• Local: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Duração: 13 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: david.los , Outubro 2016

This is one of the best day tours I have ever been on. You will be met by a tour rep at your hotel who will bring you to the main train station, provide you with tickets and guide you to the correct platform. The train ride is an approximately 3 hour journey on a local train. The scenery on the east coast of Taiwan is beautiful and the train takes you through small towns, rice paddies, green mountains and near the ocean. Once you arrive in Hualien you will be greeted by a guide in our case Josephine who will bring you to a small coach and will guide your activities for the balance of the day. The Taroko Gorge is spectacular and Josephine the self described Queen of Taroko will take you places where other tours are not allowed to go. There are many stops for photographs and the ride itself is great. Afterward we had a delicious traditional lunch which was great. Not all foods will be attractive to the western palate but there is enough variety for those like me who are less adventurous. Due to the closure of the Taroko visitor centre due to a recent typhoon, there was more time to do other things in the afternoon which included trips to east coast cliffs, a store with local stone carving and jewelry and the stone sculpture park. The store we went to is huge and you can buy pieces made from rainbow jade which is only found in Taiwan as well as Taiwanese Rose Stone. After the tour you are brought back to the rail station and to the platform for the train back to Taipei. There are a few things that should be mentioned. First, expect a full day. We were met at our hotel at 5:50 AM and didn't get back until 7:30 PM. However, the train ride was very relaxing and believe me the tour is worth every penny! Also, I can't recommend Josephine highly enough. She is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. She can also get into places that are off limits because of her local contacts. She is truly the queen of Taroko. We highly recommend this tour!

Avaliado por: Margaret L , Agosto 2016

It was a long day, but such a wonderful day trip. All three of the guides were incredibly helpful. Joesphine was fun and friendly. The hiking, the views, and lunch were all well worth it!

Avaliado por: wesleyyen , Julho 2016

Great tour through Taroko Gorge!

Avaliado por: Larry M , Julho 2016

First tour I and #39;ve ever done and it was fantastic! The tour guide was very knowledgable and entertaining. We saw a lot of great sights and beautiful spots even outside of the gorge as well. Would definitely do it again!

Avaliado por: Vered S , Julho 2016

Very well organized! Josephine - the tour guide- was great ! Lunch was wonderful as well
I heighly recommend this trip!

Avaliado por: Duncan , United Kingdom, Julho 2016

Amazing place, a gem that everyone visiting Taiwan should see!

Avaliado por: Madeline P , Junho 2016

Comfortable tour with great views and walks. Fabulous Jacqueline was our guide.

Avaliado por: Johanna S , Junho 2016

Great tour! Josephine was wonderful and it was very impressive that she managed to conduct the tour in English, Chinese and Japanese at the same time. The scenery was amazing and we stopped at all the best places for photos. Lunch was pretty good, but I wish there was just a little more food.
For anybody going on this tour: there is a bit of hiking involved so wear sturdy shoes. Bring water, sunscreen, a hat and snacks. The air conditioning on the train is freezing so make sure you have a jacket - it's also a really long trip so bring headphones and music or something to occupy the time.
It was a great tour and I look forward to doing it again when I bring my partner to Taiwan!

Avaliado por: ray.susen , Junho 2016

A great full-day trip. The local tour operator was excellent, with all of the drivers and guides very professional and courteous. As for the gorge it was stunning. Do it!!!

Avaliado por: Michelle L , Março 2016

Amazing trip and breathless sights! Josephine is a great tour guide. We were a small group, so she took us further and allowed us to do more adventures then normal. I would do this again!

Avaliado por: Michelle H , United States of America, Janeiro 2016

Beautiful! Magical! A trek to the Water Curtain Cave is a must. The scenic walk there is not to be missed and crossing the veil of a live waterfall is exhilarating. Our guide, Josephine, broke all the rules to make sure we had the best experience possible.

Avaliado por: waiyee , Dezembro 2015

beautiful sceneries and fantastic weather..

