well organized trip with very courteous staff and worth the money. The trip itself is very nice, including two must-see attractions in Puerto Rico, and there are two things that impressed me most: 1. for hotel pick-up, they use a small van to pick up guests from hotels and transfer them to the shuttle on the main street 2. as I was heading to a different destination at the end of the day, I took off by myself after visiting bio-bay, and the driver helped me book a taxi and made sure I find the taxi driver before he left. Definitely would recommend this trip to future guests.

Avaliado por: Jianrong W , Dezembro 2016

Alex is a very nice and professional tour guide. The experience in Yunque is amazing.

Avaliado por: muxiaj , Novembro 2016

Really good experience!

Avaliado por: Sandra J M , Outubro 2016

Awesome trip! The guide was great - very personable and entertaining. Good pace to the whole day....the night kayaking to bio bay was amazing. Would do it all again!!!

Avaliado por: Jasmine F , Setembro 2016

The trip was amazing!

Avaliado por: Emily V , Setembro 2016

We loved this trip! The rainforest was beautiful. We loved swimming in the waterfalls. James was so welcoming and had lots of good information to share. Anyone who goes on this tour with James is in for a good time. We also loved the authentic Puerto Rican lunch at BoriCuba. Kayaking was also fun!

Avaliado por: kevinsweer , Setembro 2016

The hike was great! Our guide knew the answers to all of our questions and made it fun and educational. The lunch we had after the hike was delicious! The kayaking was nice. I wish the large group was split into smaller groups. We had to wait too much for everyone to get to the same point.

Avaliado por: Sara D , Agosto 2016

Our tour guide in the Rainforest, Alex, was so thorough and knowledgeable about all things Puerto Rico, the forest, and other sites to see while visiting. Full of history and biology the tour was a perfect introductory way to visit El Yunque. The guides for the Biobay kayak tour were very fun and entertaining! They did their best to keep order with a group that seemed unable to control their kayaks at all....but their instruction was helpful and patient. A wonderful day and way to see two must see sites on the island!

Avaliado por: DONNETTE L , Agosto 2016

This combination is fantastic. Jerry was out tour guide and I don't have the words to express how pivital he was in our experience at the Rain forest. Jerry is extremely knowledgeable about the history of Puerto Rico and the navigation through the Rain forest and took us to our own little oasis to swim around privately before taking us to the main waterfall where everyone else goes. The hike is indeed a hike but is so scenic and peaceful that it doesn't even feel like exercise. You do work up quite an appetite and are more than ready for the delicious authentic Puerto Rican meal not included that follows the hike.
Then it was off to the Bio-Bay Kayaking tour!!! Another adventure, and you will get very wet on the tour so be prepared. Its dark because its the only way you will see the glow, and you kayak quite a bit. The guides watch over everyone with eagle eyes so there is never a moment when you don't feel safe. I was with my 13 year old daughter who was a worse kayaker that I was so we almost ended up in the Florida Keys just joking until Monolo rescued us!!! Hallelujah!! He did not leave our sides for the rest of the tour, probably because me and my daughter would have otherwise ended up in the hands of the US Coast guard, lol but he was awesome and we had an amazing adventure. The water is generally pretty shallow so there is no real risk of us ever really reach Florida by Kayak, : Thank you guys

Avaliado por: Bo Bae J , Agosto 2016

Totally recommend this tour. The rainforest was gorgeous and the phytoplankton was incredible. I was amazed at both tours!

Rainforest walk
- Our guide Jerry was wonderful. He allowed us to buy snacks before we started the hike and provided us with water and towels.
- Jerry led us into a small cave that only couple people knew! and seeing the fall was great!
- You're going to get wet so wear waterproof or something comfortable. You can bring extra clothes, but you're going to get wet during the kayaking tour so we ended up not changing for the whole day. we wore bathing suits underneath
- Jerry accommodated us very well and brought us into a very authentic puerto rican restaurant cheap and yummy. they accept credit cards so no worries!

