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Here is your invitation to “Shanghai-Bund Musical”, the tunes of Golden Shanghai once more. This is China’s very first successful original musical theatre production which has been performing more than 300 shows. It features Shanghai’s culture in 1930’s, and combines the enthusiastic European musical style and the entertaining element from Broadway. This show evokes the very classic story of love and revenge in the Golden Time of Shanghai. With a goal to produce a best musical in Asia, “Shanghai-Bund Musical” receives up to 99% positive reviews from the audience. It is a must-see show to enjoy in Shanghai.

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You may have heard of the romantic story between Wenqiang Xu (Man-keung Hui) and Chengcheng Feng (Ching-ching Fung) in the concession areas of downtown Shanghai. The adaptation by JDF on the eponymous TV series produced by TVB (Hong Kong) in 1980, created over three years by a top professional team with members from China, America, Japan and Korea, is China’s first original musical. The residential performance of “Shanghai - Bund” was debuted in October 2014 at the JDF Yun Feng Theater. It is an innovative musical that incorporates the urban culture of Shanghai, the poignant “Shanghai Style”, the theatricality of European musicals, and the entertaining elements of American musicals, boasting traditional Chinese values and inventive artistic elements.

What you can expect
1. Watching the Figure in the Painting Dancing
Jingyao Feng (King-yiu Fung), the gang boss, sings an amazing song to his wife over a distance. On the one side, Feng relates his yearning for his wife; one the other side, his wife begins to dance in a painting, which is realized by advanced holographic imaging technologies.

2. Yanyun Fang’s Dazzling Appearance
At the scene of the Paramount where amorous stories prevail, Yanyun Fang (Yim-wun Fong), Shanghai’s most popular socialite, emerges with a stunningly dazzling appearance.

3. Fresh Interpretations of Classic Hits
A number of classic hits in the 1930s of Shanghai, including “The Wandering Songstress” (Shanghai dialect version), “Rose, Rose, I Love You” (mandarin version), and “Evening Primrose”, will be presented in the musical in a way the audience would never dream of. Aside from that, more original songs will be the plot devices in the form of music, bringing to you an innovative“Shanghai - Bund”.

4. The Legendary Romance between Wenqiang Xu and Chengcheng Feng
There was a young lady from a rich family, and a gang boss whose life constantly hangs on a thread. In the turbulent times, both of them had the courage to genuinely face up to themselves. Unlike the TV series where Xu died in the end, the musical “Shanghai - Bund” takes on the ending differently. No spoilers here, except that the ending will be deeply profound!

5. A Feast of Mash-up Audiovisual Effects by a Multi-National Team
The costumes were designed by the master designer Zhongwen Xi (Hong Kong). Lighting and sound effects, stage effects and choreography were designed by experts from South Korea, Japan and America respectively. What’s more, this musical stages dream ballet, jazz dance, cabaret dance, hip-hop dance mashed up with Michael Jackson and Kung Fu elements, and one dance inspired by Peking Operas, each a thrilling act in itself.

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JDF Yun Feng Theater
Horário de partida:
2 horas (aproximadamente)

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Shanghai Bund Musical Show

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