• Local: Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt
  • Duração: 7 horas 30 minutos (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Alexis P , Fevereiro 2015

An exceptional experience that I shall treasure for a long time! The Blue Hole was a comfortable cruise boat, with helpful and knowledgeable staff. My first snorkeling experience was amazing, I was made to feel very comfortable and secure! An enormous thank you!

Avaliado por: LARS J , Janeiro 2014

Fantastic tour, fantastic staff, most willing to give the best out of the trip and also fix small problems that always turn up. They even called and said that they were going to be a little late for the hotel pick up time... very good service.

Avaliado por: jwat20n , Novembro 2013

Fabulous tour and snorkeling on the reef, guides we all friendly and helpful. Only negative was that general information addressed by the Tour Guide(s) was conducted in non-English.

Avaliado por: Christina H , Agosto 2011

We had an absolutely amazing experience with this tour! Being brand new to Snorkelling and terrified of the sea I did cry when first getting into the water, the team were fantasic and really helped me. By the last snorkeling spot I was jumping off the boat into the water!
Food was fantastic and crew were great and really got involved, showing us a map of where we where and a range of fish we were likely to see. Only one slight issue we had was the bus was late to pick us up and that was purely the fault of another passenger who couldn't find their passport!! Couldn't rate this tour any higher!!

Avaliado por: DAISY H , United Kingdom, Abril 2011

Well organised, good food, good company and the crew was excellent.

Avaliado por: Sue P , USA, Dezembro 2010

The Red Sea Cruise and Snorkeling trip was outstanding! The boat was large and was not even booked to half of its capacity. The guides were very knowledgable and provided a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Two thumbs up!

Avaliado por: Magdalena S , United Kingdom, Julho 2010

The trip is worth doing if you are a snorkeller. We went on a boat called Pirates. It was a beautiful ship. The staff were very freindly, especially Honemoon and Camel and the diver.unfortunatly I cannot remember his name. I cannot swim at all so I stayed on the board and at the second stop I was offered a personal assisted sea life viewing with the diver. Firstly, he guided the group to the corals and then he came back to pick me up. I was given a life jacket, I also asked for a buoyancy ring as I really can't swim. The diver was really good, he kept my hand at all times and when I felt that I had enough he brought me back to the ship and the other staff kindly put the ladder more down than they usualy do so I could easily reach steps. It was a very nice experience and I never thougt that I would be going snorkelling. We spent nearly 8 hr on the ship. There were 3 stops where people can go snorkelling. The lunch was nice too. We had a small crash but the trip was enjoyable and staff very friendly and professional. Magdalena&Michael

Avaliado por: Anônimo , United Kingdom, Abril 2010

We had an excellent time. The staff was great. The food was average.

Avaliado por: Tarek B , Kuwait, Abril 2010

great trip, boat very clean and well maintained, staff very friendly

Avaliado por: Tony P , United Kingdom, Março 2010

Well organised very helpful guys on the boat, good food and great snorkelling.

Avaliado por: Robert D , United Kingdom, Março 2010

This an an experience of a lifetime, the corals and colours of the fish is better than any 3D or HD TV! Recommend you bring an underwater camera, even a disposable one you wont regret it!

Avaliado por: Lateefah J , United Kingdom, Março 2010

Wow, one of the best days of my life. I really loved the snorkelling. The guides were really helpful and great with the children and less experienced swimmers- so everyone got to experience the beauty of the corals and fish fully. On board the boat, the food was great and it was really lovely day out. This is a must do if you visit Sharm El Sheikh

Avaliado por: Georges T , France, Janeiro 2010

What a beautiful area!

Avaliado por: Anônimo , France, Dezembro 2009

It was such a wonderful experience and the place is absolutely beautiful! The staff were very nice though one of them was over friendly asking some personal questions that shouldn't be asked! The boat was big and we were about 15 in total, so we had lots of space to move around. I would for sure recommend it for anyone who's interested in snorkeling!

Avaliado por: Rodrigo M , Brazil, Dezembro 2009

The whole crew was awesome! Not to count the nature which speaks for itself. So we had a wonderful time!

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Brazil, Abril 2009

This was my favorite experience while in Egypt. The transfer to the boat was great, the boat crew were great, the food on the boat was great, and the weather is always nice. You have to pay extra the national park entrance fees. A lot of people on our tour refused to pay and left the group because they assumed the guides were just trying to get money off of them. Common in Egypt.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Brazil, Abril 2009

The boat and crew were excellent. I have been on a lot of snorkeling trips around the world and this boat was absolutely the cleanest I have ever been on. The crew of the ship were professional yet fun. To top it off, the food served was decent.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Brazil, Novembro 2008

Absolutely great! VERY good price compared to other sellers. Trip is gorgeous, 3 stops at 3 really amazing places food is delicious, fish absolutely stunning and multicolored. After arrival at port you are taken there by bus, be prepared to wait approx. 30 minutes to 1 hour before the staff eventually gets ready to take you onboard - that's the same for everyone so has nothing to do with Viator. REALLY WORTH IT!

Avaliado por: DIMOSTHENIS L , Greece, Novembro 2008

Well done. Good snorkelling. Friendly staff and good lunch on the boat. Well organized. I would definitely recommend it.

Avaliado por: Georges T , France, Outubro 2008

So many fishes!

Avaliado por: Nehal S , Maio 2012

Very nice; the tour guides on board were knowledgeable and put safety first. Well organized.

Avaliado por: Craig T , United Kingdom, Junho 2010

We had an amazing time!! I am 5 months pregnant and have never snorkeled before. We stopped off at 3 different points on the trip. At the 1st stop I panicked and wouldnt even get in the water and told Craig to go without me! After they all came back onboard one of the organisers pulled me aside and said that on the next stop he would take me in and stay with me so that i would be ok. He geared me up with a life jacket and a life saving ring to hold onto. I finally got in the water and started to panick, but the man was so patient with me and just eased me in and encouraged me to put my face in the water with my mask and snorkel on!. Once i did this I instantly calmed down!! The sights were amazing!! We then went sailing for a wee bit and had our lunch which was great! Lots to choose from - salads, potatoes, spicy beef, fish, rice & pasta and then we stopped off for our third spot of snorkelling. I was brave this time and ditched the man and my life saving ring no way in hell was i getting rid of the jacket though! and I was happy enough to wander off on my own to look at all the fishies! Overall, Craig and I really enjoyed this trip and were really happy that we did it! Also, I was a bit anxious because I am pregnant, but I had nothing to worry about although, I have to note here that this will not be the same for every pregnant woman - so far I have had a very easy pregnancy with minimal morning sickness..... the only giveaway is really the bump

Avaliado por: Anthony B , United Kingdom, Março 2010

We had a lovely day. Saw lots of different fish. We were well looked after. The lunch was very good.

Avaliado por: Catherine S , Kuwait, Dezembro 2009

This was about the same as Tiran Island, but I was disappointed in the video I bought. Although I realize the film maker was trying to be fair, there seemed to be several minutes of some people, and very few minutes of others myself included. I doubt I was in the video more than 1 minute in total. Very disappointing. I wouldn't purchase it again.

Avaliado por: Victoria K , Agosto 2008

Lovely boat, great crew and tour. Well worth it. However our tour rep was Danish and so were many of the other members of the tour. Although he did speak English he didn't make as much of an effort with us as the others. Happily the Egyptian boat crew made us feel very welcome & spoke great English.