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MAC Conference Room Row

Alan, Março 2015

The moments were tense as we stood watching towards the North Korean side of the MAC Conference Room Row. One member of my group took a step forward and our United Nations Command Battalion security escort immediately directed him to step back. An Armisitce of 50+ years stands in balance.

Military Artifacts

Alan, Março 2015

This was one of many historic military equipment artifacts which I was able to inspect on my private tour.

A picture with an active duty member of the ROK.

Alan, Março 2015

This photo was taken with a Lieutenant at a strategic overlook just outside the DMZ in the and quot;Civilian Control Zone and quot; on the way to the North Korea Spy Commando Invasion route. I was able to watch from an active duty guard tower while hearing artillary and automatic machine gun fire in the distance.


Alan, Março 2015

Both roasted duck and smoked duck being grilled at the table over wood coals. Potatoes were roasting with the coals. The side dishes of various types of kimchee and sauces were superlative!

My tour guide and quot;Shrek and quot; and me

Alan, Março 2015

A picture of my tour guide and quot;code name and quot; and quot;Shrek and quot; and me at an overlook.