Bioluminescent Bay Kayaking
- you're going to get wet
- as someone who kayaked for the first time, kayaking was difficult. if you need help, tell the guides, they will help you throughout the whole tour
- phytoplankton is very cool! very interesting to see since puerto rico is the only place you can see it all year around in the U.S

Avaliado por: Daniel , Agosto 2016

Amazing, tour guides were simply fantastic.

Avaliado por: lymedz , Julho 2016

Jerry made this a great and unforgettable experience!!

Avaliado por: Tyrone T , Julho 2016

Best tour ever. Alex, our tour guide was the best man to have if you ever go and visit Puerto Rico

Avaliado por: Jeremy B , Julho 2016

The tour was unforgettable, and the tours guides were The Best. Jerry was the best guide I and #39;ve ever had on any trip very interactive and informative. The team at Glassbottompr. Made the kayak trip a lifetime memory. If I ever come back to PR I would do these tours agian just for the tour guides.

Avaliado por: Jenny S Ng L , Junho 2016

Having a lot of fun! Tour guides are helpful and friendly with excellent knowledge! We enjoy a lot!

Avaliado por: Natasha D , Junho 2016

The Rainforest is majestic, unlike anything I have ever seen before....Simply beautiful. Our guides, Jerry and Camille, are both extremely knowledgeable about the Island and its history - Jerry blended his lectures with humor, which made learning even that much more fun! The lunch was most authentic and adhered to any dietary restrictions without losing the authenticity of the Puerto Rican food. I highly recommend this tour as a must see / must do while in the area. Thanks to both of our awesome guides!

Avaliado por: Colleen S , Junho 2016

Rainforest tour was fantastic. Our guide took us deep into the waterfalls. Night kayaking crew was a blast. Highly recommended.

Avaliado por: Angel F , Junho 2016

We had an awesome experience for our hiking and kayaking tour! Our tour guide Alex was so energetic and full of interesting facts we could not soak it all up fast enough. We even took too long in the last part of our hike and almost made our group late and Alex navigated it as easily as he navigated the El Yunque forest! Definitely recommend this tour!

Avaliado por: Kylie P , Junho 2016

Wow! We had an amazing time hiking through the El Yunque rainforest and swimming in the waterfall! We can't say enough great things about our driver Jesus who safely navigated some tricky roads and tour guide Alex who had a plethora of knowledge of many topics! We learned so much about the rainforest and Puerto Rico. We didn't wear bug spray and had no issues at all due to the wax trees which act as natural mosquito repellant. Beware, if you are easily car sick, you may not enjoy this excursion as there is a lot of driving involved and a lot of driving on windy roads. We had a delicious dinner following the hike. Next we loaded up with a smaller group to head to the kayak portion. It was another long drive to get the launch point, but we were met by fantastic and very enthusiastic tour guides! Don't be fooled by the Google images you see of Bio bay. Those are not real, but even on the night of a full moon, they made sure to help us see the organisms light up! It was a really neat experience, both kayaking through the mangroves and seeing the bioluminescence. Highly recommend both trips! It proved to be a very long day, but it was worth every minute!

Avaliado por: Lorrie S , Junho 2016

Great adventure and well orchestrated to get the full day in.
Jerry and Jesus were great tour guides

Avaliado por: Mary M , Junho 2016

We had amazing guides who were not only knowledgable about Puerto Rico, they were also very friendly and fun to be around. They took excellent care of everyone and every detail on the trip. We loved having both the rainforest and the kayaking in one day.

Avaliado por: Koolie978 , St Martin, Junho 2016

This combo tour was awesome! Jerry and Jessica were amazing tour guides, Jerry explained us everything step by step. He was fun, helpful and very informative. I would recommend this anytime and would do it all over again! The bioluminescent bay was epic, unique experience with amazing tour guides! Kevin was super knowledgable and very funny, his team were hilarious. But the best time to enjoy the bay is when there is no moon light! The restaurant was not included but it was delicious. Overall wonderful experience!