• Local: Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • Duração: 3 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Deb B , Novembro 2016

Fantastic way to get out with the locals and see Siem Reap as they do. Our guide Mr Toneth was fantastic. Can highly recommend this

Avaliado por: Hanna S , Julho 2016

Had fantastic tour with very friendly guide Khemara Kim in end June.
We visited the place where there were many tents arranged by locals and only locals were cooking food on the street. Saw lots of Siem Reap specialities and tried some of them, like snake fish. By the time we had our dinner at Phanha Khmer Restaurant, I was already full. 100 recommended

Avaliado por: Navin , Australia, Novembro 2015

One of the highlights of my time in Cambodia. The tour guide was quite informative. I got to see a side of Cambodia a normal tourist wouldn't see. I went to places where I was the only tourist in sight. It was amazing to see and taste the local cuisines. Highly recommend if you want to see a different side of Cambodia. Guide was not pushy at all, he let me try food at my own pace. If I refused he was okay with it. It also really helped that he would show me how to eat the food first. I felt so comfortable and intrigued by the whole tour.
My tour guide was a man called Khemara Kim, during the day he runs an NGO training school teaching the youth of Cambodia how to cook. Lovely man, lovely tour.

Avaliado por: Carol O , Maio 2015

Very authentic and you'll be taken to the real local markets off the tourist track

Avaliado por: Julie-Anne M , Janeiro 2015

Absolutely fabulous way to meet the locals. Our guide Lot was delightful showing us all the best spots in town. A great introduction to life in Siem Reap.

Avaliado por: Kirsten P , Dezembro 2014

The tour was amazing! Excellent guide who showed us the local markets which are completely different from the tourist markets and also took us to a local family owned restaurant who cooked us an amazing meal which was included in the package. Highly recommend this for everyone...

Avaliado por: Kelly O , Dezembro 2016

My friends and I took this took on our first night in Siem Reap. Our tour guide was very friendly and happy to answer questions. We definitely got to try foods that we wouldn't have on our own. We ate insects crickets, grasshoppers, beetles as well as a lot of fruits, chicken, frogs. Our only complaint is largely theoretical- from reading about other tours we felt like maybe we didn't get to try quite as much as some tours offered though this is hard to know, since we only did this tour. That being said, we did have a good experience.

Avaliado por: Maria T , Julho 2016

This was super fun and outside the tourist area. I was the only tourist at the street fair. Lots of crazy things to eat and fun with a good tour guide. I felt like I was in an Anthony Bourdain episode. Fun times! P.S. Don't eat before hand. You will have plenty to eat at the street food area and then you get a dinner in the end. Great way to support local non-tourist business.

Avaliado por: Beth , Novembro 2015

Great guide and nice experience checking out the local cuisine. We thought the tour including some cooking but apparently it didn't and that was a disappointment.

Avaliado por: Peter , Agosto 2015

We were the only Westerers in the market. However the Cambodians are just so full of hospitality we didn't notice until later. Certainly different to getting a meal at Pub Street and good fun and well as a broadening of the mind. It should be compulsory.

Avaliado por: Ahmed N , Janeiro 2015

Really cool. We tasted all kinds of strange exotic foods. Odd fruits that I have never seen or tried. Also for the daring they had deep fried crickets and roasted snakes. Totally worth it.

Avaliado por: dannipee , Janeiro 2015

It was fun and informative, I even tried a baby cricket. I do recommend highly. Two markets both different, and then to dinner which was good food, bring your own loo paper for the loo though, but don't forget to use the basket

Avaliado por: Cheryl G , Dezembro 2014

It's an experience! I've yet to savor as the insects are not my idea of cuisine. The desserts, fruits and even frog legs are delicious,

Avaliado por: prima.castelino , Março 2016

Although the guide took me to a market to eat Cambodian food like crickets, water beetles etc there was nothing more exciting about the tour. It was definitely not worth the amount I paid.

Avaliado por: Paul T , Janeiro 2016

The first part of this trip was awesome - small group us and two other couples who were shown around a food market that we never would have found on our own - totally off beaten track. We had opportunity to taste as much as wanted. You are not pressured to try the weirder stuff like bugs but I'd recommend you do - it's actually pretty tasty. Then we got a Tuk Tuk to a fruit market which was really interesting too. The guide was great and a huge source of knowledge.

Now for the downside. As I read it the tour was meant to end in an authentic cafe or stall where you would have a meal of local foods. In actual fact we were taken to a normal tourist restaurant where we were left to order one course off the menu - it was pretty westernised and not authentic. I could have chosen steak and chips! We had a main course and no sweet or even a free drink. There was nothing bad about it but it was a curious end to a great evening. I'd fully recommend the tour if they ended somewhere more authentic of which you could find loads in Siem Reap.

Avaliado por: kerry o , Março 2015

The tour was interesting in that the guide took us to local fresh food markets and a local night food and shopping markets where the local people buy bbq food and picnic on mats by the side of the busy road. The unusual array of cooked food for sale including various bugs made for good photo moments but the restaurant dinner was boring and lacking in atmosphere. The tour overall was OK but it needed something more to jazz it up