• Local: Basseterre, St Kitts
  • Duração: 3 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Ronald O , Janeiro 2017

Great time! The staff worked with our group 4 couples in their 70's to make it a wonderful experience, even when three of the wives decided they did not want to drive their own machines. Our gudes, Manners and Temple, were very helpful, patient, and informative. Varied trails, good weather and beautifiul views made it very enjoyable. All in all, a good time was had by all.

Avaliado por: STEPHEN W , Outubro 2016

We just returned from the Caribbean and wanted to give a little feedback on this tour. We've done over 35 cruises and the ATV Adventure with Spectrum Tours is probably one of our top 3 tours ever! It was really fantastic and we had the time of our lives!
The van picked us up at the port and we drove for about 20 mins. or so to the ATV site. I was the only one in the group who had never driven an ATV or motorcycle. I was worried that I would hold up the others.

Ivan, our guide, was wonderful! He was professional but wasn't overbearing. He let me get the hang of how to do things at my own pace but was still watchful of the entire group to make sure everyone was following along well. He re-assured me that I could do this and was patient with me and took things slowly at first until I got the hang of it. He pointed out interesting things as we went along. We stopped at Caribelle Batik and also an old sugar mill great photo ops. We passed all kinds of wildlife: monkeys, a donkey, cows, and chickens. The trails were varied - from gorgeous, lush overhanging tree tunnels to tall grasses, rocky creek beds, over big ruts, and some flatter terrain too.

After awhile, we went on more advanced trails and we had a blast! I found that driving the ATV was really easy I love to drive cars so maybe that's why it was an easy transition for me?. Afterwards, we were rewarded with some much-needed lemonade and a trip back to the port. It was so much fun and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this tour to anyone who is somewhat active and doesn't mind a little physical exertion. I cannot WAIT to do another tour just like this one!

Avaliado por: sbstoev , United States of America, Junho 2016

My family loved this tour! The bus was easy to find when getting off our cruise ship and the guides were great. Beautiful scenery.

Avaliado por: tammyholland1165 , Julho 2015

This was a great excursion! Exciting - beautiful - perfect service by the staff - well planned - lots of time to enjoy. I loved it!

Avaliado por: Seth L , Junho 2015

Best excursion I've ever been on! So much fun, beautiful and thrilling!!! Great guides, just an excellent escape from the cruise ship and crowds while visiting St. Kitts.

Avaliado por: Bruce C , Março 2015

Loved this. It was fun to get away from all the tourist attractions.
Our guides were so fun.

Avaliado por: Linnea Engel , Setembro 2016

Nice adventure. Fun but get ready for dirt in your eyes. The actual ride lasted a bit over an hour after being trained. Ride to and from port about 30 minutes. The two guys in charge were very nice. Even got lemonade at end

Avaliado por: William H , Julho 2016

This was fun but a little unsafe. The back tires on most of the ATV and #39;s were bald ( better to do 360 and #39;s with though. ) and the brakes were defective no big deal in a big field but ones lined with barbed wire? The views were amazing and no one got hurt, but I be scared to do it again.

Avaliado por: Cindy F , Março 2016

all four of us had a good time, The two guides Ivan and Manner were great, making sure we all were in control. My only complaint was we didn't stop at Caribelle Batik and the other group that was in our adventure purchased the tour right at the site and they only paid 75 per person . So I don't know if I should just wait next time

Avaliado por: Robert P , Agosto 2016

This is one of the worst excursion I have ever been on. The ATVs were in poor condition, most with bare tires and some with broken parking brakes. I told the guide about it immediately when I saw my daughters were treadles and then noticed that mine was too. He said it didn't matter whether they had tread or not. Bull. The helmets were in bad shape also and smelled. It was extremely rugged going up and down the same hills and trails in the same part of the island over and over again. We could have used some tread on the tires as we continued to slip and slide over the terrain. The description says it goes through Sugar Cane fields. There are no more Sugar cane fields on the island. You do go through tall grass fields were sugar cane used to grow. It also says you tour the Wingfield Estate which was owned by an ancestor of US President Thomas Jefferson, located in the foothills of the islands central mountain range where you can spend some time exploring the estates 17th century relics, and then make a last stop at Caribelle Batik, located just next door to Wingfield Estate. We stopped at a location where the guide says someone had been working on a hotel for years but he never said anything about Thomas Jefferson's relatives and there were no relics. Also we never went to the Caribelle Batik factory. The description of the excursion says your guide will share details about the islands unique culture and history. Not a word about that was shared. We could have been riding in the backwoods anywhere in the world and it would have been the same. After about an hour and a half my wife and daughter 22 were exhausted and filthy from all the dust thrown up on them and asked to get off as we went by the starting location. This was an unsafe excursion that wasn't at all a pleasant thing to do. I have already expressed my concerns to customer service and stated that this excursion should be dropped from their listing.