• Local: Seoul, South Korea
  • Duração: 4 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Noyabe , Australia, Dezembro 2016

As mentioned by other reviewers, it's highly recommended ! Thank you to our guide, Jim, told us plenty of stories and informations along the way...

Avaliado por: Frances F , Outubro 2016

Our tour guide JS was great - funny, knowledge and spoke perfect English. The tour itself was great - basically 4 full meals with drinks! The stops were all at restaurants that I would have had a hard time finding myself which was great - got to see parts of Seoul that weren't packed with tourists. The food was absolutely delicious. I would do this tour again and highly recommend!

Avaliado por: Nicole R , Outubro 2016

enjoyable evening, great food

Avaliado por: Ryan W , Setembro 2016

Our guide was awesome, lots of good food and great times with new people.

Avaliado por: samanthas_postbox , Agosto 2016

Sun was a great host, we had a real gastronomic adventure. What I loved was that we went to places like the tent bar that were frequented by locals, and we wouldn't have gone there or known how to find it! on our own. We learnt about Korean drinking games and culture and I have been able to take those fun games back home and share a bit of Korean culture with my friends. I asked a lot of questions about the food and Korea in general and Sun was very keen to tell me more. It was a lot of fun and I would recommend this to anyone who loves Korean food as much as I do!

Avaliado por: Antonio N , Julho 2016

Unique experience for those who love cooking and learn new cultures cusine.

Avaliado por: DANIELLE B , Junho 2016

Went on the tour with Ted. He is quiet but very friendly and knows what he is talking about. He gave lots of great tips for us to use the rest of our stay. The food on the tour was delicious. My favorite was the Korean BBQ but we also had some delicious fried chicken, tteokbokki and Korean pancakes. The drink selection was at each restaurant was delicious as well!

Avaliado por: Wayne , Junho 2016

and #39;T and #39; was an amazing host; he took us to places we would not have otherwise had the opportunity to visit. We have been in-country for over a week already, touring and eating. This 4 hours was a HUGE highlight for us. Lisa isn and #39;t and #34;all about the food and #34; like I am. She acquiesced and absolutely loved it.

Avaliado por: Alex F , Junho 2016

This tour is amazing. The guide is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and all of the food is delicious. After the last stop on the tour our guide went out of his way to show us a nearby market which wasn't 'included' with the tour and was totally out of the kindness of his heart. After we finished he helped one of our group hail a taxi, helped the rest of us find a subway and when one of our tour members dropped her glasses in the rain he had her wait under an alcove while HE went to go find them for her which he did!. 10/10 I highly recommend this tour to anyone considering it, it was easily one of the best parts of my entire trip and the tour guide is a really awesome guy.

Avaliado por: Manuel C , Maio 2016

Interresante Tour, fantastisches Essen! Gegessen wird in Restaurants in kleinen Seitenstraßen, welche man ohne weiteres selbst nicht aufsuchen bzw. finden würde. Wer mal authentisch koreanisch essen möchte, ein absoluter Tipp.

Avaliado por: Lindsey M , Dezembro 2015

WONDERFUL tour. Hands-down, our favorite. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly... and we had awesome food that we wouldn't otherwise have tried. MUST do!

Avaliado por: Arianne S , Dezembro 2015

A lovely guide called Soy. Great to visit the local eateries with an insider. Recommended.

Avaliado por: dreadtread , Novembro 2015

Fantastic experience! I would absolutely recommend the tour to anyone who wants to try the unique cuisine of South Korea in an authentically local milieu. Bring your camera and your appetite!

Avaliado por: DENNIS N , Julho 2015

This was a fantastic evening. The hosts leo I believe, and rrona, were incredibly fun and made the experience a memorable culinary experience. they also got a cab for my return to the hotel. 5 stars all the way.

Avaliado por: Arthur C , Julho 2015

Very informative and friendly guide. Food that we would not have tried on our own and places we would have been hard put to find, even on a map!

Avaliado por: Udo Sennlaub S , Julho 2015

Dieser Spaziergang am Abend durch verschiedene Restaurants haben mich sehr begeistert. Durchgeführt wurde die Tour durch ongofood. Der Guide führte uns durch ein Gewirr kleiner Gassen bis wir unser Restaurant gefunden hatten. Gegessen wurde in diesem Gesamtbereich auf den Gassen. Tische und Stühle wurden gestellt und es blieb für den Fußgänger gerade mal Platz um vorbei gehen zu können. Selbst ein kleiner Parkplatz war zum Restaurant umfunktioniert worden. Obwohl ich selbst viel unterwegs war und schon einige kleinere guten Restaurants in den Nebenstraesschen gefunden hatte, hätte ich diese Örtlichkeit nie gefunden. Ich habe dort das beste Bulgolgi gegessen. Es war phantastisch. Der Guide erklärte uns genau wie man das Bulgolgi Essen musste und erklärte auch die Tischetikette und einzelne typische koreanische In Getränke. Es war insgesamt sehr lustig und interessant. Wir waren dann noch in einem anderen Restaurant und hatten dort ein Nudelgericht gegessen, aber da konnte ich schon nicht mehr.... Ich war so satt, dass ich vernünftiger Weise abgebrochen hatte, um nicht in Versuchung zu geraten. Ich bedaure das sehr. Insgesamt ist es jedoch eine tolle Aktivität , die ich jedem nur empfehlen kann

Avaliado por: ma carmen escor b , Março 2015

The tour was great and got to see places that would have been impossible to visit with our limited knowledge of Seul. The people that give and organize the tour really know the city and it´s restaurant scene.

Avaliado por: kadavidson92 , Janeiro 2015

The best thing we did on our trip to Korea! We only had 5 days to explore Seoul and our guide showed us so many things that we wouldn't have seen on our own like the tent restaurant in Pimatgol alley. While showing us authentic food and introducing us to Korean drinks at 4 different restaurants, our guide gave us a bit of history about the certain dishes and places we saw. The next time I travel to Seoul, I would do this tour again in a heart beat as our guide made it the best experience! She was so friendly and informative and even helped by dropping us back at the train station so we wouldn't get lost trying to find our way back to the hotel.

Avaliado por: Graham B , Dezembro 2014

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Nat , Dezembro 2014

Excellent service from O;ngol tours

Avaliado por: jweege , Novembro 2014

This was a great way to explore Seoul. I would have never ended up in the restaurants that I did without the tour. Our guide was a young student who was super informative. The whole setting was informal and our group happened to jive together really well which made it extra fun. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who is into food and only has a short time in Seoul.

Avaliado por: Joana F , Outubro 2014

Best tour I've ever had! Tour guides were informative and could read the mood of the group to cater and adjust their participation levels. They made sure all food allergies or styles were accommodated. So much fun! Then again, we had extremely fun people in our group, too.

Avaliado por: y.esme.lin , Setembro 2014

Our guide, John, was really great. He knew a great deal about the history of the food and taught us some Korean food etiquette (so we didn't look like complete idiots!) as well. The food were all super tasty, and the walking tour along with it was interesting. We all really enjoyed our tour.

Avaliado por: Mary S , Agosto 2014

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Christian L , United Kingdom, Agosto 2014

Great tour, was great to learn so much about South Korean food. Would of never of been able to do this on my own as was my first time to S. Korea. I did this the first day in Korea and it really set me up nicely for the rest of my stay as I knew more about their great food, and what to eat in the evenings. Thanks again to our guide.