Avaliado por: Amy T , Julho 2015

Good tour with a great guide and driver. The tour group was small just 3 of us and we were able to hike up a lot actually for the great views ourselves. Lunch was awesome - included at a nice expensive restaurant just for the tour.

Avaliado por: Katherine R , Junho 2015

Would have been better had it been longer, but with limited time in Taiwan it was great. Josephine was the best guide - knew everything about everything and was very entertaining she made it the 5 for 5 stars

Avaliado por: Marlies H , Junho 2015

Our tourguide was excellent, and the tour showed us many parts of the gorge we wouldn't have been able to get to without a car. Of course, in ideal situation, we would have been able to spend as much time as we wanted at each location, but with a tour, that's just not possible, and as someone who was only in the country for a week, I appreciated being shown the highlights and getting to spend some time at each location. Great tour!!

Avaliado por: Diana , Junho 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: His , Junho 2015

Great tour for seeing the beautiful country side - especially if you don't have plenty of time. The tour guide was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Avaliado por: Glenn G , Março 2015

The Taroko Gorge tour was well worth the time, although to do it justice, it needs more than one day.

Avaliado por: Sylvia P , Março 2015

Great tour and fantastic tour guide. Enjoyed the mix of gorge, sea, and jade shopping! Would definitely do it again.

Avaliado por: Foong Yee L , Março 2015

Good trip and guide. Josephine is knowledgeable and entertaining.

Avaliado por: Megan D , Janeiro 2015

This was hands down my favorite tour from my recent trip. Taroko Gorge is an out of the world landscape that is an absolute must see if you're visiting Taiwan. I won't try to describe the gorge because even pictures can't capture it so I'll focus on the tour itself. The entire thing ran like a well oiled machine. Our tour guide in Hualien (I feel bad that I've forgotten her name) was a great character who kept the group moving with high energy. If I had seen the tour on paper and saw how many times we would stop to take pictures I wouldn't have been too thrilled. But, believe me, you want these pictures. And there was also nice interludes of walking and some opportunities to do a bit of hiking to see things that are out of the way. It was a very long day though so don't be surprised if you arrive back to your lodgings and want to go right back to sleep.

Avaliado por: Robert WV F , Dezembro 2014

Excellent scenery, excellent guide, excellent lunch! One of the best day tours I've done and highly recommended.

Avaliado por: mike , Outubro 2014

With a combination of plane, automobile and train, it's a long day trip, but well worth it. Stunning scenery, an enthusiastic, knowledgeable guide, and to top it off an excellent inclusive lunch. Thoroughly recommended.

Avaliado por: Varina D , Setembro 2014

This tour was wonderful; the transfer to the airport and the plane ride to Hualien went seemlessly and the tour coach was very comfortable. Our guide Josephine spoke very good English and was a font of knowledge for all that we passed, and more.
Taroko Gorge is wonderful, and I was pleased to have been able to experienced some of it by foot, listening to the cicadas and the river. The walks were very easy if you are fit, would have loved to have spent more time walking (although there had been a rockfall on the first 'hike' so could not have gone further). The area around the lunch stop was very interesting, although we didn't get enough time to really explore the temples.
Lunch at the Silks Palace Hotel was delicious and exceeding my expectations.
Picked up some nice Mango Cakes from the cake factory and a visit to the marble factory was interesting. The beach was ok; we were all quite hot and tired and I would preferred to have started home as its a nearly 3hr long train ride back to Taipei.
However, I lost my phone on the beach, only realised at the train station and Josephine went beyond the call of duty to get me back to the beach to rescue my phone, before a mad dash and several frantic phone calls to the train station ticket office to get us onto another train! (Many thanks!! :D)
(If there was a tiny single thing I could add would be a roll of toilet paper on the tour bus as almost all toilets had no paper - take note).
A brilliant day out with a very kind and helpful guide, fantastic memories and photos, highly recommended.

Avaliado por: escottstumps , Setembro 2014

This was outstanding. One of my new favorite places in the world!