• Local: Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt
  • Duração: 3.5 or 5 hours (aproximadamente)
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Emma P, Abril 2012


Camel Safari - teenagers can have fun!

Anônimo, Abril 2008

Our eldest son, he loved the experience of the camel safari, but found it uncomfortable in the saddle; he couldn't keep still.

A young bedouin in the making

Anônimo, Abril 2008

Our youngest son, he loved every minute, he kept stroking the camels heads and saying to them 'you alright mate' like they were going to answer back.

Camel Safari - taking a breather

Anônimo, Abril 2008

These were our camels on camel safari. We had just got off to walk up a great big hill to see the sea, unfortunately the guide got the wrong hill but the view was fantastic anyway. P.S. getting down from a camel is an experience in itself.

Mountain View

Anônimo, Abril 2008

Our sons with the mountain backdrop. This is how I expected the dessert to look so I wasn't disappointed.


Anônimo, Abril 2008

Truly magical!

Baking Bread

Anônimo, Abril 2008

Our youngest son really enjoyed this but not as much as eating it, they gave us extra to take back.