• Local: Castries, Saint Lucia
  • Duração: 8 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Barbara B , Dezembro 2016

It was a great trip. I will say that I was a little worried since some of the other reviews were negative. I guess you can't please some people. Our group of two couples walked off the ship and there was a tour guide holding a printed card with our names on it. We waited about 10 minutes or so for the other ship to off load passengers and then we walked through the cruise terminal to the waiting catamaran. We had a lovely time sailing out to view the Pitons with beverages being served by the attentive cruise staff. There were some small sandwiches and banana bread also available. The Pitons must be viewed this way... there is nothing better. Once docked in Soufriere, we were divided by the tour that we booked. All of the passengers from the cruise ship were on one small bus. We were taken to the lovely botanical gardens with a guided tour to see the many plants, flowers and waterfall. We were then whisked off to the mud bath experience that you must do. Hot water comes out of the mountain and flows down stream. You rub mud all over, let it dry and them rinse it off in the hot flowing water. Our lunch was the next stop at a resort, a buffet lunch with plenty of tasty local items to eat. You could buy piton beer at all the stops that was very cold and refreshing. Once back to Soufriere, we re-boarded the catamaran and made our way back to the cruise port. We stopped along the way to allow guests to snorkel or swim. My husband snorkeled and I swam. You were given your choice of all you could consume of Piton Beer, Rum Punch and other beverages. We arrived back at the cruise terminal and had time to shop a little if you wanted. I will say that the trip is well worth the price and I highly recommend it. If we ever go back to St. Lucia I will book this tour again.

Avaliado por: Janine L , Dezembro 2012

This tour was awesome! The boat was spacious and handled expertly by the crew. The land part of the tour was very interesting and highlighted the beauty of St. Lucia.

Avaliado por: mryannsm2002 , Março 2016

This was a very fun excursion, and tons of fun! A little too much waiting to leave and come back, but would be my only complaint. Crew and all guides were great also!!!

Avaliado por: Linda P , Março 2012

We were disappointed to be told after the boat had left the dock that the sails were down and we would be motoring all day. If we had known that, we would have cancelled - we booked this tour because we wanted to sail! Also, your representatives forgot to meet us when our cruise ship docked and almost left without us. The catamaran was nice, but we found the constant games and loud music a bit annoying after several hours.

Avaliado por: Max S , Fevereiro 2013

I would NOT suggest this tour if you are coming off cruise ship. We were told that we would be back at 4:15. Our ship to sail at 4:45, We ran back to ship as putting up gang plank. Overall, the tour was fine. The snorkeling was crowded but ok. Not outstanding but not great snorkeling at St Lucia. We had no weather or other issues. Just poor communication. Very large boat with lot of people. Staff polite and friendly.

Avaliado por: Deborah L , Maio 2012

Rushed from ship to location and waited on boat for 45 mins. Not a good start. Ride nice, STAFF WAS GREAT! Way too many people on the trip between our boat and 2 others. Felt herded. Location for lunch great. Would not do this trip with you again. Want smaller amount of people on tour.

Avaliado por: Roseline M , Fevereiro 2012

In one word: disappointing. On our way to Soufriere, we were repeatedly reminded that we would get to choose between mud baths and the botanical gardens when we arrived. However, when we got off the katamaran, we were quickly herded to buses without being asked our choice. We tried to ask if the bus they were pushing us into was the one going to the mud baths but were brusquely told to get on the bus and not hold up the line. Of course we ended up at the botanical gardens (lovely though they were) and not where we wanted to go. Also, the katamaran was late leaving in the morning and again after lunch. When it came time to snorkel, they handed us snorkeling gear and everybody put them on. But before we could get in the water, we were told there was no time left to snorkel if we were to be back in time to board the ship. We had to quickly remove the gear and jump on a separate katamaran to take us back to port while the other guests stayed behind and snorkeled. So we paid for the mud baths and snorkeling ... and got neither! Viator was aware of the ship schedule and didn't deliver on what was promised. Also, they "promise" to fly you to your destination if they don't bring you back before the ship sails -- but what they don't tell you is that, in order for them not to have to do that, you might have to miss some of the activities you paid for. Not right.

Avaliado por: Mike , Janeiro 2017

The local tour company was very unorganized once we got on dry land. The boat ride was good but once we got into vehicles to tour the island it was very poorly run and the tour guides had poor attitudes.