• Local: Shanghai, China
  • Duração: 4 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Anthony D , Agosto 2016

This was an excellent tour and the guide was very cheerful, knowledgable and helpful. Would Recommend this for anyone who is pushed for time. Cannot rate it highly enough.

Avaliado por: Wendy W , Junho 2016

Loved this tour! Our amazing guide, Frank and #39;s, perfect English and the hotel pick-up/drop-off made my first day in China fun and relaxing! I would highly recommend this to anyone. It incorporated the city sites, culture, and a little shopping into one package.

Avaliado por: Marybirish1 , Maio 2016


Avaliado por: Ernesto Marcelo R , Junho 2015

We recommend our tour guide Rita, interesting and enjoyable hours

Avaliado por: Irene T , Maio 2015

Our tour guide, Joy, was very good. She was very informative and spoke English well. It was not rushed and we saw everything that was stated in the itinerary.

Avaliado por: Linda M , Março 2015

This was a very well-organized tour. In particular, I would like to comment on the services of Zhao Ye, my guide for the half-day tour on Saturday, March 7th. Zhao Ye is a superior tour guide. She exemplifies all of the qualities of an excellent tour guide. She speaks very good English, she is very kind and considerate, she has a very enthusiastic personality very important!!, and she is very knowledgable. Because of my positive experience with Zhao Ye, I booked additional tours through this service while in Shanghai. All were excellent.

I will recommend your services and, in particular, Zhao Ye, to all of my friends and colleagues who are visiting Shanghai.

Avaliado por: Kellie M , Dezembro 2014

I was the only person on this tour so it was a very personalized morning. Our driver was very safe by Shanghai standards and I felt comfortable in his car. The guide, Fiona, is a local from Shanghai and filled the tour with great snippets of information - she knew all the interesting little things that you are not likely to read in a tourist guide. Like, which taxi companies are more likely to scam a tourist etc. Fiona is well traveled herself and spoke excellent English. She was also very interested in my home country (Australia) which was quite sweet. I did the morning tour and was not expecting a visit to the silk factory but Fiona managed to squeeze it in. If you are thinking of doing this half day tour make sure you do the afternoon one to ENSURE a visit to the Silk factory (It is very clearly stated in the booking info that the Silk factory is NOT included in the morning tour so DO NOT be disappointed if you book the morning tour and don't go there). The silk factory really is amazing and very worthwhile. Rainbow was the name of the tour guide there and she also spoke very good English. The pearl museum really is just a pearl shop with a snippet of interesting info in the foyer. At the silk shop I was able to wander on my own a bit and look at the merchandise. So I was able to make my own mind up about purchases. However at the pearl shop the sales attendant really shadowed me which made me slightly uncomfortable. We also had an hour at the Shanghai Museum which was perfect for me. Four floors of Chinese antiquities - very interesting, but for me, any more than an hour and I would loose interest. The Jade temple was also interesting but a little sad that it has become such a commercial enterprise. Each temple had a shop in or next to it. I guess the Vatican in Rome does the same thing so..... Definitely try this tour if you only have half a day to spare as I did. It is not rushed, nor is it too slow. I had a great morning.

Avaliado por: Craig F , Novembro 2014

tour guide was excellent

Avaliado por: Marie M , Agosto 2013

My guide, Jennifer, was wonderful! It was my last day in Shanghai after a 2 week stay and I was her only guest. So, she customized my tour to exactly what I still needed to see and do. Outstanding!

Avaliado por: Eben F , USA, Novembro 2012

This was a great tour (we only had three people so it was very personal and we learned a great deal about the pearl industry, Buddhism (at the Jade Buddha temple). The Shanghai museum has tremendous historical items and one could easily spend an entire day there.

Avaliado por: Bob , United Kingdom, Setembro 2012

Informative tour guide, very interesting tour.

Avaliado por: Christine G , Agosto 2011

This was so amazing, far better than we could ever have hoped for. The historic information given was inspiring that I will now do far more reading on China before visiting again. Our guide, Frank, and driver were incredible in introducing us to ShangHai. Thank you so much, we will always be recommending Viator.

Avaliado por: Jaclyn R , Maio 2011

The morning tour was everything as described. Our tour guide, Joe, was fabulous. He answered not only sightseeing questions, but quite a few language/cultural questions as well. We were picked up and dropped off on time and saw all the spots included in the description. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone visiting Shanghai! Quite informative!

Avaliado por: Dennis R , Australia, Maio 2010

Excellent guide, very friendly and informative named Maggie. Small group which was very nice.

Avaliado por: Farah Wahida M , Malaysia, Maio 2010

I like the fact that Helen is friendly and very well versed with Shanghai history. She also brought us to shop for souvenirs at a local shop where the price is extremely reasonable. Excellent service and well done! I would suggest to my friend to agaim get Helen's service!

Avaliado por: Karen T , New Zealand, Novembro 2008

Extremely great service with an excellent and friendly guide who was very knowledgeable and helpful. Sights were amazing in the old part of town. Loved it!

Avaliado por: Penny J , Australia, Novembro 2008

Loved the trip, loved the guide, spoke great English which made it even better!

Avaliado por: Janet H , New Zealand, Agosto 2008

A very busy, but very worthwhile, tour. It serves as an excellent introduction to Shanghai. Have your map with you and work out where you are going, and be sure to look for the contrasts and variety. If you have not been to the key points of interest on this tour, you have not seen Shanghai!

Avaliado por: Anônimo , New Zealand, Agosto 2008

Thanks to our guide, we had a wonderful tour of the main sites in Shanghai.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , New Zealand, Novembro 2006

I thought this tour was excellent.

Avaliado por: tammy , Novembro 2016

We had an unexpected delay in Shanghai due to the airline. Our travel agent suggested a half day tour to take up some of the extra time. The tour ended up as a fantastic idea, our only complaint would be that we didn't sign up for the full day tour.

Avaliado por: sandy , Outubro 2016

Shanghai half day morning tour was well organized with a guide speaking good english. The time was very short to spend some time in Shanghai museum but I enjoyed the tour!

Avaliado por: Susan E D , Junho 2016

Museun and Yu Yuan gardens very great!

Avaliado por: Yukiko S , Abril 2015

The Shanghai tours were fantastic. Beautiful places and gorgeous night view from night cruise were good plans for a short time tripper like me. The tour guide lady was very nice, too. She explained every little thing about the sightseeing places, which I really appreciated. Thank you very much.

Avaliado por: Marion S , Julho 2013

Transport and driver excellent. Enjoyed seeing the selected sites and especially the museum. Our Guide's English was quite good, but she tended to talk to the driver when on the road, and then lecture us when at a location.