• Local: St Thomas and St John, US Virgin Islands
  • Duração: 9 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Todd M , Janeiro 2017

Awesome crew, incredible locations and we enjoyed every minute of the trip. Highly recommend it!

Avaliado por: ruthann1005 , Janeiro 2017

Amazing trip. Crew could not have been nicer. Our weather was not good for snorkeling at the Baths so we finished a little early there. With the extra time they took us to see some other sights on the way back. Loved every minute of the day and would highly recommend the company

Avaliado por: Lisa S , Dezembro 2016

Great value for a single day trip to the British Virgin Islands. Captain Mike 2 and mates Brad and Spencer were knowledgeable and attentive to their guests needs and safety. The Baths were beautiful wish there were more time, the snorkeling good and the food/drinks awesome. Two small improvements.
1. Coffee on board for those of us who need an a.m. caffein fix would be awesome. We had to leave our lodging before coffee was available and although I did drink a Diet coke, it was done so out of necessity.
2. Rotate seats for those who were in the sun during the morning. After lunch or snorkeling, ask those under the canopy to switch with those in the sun. Musical chairs anyone?
This trip was outstanding and I recommend it for anyone who wants to visit BVD on a budget.

Avaliado por: Claudia O , Dezembro 2016

My hubby and I spent a lovely week in St. John for our honeymoon in December. Absolutely everything was incredible, but one of the highlights was definitely the trip to BVI. The customer service was impeccable and all the activities we did were so much fun! This is something I would not miss out on!

Avaliado por: Yutaka T , Dezembro 2016

If you like exploring new places and actively enjoy yourself, this would be a best excursion. I was very happy about going around various beautiful spots perhaps only appreciable from the sea and enjoy swimming. The crew are experienced but not overly care-taking. To put it shortly, they are pros. I liked it about them.

Avaliado por: Mike C , Dezembro 2016

Fun trip and the captain and crew did a great job

Avaliado por: Pamela H , Novembro 2016

We have visited St Thomas 5 times in 6 years and each time we go on a different day cruise. This was a very enjoyable trip. The crew was friendly and fun to have as our guides. We had a good time and saw some interesting sites. Recommend this trip to everyone if you visit St Thomas or St John as it picks up in both ports.

Avaliado por: Cheryl M , Outubro 2016

It was a great!

Avaliado por: Dale M , Setembro 2016

What an adventure!! AMAZING!! We thoroughly enjoyed it!! Highly recommended!!

Avaliado por: Kira T , Setembro 2016

We had a fantastic time. We has Jason and Austin who made the trip so enjoyable and kept us laughing. We stopped at multiple places to hike, eat,snorkel and chill on the beaches. It was well worth it!

Avaliado por: Geist U , Agosto 2016

Amazing time had by all . Experience will go down as one of the most amazing days spend on a vacation. Staff and Crew of boat went beyond what we expected. Will be telling everyone to call Break Away. Ask for Captain, Ross or Jason. THE BEST

Avaliado por: Paula K , Julho 2016

It was great. Did and saw so much. The crew was friendly and fun. Would highly recommend this tour.

Avaliado por: Andrew B , Junho 2016

The crew was wonderful and the trip fantastic. They truly have this trip down to a science. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone! It is the best way to see a lot of islands in a short time!

Avaliado por: Donnelly , Junho 2016

absolutely fantastic experience. Crew was very friendly and helpful. Plenty to eat and drink. Spent just the right amount of time at each destination. really enjoyed it.

Avaliado por: Jennifer M , Junho 2016

This tour was THE highlight of our trip to St. Thomas. The captain and crew were phenomenal, thoughtful and engaging. The age range on our boat was, I would guess from about nine - 73, and it seemed to me that all enjoyed it equally! ... One suggestion - Take enough cash to give the crew a very handsome tip. They well deserve it, and you will feel awful if you don't have sufficient cash!!

Avaliado por: tdecker888 , Fevereiro 2016

We had a great time!

Avaliado por: John B , Fevereiro 2016

Very friendly, helpful and knowledgable team working on the boat. Great cruising and fun stops.

Avaliado por: David D , Setembro 2015

Outstanding trip. John T and Ross were great. Best day of our vacation.

Avaliado por: David T , Junho 2015

This trip has amazing timing. You never get bored because it is time to do your next activity. Having a guided tour of the Bath's was fantastic. If you are close to this area I would highly recommend this trip. Captain Mike and Ross kept us safe, entertained and fed. What more can you ask for? Thank you New Horizons!!!

Avaliado por: Mknight1128 , Junho 2015

This trip was more fun than we could have imagined! The only thing that I would change was the lunch restaurant choice where the food was below average. Other than that, the crew, the boat and the stops were all fantastic. I highly recommend to anyone looking to have an incredibly memorable day!

Avaliado por: Robert B , Maio 2015

Great day.
Capt. John and 1st mate Leah are two of the nicest people you'll find on St. Thomas.
They made the entire day unforgettable.
Everything was perfect and worth every penny.
I highly recommend this trip and would go again in a heart-beat!

Avaliado por: Arthur G , Março 2015

Take this tour! Boat: clean and large
Crew : experienced, friendly, professional
Sights: fun and adventurous, not to be missed
Refreshments: great bar, light snacks

Avaliado por: Richard A , Março 2015

Excellent tour. Guides, John and Ross, promoted a great atmosphere on board, and showed us some of the finest sights in the BVIS.

Avaliado por: Sheri H , Janeiro 2015

Great experience. Remember to bring $45 each for BVI customs fee.

Avaliado por: jess , Outubro 2016

Awesome tour! Crew was very attentive and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that it looking to visit a couple of Islands at once. The only this is that Viator needs to update their website on pricing and pickup locations. They state online that the customs fee is 40 a person when in reality it is 45 a person. They also ask you what your Pick-Up location is when they do not do hotel pick ups. You must pay a taxi cab to get to the meeting area. Over all an amazing tour, would absolutely do it again.