• Local: Sorrento, Itália
  • Duração: 8 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: jon.glor1 , Dezembro 2016

Extremely interesting tour of Pompeii and very well explained by our guide.

Avaliado por: Tracey , Outubro 2016

We enjoyed the tour very much and our guide Nello was very informative and funny at the same time! Very highly recommended.

Avaliado por: jacqueline c , Outubro 2016

very good tour good guide very informative on the surrounding area and at pompeii and vesuvius would recommend the tour

Avaliado por: erichopps , United Kingdom, Setembro 2016

Fantastic day and great guide.

Avaliado por: SONIA D , Setembro 2016

I recommend taking a tour to go to Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius.
I enjoyed my day over there and the guide was awesome.

Avaliado por: shahiraiad , Agosto 2016

Impressive tour
need physical ability

Avaliado por: Voula G , Canada, Agosto 2016

Wonderful experience to see the Pompeii site with a knowledgeable guide. Pina was patient and humorous. We also climbed to the top of Vesuvius which was great. Bistro made the booking experience very easy.

Avaliado por: angiehill66 , Julho 2016

Our guide Pepe was marvellous, right from the start of the trip he gave us local information from the history of the area to naming what plants and trees we could see. When we arrived at Pompeii we had quite a wait for entrance tickets,11 which you have to purchase individually. The trip doesn't include entrance fees but it would save a lot of wasted time if the guide could buy them on our behalf. It is worth mentioning that under 18s and over 65 go free and 18- 24s are half price so take some ID. Pepe gave us a guided tour of the site taking us to the most important points of interest. We all had ear pieces so we could hear everything he said even if we had separated. You really get a feeling of what a Roman town was like walking around. After the tour we stopped for lunch with an optional meal, but at only 13 was good value.
Afterwards we made the journey up to Vesuvius, here Pepe was able to purchase our entrance tickets 10 and we were left to make our own way up to the crater. It's a difficult trek but worth it. The day ended being dropped back to our hotel. Overall it was a wonderful experience. I would definitely recommend this trip.

Avaliado por: Lisa R , Junho 2016

This tour was outstanding! Guide was funny and very informative! Really enjoyed this trip!

Avaliado por: Wendy C , Maio 2016

This was an excellent day. Driver was about 20 minutes late picking us up but it was apparently due to traffic. Tour of Pompeii was great - then a fixed lunch at Tiberius Restaurant was terrific. We then went to Vesuvius where we had the chance to climb - not as easy as we thought but definitely an experience of a lifetime! So worth the wait!!

Avaliado por: Andy S , Novembro 2015

A MUST DO!! Standing in the Buried City of Pompeii will leave you jaw dropping aw! To be standing there after knowing what transpired there way back in 79AD WOW!! We climbed Mt Vesuvius after an excellent lunch deal our amazing guide hooked our whole group up with. Mind climbing the Volcano is no easy feat, its quite difficult to tell you the truth but if the 91 year old lady in our group can do it - than so can you.

Avaliado por: Charles M , Setembro 2016

A good day out, very long but enjoyable, tour guide was ok.

Avaliado por: spbarrett563 , Agosto 2016

Excellent trip, pickup was at 8:22amvery precise but coach arrived at exactly 8:22. Great guide, we all kept in touch with radios which meant we could spread out a bit. Pompeii was fascinating, helped by good explanations of the events and description of the various buildings

Avaliado por: Greg D , Agosto 2016

Excellent guide. Very hot and lots to see. Would go solo next time. Lunch was great. Vesuvius was more than fantastic.

Avaliado por: Andrew R , Agosto 2016

This is a really interesting tour, our guide was very knowledgeable with plenty of anecdotes about the area as a whole.

We were picked up and dropped of outside our hotel door, given a fantastic walking tour of Pompeii and driven to almost the top of Vesuvius. We opted to walk to the top and that was well worth the extra effort and 10 euro.

Highly recommended for a great day out.

Avaliado por: Sylvester D , Julho 2016

Had a wonderful time - our guide was really really nice, informative, and entertaining. Would go again. Thanks again for you company's consideration.

Avaliado por: petertheodore7 , Julho 2016

Tour guide fantastic...bus driver fantastic...possibly an hour too long but can't control traffic etc.... memorable...thanks

Avaliado por: Aimee S , Julho 2016

Tour of Pompeii was very good, but we didn't get to see too many of the preserved remains...most are at the museum in Naples. This is definitely a highlights tour of Pompeii and we were a little disappointed we didn't get to see more. The climb up Mt Vesuvius is steep and took about 20-25 minutes, but worth it. Our guide was very knowledgable, but we were on a German and English tour so it was a little hard to focus on what she was saying at times - we would tune out when she was speaking German and then all of a sudden, she would be speaking in English again and we would miss some of what she said.

Avaliado por: lynne.james90 , Julho 2016

Enjoyed this tour. Was paced just about right. Did the climb to Vesuvius in the morning then had lunch the did Pompeii. The guide was good although I thought I had booked an English tour we had German people on the tour so she had to keep saying everything in English then repeating it in German.

Avaliado por: Nicola E , Julho 2016

A very well organised tour with knowledgeable and friendly guides. Well worth visiting!

Avaliado por: Christine F , Maio 2016

The bus arrived half an hour late, but apologies and explanation were given. The driver and tour guide were excellent.
The tour was brilliant, guide was very knowledgable.
They dealt with the problems encountered very professionally.

Avaliado por: Fred M , Setembro 2016

Pompeii was a very good experience.We were however only in the city for 1 hour and 40 mins.a very short visit for what was billed as a half day experience..Drive to vesuvius was interesting and climb to the top was ery satisfying.We were pleased to be picked up and dropped off at our hotel which was on the edge of town.

Avaliado por: doncalvi , Agosto 2016

this tour was great and the tour guide she was great too. my only complaint is that i didn't like the fact we had to wait over an hour in the front of that place in the extreme heat before going into the Pompeii ruins. as a tour the tickets should already be handled prior to our arrival and not have over 30 people on the tour waiting in a line to purchase the ticket. aside from that our tour guide was very knowledgable and very kind.

Avaliado por: Cherie H , Agosto 2016

It is worth taking a guided tour around Pompeii so that you can get the historical back story for everything. This tour didn't cover the whole of Pompeii, but was more a highlights reel, which may be all that most people want. I was the only solo traveller in my tour bus so it was a little awkward for me. Climbing up Mt Vesuvius was definitely worth it. The views were spectacular. It is a steep climb and I almost turned back a couple of times because it was extremely hot but once I got to the top I was glad that I had done it.

Avaliado por: Linda R , Maio 2016

Tour guide was very authoritative - she was very in control - bit overly so.