• Local: St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
  • Duração: 90 minutos (aproximadamente)
A partir de USD 55,19

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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Danielle P , Agosto 2016

So much fun! This was worth every penny! The guides were so passionate about everything they talked about and you left this trip with so much more knowledge than when you arrived.

Avaliado por: Reyna C , Junho 2016

It was really amazing to kayak through the mangrove, our guide was knowledgeable and explained every single detail as we kayaked to the snorkeling spot

Avaliado por: Michael S , Junho 2016

Great tour, great guide! Highly recommended.

Avaliado por: Sheryl V , Junho 2016

Very pleased with the whole tour! My sister and I were a little late but they slipped us in anyway.Gear was in great condition. The kayaking wasn't challenging-a beginner would do fine-but it was enjoyable and a decent length of time to the little beach where we stopped for a little hike. There were so many hermit crabs! The kayaking was fantastic! The water wonderfully clear and held many different fish. Both guides were friendly, engaging and knowledgeable. Kendall was especially helpful and offered many good local lunch options for vegetarians. Cuzzins was perfect! I would recommend this tour, and say don't go through your cruise ship excursions-not necessary. This was one of my favorites!

Avaliado por: Theresa M , Janeiro 2016

Guide was wonderful. Was awesome!! Can't wait to do it again. Beautiful.

Avaliado por: Carrie F , Junho 2015

I booked this tour not wanting to go, because I have a fear of the ocean and sea creatures. But everyone in my group wanted to do it so I followed along. And I'm SO SO SO glad I did! The kayake adventure is thru the mangroves and does feel like your in the ocean at all, rather a lake or stream.

Avaliado por: David B , Março 2015

Very nice for first time/novice kayak-ers. All the staff was very friendly and helpful. Thx Jodi!

Avaliado por: Anthony S , Dezembro 2014

This was a great experience. The staff all took good care of me, which was much appreciated as I am a senior single traveler. I was paired in a kayak by a delightful young lady who was a new member of the guide staff. She ensured that we could keep up with the rest of the group in a quite lengthy passage from the dock to the snorkeling site. The lead guide was very informative at the several sites along the way and the snorkeling was good near the entrance to the lagoon. The experience of being surrounded by thousands of baby fish around the mangrove roots was unique.

Avaliado por: Lance F , Dezembro 2013

Our tour guide Tyler was awesome. He knew everything about the islands history and it's animals and plants. The water was amazingly clear and the fish were plentiful. The best excursion that we took by far. A must do while you are on the island!!

Avaliado por: Kay P , Julho 2013

Well worth the cost. Our guide was very knowledgeable and conversational throughout the tour. Enjoyed the experience and recommend this tour to everyone.

Avaliado por: susan m , Junho 2013

We had a great time, both of our guides were well informed about the enivornment and the surround areas.

Avaliado por: Berito , Junho 2013

We scheduled this tour for our first morning of a week long stay on St Thomas. I'm so glad we did this first! Great equipment, fantastic snorkeling, and our guide, Chris, absolutely made our tour. His passion for conservation and education was infectious, and he gave us great suggestions for snorkeling spots for the rest of our trip.

Avaliado por: John L , Abril 2013

Had a great time it was all we hoped for and more. Learned lots and had fun.
Highlight of the trip and definitely recommend this adventure.

Avaliado por: Kelsey L , Março 2013

We had a great time on this tour! Our tour guide, Travis, was awesome and made our experience very fun and interesting. I would definitely recommend them to anyone traveling to St Thomas!!

Avaliado por: Joyanne P , Fevereiro 2013

Amazing! Only 6 of us on the tour. So glad we chose the hike, also, Learned alot of interesting facts. Zulu was our guide. He did a great job teaching us to snorkel. Very professional. One of our highlights of the trip was this tour.

Avaliado por: Jennifer L , Agosto 2012

This trip was so awesome and fun! Travis and Chris were very knowledgeable, informative, and helpful. Because of the overall wonderful experience, it is something we would definitely do again if we ever return to the Virgin Islands!

Avaliado por: Steven P , Julho 2012

My wife and I had an awesome time. It was just the 2 of us and our guide. He was very knowledgeable about the plants and wildlife. The snorkeling was pretty good as we saw several different species of fish.

Avaliado por: Melissa R , USA, Junho 2012

This was a fun kayak tour in St. Thomas, and our guide Sean was informative and easy going. This is a easy eco tour for any skill level, and will only take a half of your vacation day. I was really nice having a small group since we went in a low peak season, it would be harder to hear the guide if it was a larger group. The snorkeling was about 45min and we saw a big puffer fish! There wasn't a huge amount of bright fish, but it was still good. This was also a better deal compared to the regular price.

Avaliado por: LOIS R , Março 2012

I really enjoyed the tour. The leader was very informative and helpful. The 2 CD's given to us at the end were a very nice surprise.

Avaliado por: Gina B , Setembro 2015

First off, our guide Zulu was great! It was our first time to kayak and my first time ever to snorkel. We opted for this excursion on our 1st day in St Thomas, I had signed up through Viator for all of our excursions, that was great! I called to reconfirm our reservations and when i did the guy offered to upgrade us to include the hike because he said you could see alot more and it wasn't a hard hike. Well, if I ever do this again I would do a few things differently. 1 I would NOT include the hike. After we kayaked slowly due to kiddos in our group who had never kayaked we did the hike, we refilled our water bottles at the beginning and really we spent more time hiking than anything else. Now, I have to say, on the way back to the kayak area, we had to slow down because the hike hurt my back badly! Which is why I would opt out of the hike in the future unless I am in a lot better physical shape! We snorkeled for about 40 mins or so, we didn't really see a whole lot of fish, but the kids were stirring up the sand and probably scaring them off. The 2nd thing I would do is get set up for a private tour! It's a little more pricey, but it's just you and the guide, you can do things on your time and I think that would work better! We had a new guide go with us, his name was Mikey and he was great also. He waited back with us when I had to slow down for my back and he also gave us snorkel instruction on the way to catch up with Zulu and our group, so when we caught up with them, we were ready to go! This is a beautiful kayak! They offered us an icy candy bar after the snorkel which was a very welcome treat! Thank you Zulu and Mikey for a great time, the slow progression of the whole trip wasn't their fault at all, it was just having 4 kids and only 1 adult with them and then my old back! I would recommend this excursion for anyone who is wanting to do a kayak through those beautiful mangroves and then snorkel and hike if you can!

Avaliado por: EVELYN B , Janeiro 2014

It was wonderful and Derek did a good job as a Tour Guide. Very knowledgable and we learn thomgs about the Islands environment ESP. Plants that grows in the lagoon.
It was well organized and planned. Evelyn

Avaliado por: Eric S , Abril 2012

Shawn and Travis made our trip fantastic. We only wished we had more time to snorkel. They gave us grew information and the kids had fun too.

Avaliado por: Sarah B , Junho 2016

Our guide was in a hurry to beat out another group into the kayaking and snorkeling. Because of this she spoke rapidly to the first ones to catch up to her and neglected any of the two or three that were at the back. By the time they caught up, she was off to the next spot.

Avaliado por: Neeta K , Outubro 2015

It was fun, but not enough time to do both if you are slow at Kayak. We went on a little bit of a windy day and barely had time to snorkel. Water is murky so snorkeling is not too clear. But Kayaking was fun and the lagoon is beautiful.