• Local: Singapore, Singapore
  • Duração: 3 horas 30 minutos (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Brook T , Julho 2016

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Carolyn H , Junho 2016

Great tour and offers plenty of beer to sample.

Avaliado por: Steve S , Novembro 2015

A great short tour perfect for the Beer connoisseur, a well organised and imformative tour

Avaliado por: Michelle D , United Kingdom, Março 2015

not sure didn't get chance to go on it due to late flights, although am sure would have been great, and did get asked if wanted to go another date but was only in singapore 3 days so unfortunately couldn't re-arrange

Avaliado por: elaina.bortfield , Março 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Karen W , Dezembro 2014

Great value loved the whole day

Avaliado por: Peter F , Dezembro 2014

A very interesting tour even my wife who doesn't drink found it interesting

Avaliado por: JRP896 , Julho 2014


Avaliado por: Jack R , Outubro 2016

The tour itself was a wonderful experience. However the tour driver nearly ruined the trip. The bus was late leaving the start of the tour, then the driver attempted to leave five guests behind at the brewery due to his schedule. Maybe he wanted to get home to drink some Tiger too!

Avaliado por: Anne K , Julho 2016

We enjoyed the tour but felt that the time at the brewery and that allowed for tasting was too short. The tour guide expected us to have 45 minutes for tasting, not twenty. The tour guide on the bus was excellent and the driver extremely competent. Both very friendly.

Avaliado por: Chris B , Junho 2016

Good tour and even better sampling. Well worth the 22.

Avaliado por: George B , Novembro 2015

The hotel pick up for this tour was excellent. On time and only a few other pick ups.
The brewery tour was informative and interesting.
The best bit was the tasting of course. My husband certainly enjoyed this.
Would have liked more free time. Ran out of time to visit the shop.

Avaliado por: lynne n , Janeiro 2015

very informative but not suitable for anyone with a walking disability.

Avaliado por: sj.reading , Janeiro 2015

A good trip to do on our first day in Singapore. Our guide was delightful and she recommended a variety of places for us to eat out at while we were in Singapore. Every one was a winner!
The tour was interesting, however it is largely automated: so a chance to see a brewery 'working' is a little disappointing. The bottling and canning sections are dealt with by video, you don't actually see it for real.
The 'pub' is fine and the tasting was interesting, my husband enjoyed sampling a range of their produce. We had the place to ourselves! our 'tour' was not at a time that was scheduled for the general public.

Avaliado por: Paul W , Setembro 2014

Great tour, very good guide. Unfortunately we couldn't get upstairs due to the weather but the remainder of the tour was great. 45mins of nice freshly brewed beer afterwards was a treat. It was a bit of a hike to get out to the brewery but overall very good.

Avaliado por: Ross , Australia, Fevereiro 2016

Not a lot of time spent in the brewery side, but the drinks at the end were good.

Avaliado por: MRS JANET N , Julho 2015

Have done a lot of brewery tours and this one was lacking.A walk through a factory that was not working,to really only see any operation via a video presentation was not what we have experienced on other tours.The young man who did our tour was very good,and the sampling after was in a warm and welcoming bar.

Avaliado por: Dean M , Novembro 2014

Tour didn't really show a great deal, however the free drinks afterwards made up for it.

Avaliado por: conrosm , Outubro 2015

We were picked up by a lovely driver who gave us some info on the ride to the depot although he thought he was picking up 3 people but it was 4 so was a bit squishy for the 3 in the back seat. We were taken to a car park that appeared to be the depot for the tour operator. There were buses coming and going. It was extremely hot and we had to sit on a concrete block. We had a sticker put on us and then put on a mini bus. The driver was very nice and even asked us if we wanted to be dropped off somewhere else than the depot. Unfortunately he missed the turn off for the brewery and we proceeded to drive around an industrial area for the next 15mins. It was interesting though and my husband enjoyed the little side trip. When we got there we had to wait in the heat with no water to drink and were not allowed to go to the toilet until the tour guide turned up. This was a good 10-15mins. The tour guide was a lovely girl but unfortunately no-one really understood her. The tour was ok just saw in 1 building with big tanks and an explanation of what happened in there extremely hot in there. Then given some photo opportunities with a big bottle and tiger. Then taken to another building and shown a video about bottling and canning. Then off to another room where we were shown how to pull a beer and had the opportunity to do it ourselves. Then into the pub which was lovely. We had lots of tastings and met some lovely people on the tour. We had a great time which was mainly due to the pub and the people we were with. We have done a tour of the Carlton United Brewery in Melbourne which was a lot more interesting.

Avaliado por: Senga A , Dezembro 2014

Didnt understand a word the guide said. English was very poor. Dye to weather didnt get into another area.

Avaliado por: J.E. G , Janeiro 2017

Waiting around for a large group to arrive, which resulted in the tour being late in starting. Due to such a large group 37 it took more time to move around the site and difficulty in hearing. 45 minutes sampling time was advised, unfortunately due to the above we had 15 minutes! Hardly enough time for one beer let alone sample seven! We could not extend our time, as we had to collect another group from the bird park. Very disappointed, staff also did not inform us why we were delayed, it was only when I asked that I was told about late arrivals.

Avaliado por: Paul W , Outubro 2016

We were picked up at our hotel at 1.30 and taken to a central area where we were joined with a tour going to the Jurong Bird Park. It was a 30 min drive to the bird park and our guide departed here and advised the driver would continue on to the brewery. Another 10 mins and we arrived at 2.30 and found our own way greeting just sat around to find the next tour started at 3 pm. The tour guide was very unenthusiastic and if you do not understand English forget this as there are two interactive movies all in English. Then found out had to walk up 3 steep flights of steps to which I could not manage so back to the waiting area for me for 15 mins more. Arrived at the Bar at 3.55 and poured a Tiger beer which you had to finish before you could try thesampleglasses of beer. Our driver told us we needed to be ready by 4.20pm so very quick drinking session and quick visit to the very small shop. Then 15 mins back to the Bird Park and we finally arrived back at our hotel at 5.45pm. Our guide did not even bother to ask how our tour was! Better ways to spend an entire afternoon!

Avaliado por: Benjamin H , Fevereiro 2015

Driver picked us up to late - so the whole Bus (50 people) was waiting.
Half of the bus booked some other trip - so the bus was first drive to some other place - then later to the tiger brewery.
We arrived to late at the brewery so the tour through the brewery was over already. We just got a few sentence about it then we go on to the packaging part.

Avaliado por: Janey S , Janeiro 2015

We were not picked up at our hotel so missed the tour completely. No calls from Tour East at all.

Avaliado por: Bronnie , Setembro 2014

Tour was supposed to be 45mins but was only 20 mins. There was no unlimited sampling of beer, only very small glasses poured from a can. Once samples were done, they would not supply anymore beer. We were unable to even purchase a beer. Also this was supposed to be for 45mins which it was not. Very poor tour, very misleading. Would avoid this tour not worth the money or the time, much better things to see in Singapore.