• Local: Shanghai, China
  • Duração: 5 horas (aproximadamente)
A partir de USD 110,00

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Avaliado por: P A C , Outubro 2016


Avaliado por: Rcfurr2 , Setembro 2016

Great trip, highly recommend if your looking to get out of Shanghai, Jamie was a fantastic guide, just would have liked it to be longer, felt rushed once we got there....

Avaliado por: mark palmer , United Kingdom, Outubro 2014

Lovely little tourist village with a song on a boat ride!

Avaliado por: Merran T , Abril 2013

We were picked up at our hotel promptly by two charming local guides who spoke good English. There were only four people on the tour so it was very personalised and we got to interact with the guides. The village was very interesting as was travelling to it. Our guides were very informative and we were impressed with the whole tour.

Avaliado por: Jacquelyn P , Agosto 2012

I recommend this tour to anyone staying in Shanghai for more than a day. Strolling along the water and the actual ride on the water was great. Definitely agree to tip the lady paddling the boat to sing to you. It's unforgettable and you can really make there day my tipping them a couple dollars worth.

Avaliado por: Michael A , Abril 2016

Great day really enjoyed the tour. Was something very different, loved the beautiful singing on the boat

Avaliado por: Alexis C H , Agosto 2014

The tour is very good and the village is very beautiful. However, there are some points that I didn't like that much:
1. The trip takes 1 hour and a half, each way. And by the time the tour leaves your hotel (around 2PM) the traffic is quite chaotic in Shanghai for the first half hour. When you come back, around 5:30 - 6, the traffic is even worse. The tour company can't do anything about the traffic, of course, but they could plan it better to try to avoid as much traffic as possible.
2. The actual time you spend at the village is short, 1 hour or so. It makes sense because the excursion is "half-day" but still they could plan it better to spend more time there.

The good points are:
* Apparently the village was open to the public on 1995, which makes it one of the newest ones and more 'preserved'; thus, not SUPER full of tourists like everywhere else in China. Do expect some people though, it is China after all...
* The boat ride IS relaxing and cool. I was the only one in the tour (with the guide) and I felt it could be awkward, but it wasn't. It was just cool and relaxing just as they say in the description.
* You see old people in the village, living there. The atmosphere is great. The private house that the tour takes you into is very interesting and nice too.

No shopping stops and the guide had very good english. Overall a good experience!

Avaliado por: Georgia , Dezembro 2013

Great trip!!

Avaliado por: Alison N , Junho 2013

Quite a nice place to visit, it really does seem like the 'Venice of the east'. Interesting alleyways and buildings but also with plenty of shops. Give it a try!

Avaliado por: Anthony P , Junho 2013

This is a very nice excursion to do from Shanghai. The place si very quaint and pretty, although a bit touristy. The organization was very good and the guide was friendly and dynamic. Recommended.

Avaliado por: Nicole C , Setembro 2012

Very enjoyable, the guide friendly and language was not an issue.

Avaliado por: Lisbeth T , Março 2015

Lidt kedelig tur, langt der ud og ikke det vildt store at se. Men havde da en hyggelig aften

Avaliado por: JOY L , Outubro 2013

I would have given it more stars except for the fact that on the return trip it took us 45mins from the first hotel drop off until our hit drop off. This could have been avoided by some communication from the tour guide. He had been quite good until the return trip when once on the van did not speak

Avaliado por: s l , Novembro 2012

Perfect visit with a great guide - Steve.

Avaliado por: Gail C , Novembro 2015

Interesting timing was underestimated. Only conversation was how to reward driver etal with bonus

Avaliado por: Jennifer Y , Setembro 2015

ZhouZhuang is a nice change from the busy SHA streets. It is the Venice of the East with beautiful landscape and great canal ride. The tour is very rush as we only spend 1.5 hours in the place with 3-4 hours on the road. Would be great if more time can be allocated to walking the quaint streets.

Avaliado por: Mie M , Dezembro 2014

Not worth the money. Zhouzhuang is beautiful, but we had way to little time in Zhouzhuang. It took almost 2 hours going there and the same back. In Zhouzhuang we had a quick tour of the villa, a short trip in gondola, and then we were given 10-15 minutes to do some shopping. Maybe around one hour all together. I would have loved at least 1 hour of free time to explore the old town.
The guide was nice, but she was very passive. She could have told us about some of the places we passed in the bus going there, but she was busy with her mobilphone.

Avaliado por: Heather W , Maio 2014

There was not enough free time to walk around and shop in the traditional artisan shops. We were given a very rushed 10 minutes at the end of the tour to shop in one specific tourist area outside of the actual village (only cheap novelty gifts, nothing meaningful available to purchase). Also, our guide spent way too much time bringing us through historic areas of the village and there was not enough time on the actual gondola (our gondola driver did not even offer to sing). Our tour guide was very anxious and spent a lot of time yelling at us to hurry up during the short time we had to shop for souvenirs. Also, if you go to Zhouzhouang, do not go on a weekend as it was extremely crowded and hard to move around through the narrow passages. The village itself was beautiful and I hope to one day find a way back without being on a tour.