• Local: Shanghai, China
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Avaliado por: heinz H , Agosto 2016

The tour guide was excellent and spoke excellent English

Avaliado por: Mark E , Abril 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Michael S , Junho 2013

We were met as arranged, 7.5 minutes on the 300km train in style then taken to our hotel. On our return were met at the hotel, taken to the terminal via the train. All in all an excellent service that worked without fail. To be recommended as a way to get to the city from the airport.

Avaliado por: Christine R , Junho 2013

Fantastic - a must for visitors to Shanghai. Trip was smooth and guides and drivers were excellent

Avaliado por: Martyn E , Fevereiro 2013

Great guide who made trip very easy well worth the cost

Avaliado por: Betsy , USA, Novembro 2012

Our guide, Tracy, was waiting for us when we arrived. She guided us through the airport to the Maglev without difficulty and had arranged for a ride from the Maglev to our hotel. All went flawlessly. On the return trip she helped us through the airport until we reached security. We spent two days with Tracy without any problems. She was knowledgeable and very helpful.

Avaliado por: Robert M , United Kingdom, Maio 2012

My guide was extremely pleasant and a very good ambassador for your company. Every aspect of the transfer went smoothly.

Avaliado por: Tim G , United Kingdom, Maio 2012

A fantastic experience - made the transfer great fun.

Avaliado por: Eric O , United Kingdom, Maio 2012

1st class service from the time we were met at our hotel to our guide that took us all to the airside point.T he mag train was very plush, layed out like an aircraft. The ride was very smooth even when we were doing 286mph and it was a perfect finale to a great week in china. Don't miss out, it's worth every penny.

Avaliado por: Kenton S , United Kingdom, Maio 2012

Fantastic experience. The guide had great English, and the MagLev experience was wonderful! Fully escorted to our hotel, with no problems at all.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , United Kingdom, Maio 2012


Avaliado por: Keith W , Australia, Maio 2012

Guide waiting at airport, transfer to train for 10 min trip to city. Taxis to hotel waiting. All went smoothly. Return was similar but quicker

Avaliado por: Prof K F S , Maio 2012

The best thing about the transfer was Michael this was my first visit to China and and hassles that could have occurred in a city that is as busy as Shanghai was alleviated by Michael. Michael is a sophisticated warm and intelligent guide and made my transfers a pleasure. He also arranged for me to take an excellent tour. He was efficient, thorough and explained many details that assisted my understandings about modern China and Shanghai. Our driver was excellent also and travelling on the MagLev was great fun, although negotiating the Shanghai traffic could be described as even more interesting. Keith Sullivan.

Avaliado por: Michael H , Australia, Maio 2012

We didn't do the round trip as our plane landed at a different airport due to fog. However, we did do the transfer from our hotel to the airport. It was very convenient and fast and the guide came with us all the way. She was excellent. Highly recommended.

Avaliado por: Judith H , Australia, Maio 2012

300kph on the way in as it was after 6pm and 431kph on the way home. Very friendly Viator staff who were very helpful with checking in on the way home. Helped carry our bags and made the transfers smooth and enjoyable for two little old ladies

Avaliado por: Ruth M J W , Maio 2012

First class service. Transfers on the MagLev train in Shanghai were fast and well organized. Expensive but it greatly enhansed the quality and fun of the holiday.
Diss UK

Avaliado por: Venkatram K M , Novembro 2014


Avaliado por: Martin B , Setembro 2014

The pick up person was really good and as we suffered several flight delays, she was still there when we arrive 3 hours late. The return trip guide was less friendly but still very helpful

Avaliado por: Carey O , Março 2013

Although expensive, this was a great service mainly because our guide Michael was just so pleasant, helpful and full of local knowledge and information. We had only 36 hours in Shanghai and his expertise really helped us make the most of it. Thanks Michael.

Avaliado por: Debra G , Australia, Maio 2012

Saved a lot of time and worry with the tour guide arranging everything and being able to speak English was a great help.

Avaliado por: Bent R , USA, Maio 2012

We definitely recommend this - easy and efficient.

Avaliado por: Sarah F , Maio 2012

guide was lovely. great command of English and had everything planned out. very efficient and a great way to get to the city. note that its an 8 minute ride and then you still have to take a car at the other side (but you save 30mins in total). this is expensive to do as the actual train ticket is cheap so if you're a little adventurous do it yourself and save serious $.

Avaliado por: Karen T , New Zealand, Novembro 2008

Great! Guide was fab! He was very friendly and accommodating. Such a quick trip. Although advertised as 500 kph - it appears that is only at certain times of the day otherwise it has a maximum of 300 kph - which is still 'Flying".

Avaliado por: gregwhittle , Australia, Novembro 2012

We were met at the Airport upon arrival and taken to the MagLev train.It was quite exciting when you conside you are travelling at 430Kms per hour. Only for a short time but it was a great way to head towards Shanghai. The Maglev station is on the outskirts of Pudong and you take a van or car to your hotel. Our Van did not arrive for over 45 minutes (a miscommunication aparently) so the value of the train ride, was long gone by the time we made it to our hotel. Our guide was very nice and enbarrased by the delay. The return trip was via a nice car from the city to the Maglev terminal but the trains speed was restricted to 300Klms for some reason. All round, a really great trip just spoilt a little with delay at the terminal on the way into Shanghai. With the substantial cost of the Maglev, we would have to review before automatically rebooking next time.

Avaliado por: JESUS B , Jordan, Maio 2012

Interesting to use the Maglev train. The transfers were well organized and we were expected both at Airport and at Hotel with clear signs. However the transfers Maglev Station/ Hotel/ Maglev Station were done in a very old vehicle. A bit expensive when you see the train fares and taxi costs in Shanghai, but good for the first time in town.