• Local: Santorini, Grécia
  • Duração: 6 horas (aproximadamente)
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After dinner

Alison N, Abril 2015

I wanted a picture before we left! This is us on the right with the other couple and one of our tour guides. :

Chocolate Cake

Alison N, Abril 2015

You really can't go wrong with chocolate... I was really excited when dessert came out!

Pork with fava beans

Alison N, Abril 2015

This pork with pureed fava beans was one of the best things I ate in Greece! So delicious!

Tomato Fritters

Alison N, Abril 2015

I had never tried tomato fritters before, but they were amazing!

Greek Salad

Alison N, Abril 2015

I became a little addicted to greek salad while on vacation here!