• Local: Seoul, South Korea
  • Duração: 8 horas 30 minutos (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Kenneth M , Agosto 2016


Avaliado por: Barbara B , Julho 2016

The tour was what I expected, it was very interesting and the guide was very knowledgeable. We had a good lunch in a picturesque Korean restaurant.

Avaliado por: Paul W , Fevereiro 2016

Lots of good info. Professional english-speaking guides. Enjoyed the tour very much.

Avaliado por: MarkR , Junho 2015

My wife loved it so much that she would do it again. Spectacular!

Avaliado por: KRYLOV O , Setembro 2014

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Ramona F , Setembro 2013

Outstanding! On time and willing to explain all the details. Great, great way to learn and have a good time.

Avaliado por: Thomas H , Abril 2016

David was excellent, he kept us informed and we say everything promised

Avaliado por: monica c , Abril 2015

It was cool especially our guide who was very helpful and funny. Thanks Michelle.

we recommend this tour to all the people who like to walk and discover a lot.

Avaliado por: Angela D , Setembro 2013

The first half of the tour and lunch were awesome! It was a great introduction to Seoul, and the food was delicious. The second half of the tour, a visit to the Korean Folk Village, not so much. I wasn't expecting it to be a visit to a fake village/amusement park, but I probably should have looked into it further before I booked. The company offers the same morning tour with a different afternoon tour, which sounded better than the one I went on. I would recommend that tour instead, but overall I thought this tour was wonderful and had great tour guides (especially Dora!).

Avaliado por: Bari W , Agosto 2013

The bus was airconditioned and comforfortable. We had enough free time to tour each sight on our own after explanations. Tour Guide was very knowledgable and gave interestng point about history and culture. They were very I was only person who chose " full day" afternoon portion of tour so she " customized" the tour for me to cover some areas that were not listed in description and exclude another. I was able to experience a greater variety of places and have more time shopping! HIghly recommend!

Avaliado por: Kelvin H , Julho 2016

Would have liked more information during the tour. During the tour we went to a ginseng store which did not add to the Korean 'heritage'. We did feel pressured to purchase ginseng.

Avaliado por: Yann Teng L , Fevereiro 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Pell , Janeiro 2015

The early part of the trip was too rush, did not really enjoy. The later part which only two of us at the Cultural Village is more enjoyable.

Avaliado por: bkawano , Julho 2016

The first guide was soft and couldn't hear. She needed that speaker thing on their neck. The 2nd one was good. Rushed us but stayed at a Ginseng place for 45 minutes. Wasted our time.

Avaliado por: Ellen W , Julho 2016

I signed up for a full-day tour of Seoul, and received less than 3 hours of actual guided touring, some of which was in very limited/poor English.

I was picked up at 8:40 from my hotel, and the tour bus made it to the first site at 9:30. My morning tour guide was very knowledgeable, so you could get information if you asked a lot of questions, but information wasn't just provided automatically. In the cultural museum, we stopped so she could give us a quick overview of the history of Korea, and then sped through the rest of the exhibit didn't stop walking fairly quickly again until we hit a mandatory bathroom stop. It was raining, so I would have thought we could spend a little more time in the museum to make up for moving more quickly through the outdoor parts of the tour, but we only went to one exhibit, and spend about 15 minutes in the museum.
By 11:00 we were at the amethyst factory - my advice is to stop at the cute little local cafe next to the amethyst shop and get some coffee and chat with the barista rather than do some forced shopping no one on our tour bought anything. We made it to lunch by 11:30 and they quickly banged out some basic Korean food - it was decent.
After lunch things got much worse. Two of my fellow tourists and I got into a van with ?Brian? to go to the villages. We started driving at 1 and made it to the villages at 2. From about 2:15 - 2:45 I pestered Brian with constant questions that he often didn't understand due to limited English. After that half hour, he told us the tour part was over and to meet up at 3:30 to leave. I was stunned. I'm a curious person, so I'd been very excited to have someone to answer my questions so that I didn't have to puzzle over the signs - but the signs actually knew more than Brian.
Finally, I was dropped back at my hotel around 5:30 traffic, wasn't my hotel. Brian had confused which location was my hotel, and before I could correct him, he was gone and I was stuck.

Avaliado por: John Q , Abril 2016

Tour guides were quite good but the stops to the Ginseng outlet and the amethyst factories were total wastes of time. Additionally, they weren't disclosed on the tour description. I would not have signed up for the tour if I had known these things were taking place. I understand these stops subsidize the tour price but I would rather pay more and see more!!! These two stops ruined the tour--very annoying as the stops make you feel like a prisoner. No one on the tour bought anything at the ginseng outlet and everyone was annoyed.