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Featherdale Wildlife Park

Leonor D, Janeiro 2012

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Petting a Koala

Walter L, USA, Maio 2010

This was free as part of the tour package. The Sydney Zoo charged $19.95 for the same treat. We loved the small zoo we stopped at because many animals such as birds and wallabies were within reach to pet or feed.


Anna J, USA, Agosto 2009

Breakfast with the koala at Featherdale

At the Featherdale Wildlife Park

Anônimo, USA, Junho 2009

This was an excellent opportunity to mingle with all manner of Australian native animals in a very well-maintained sanctuary.

My favorite

Frank C, USA, Março 2008

My favorite shot - what a privilege to be there and be able to take it!


Leonor D, Janeiro 2012

Blue Mountains


Leonor D, Janeiro 2012

Our Vehicle