• Local: Seoul, South Korea
  • Duração: Flexible (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Rodolfo C , Dezembro 2015

A truly enjoyable visit to important places that help understand Seoul's culture and
tradition. It left me so impressed that I hope to visit Seoul again in the near future to take more
tours and visits in and around the country. All my questions were answered in a detailed, informative
way by guide Ben Kim, showing a sensitive expertise. First rate, and an excellent tour indeed.

Avaliado por: James H , Outubro 2015

Seoul Morning Walking Tour - Deoksugung Palace, Jeongdong-gil and the Seoul Museum of History

This is an excellent tour that begins by walking through the Daehanmun Gate into Deoksugung Palace, maintaining its historical presence among the modern-day buildings of Seoul. Once inside, you will see Junghwajeon, the main throne hall at Deoksugung Palace, and Gwangmyeongmun Gate, once the south gate at Deoksugung Palace, that contains a water clock a true engineering marvel at the time of its construction, a hanging bronze bell from 1462, and a rocket cannon. Also located within the palace grounds is Seokjojeon Hall, a Western-style building constructed in 1910, which is very unique compared to the traditional architecture of the palaces.

Jeongdong-gil runs along the stone wall of Deoksugung Palace and flanked by numerous historical buildings, and embassy row, leading to an extra stop at the Sungjeongmun Gate at Gyeonghuigung Palace, and then the Seoul Museum of History. Most impressive was the City Model Image Hall consisting of a 1:1,500 scale model of Seoul and the surrounding area.

Nearby is the statue of King Sejong the Great, the fourth King of the Joseon Dynasty. A golden statue of him is located on Gwanghwamun Square in downtown Seoul. Additional exhibits are located in the lower levels of Gwanghwamun Square that tell the story of his introduction of Hangul, the native phonetic alphabet system for the Korean language. There is also, a 4-D movie visual, air, water and moving chairs about Admiral Yi Sunshin, a Korean naval commander who created the Turtle Ship and is honored for his victories against the Japanese navy. My tour guide, Ben, provided an excellent historical overview, and assisted me with writing my name on a scroll as a souvenir using traditional Korean calligraphy. All admission fees were covered by cost of the tour.

These half-day tours are ideal if you are visiting Seoul for the first time.

Avaliado por: Patricia T , Maio 2015

This tour is one of my favorites so far in Seoul thanks to having such a knowledgable tour guide to provide a truly informative and enjoyable walk around the palace grounds and at the museum. I highly recommend using Ben Kim at Korea Linx for this tour.