• Local: Taormina, Itália
  • Duração: 11 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: kristyn m , Agosto 2016

You have to do the mud bath

Avaliado por: caramia23us , Agosto 2016

The tour was excellent. The right amount of time on each island to enjoy everything they had to offer.

Avaliado por: Rita P , Junho 2016

Great Tour, Lipari was a great little island... the hike up Vulcano is pretty good as well, not all of us made it to the top, we didnt come prepared with the correct shoes... the caves, the views along the way were beautiful

Avaliado por: Lisa B , Agosto 2014

What can you say other than WOW about this trip? Volcano's, black sand beaches, sulfur baths, and of course Italian food along with a boat ride. It was delightful. We loved Taormina anyway, it was almost our favorite place, (sorry Florence is still top of the list). There is no place like Taormina though and the views are incredible. We could see lava flowing from Mt. Etna from our patio. WOW!

Avaliado por: joblake.cutajar , Agosto 2016

A very nice experience

Avaliado por: Mike M , Novembro 2015

We really enjoyed this tour! When visiting Lipari the taxi tour around the island is essential. The tour costs 10 Euros and lasts about 75 minutes! It had incredible views as the taxi had photo stops along the way. The only downside was on our stop at Vulcano. There simply was not enough time if someone wanted to hike up to the crater. We were told the hike was 50 minutes to the top. After a brief introduction by the guide to the island, we had 1hour and 40 minutes to hike up, take in the views and pictures, and then hike back down. The risk was not worth missing the boat so we reluctantly never tackled it as it was too rushed.

Avaliado por: Terence W , Setembro 2015

A very pleasant day. The trip around Lipari was worthwhile but this meant we could not see around Lipari town which would also have been worthwhile. We would have preferred more time on Lipari and less time on Vulcano though the latter was enjoyed too.

Avaliado por: VANESSA K , Junho 2015

When you reach Lipari, there are many taxis offering a 1 and a half hour trip tour around the island.
I thought it was very worth the money, try to assemble a group of at least 4 people to lower the individual cost. Look for Giovanni from the company Pit Stop, he is a very nice chap and speaks good english.

Avaliado por: gregoryjgrove , Maio 2015

The trip to Lipari and Vulcano was interesting. I enjoyed the taxi-tour of Lipari and the breath-taking scenery on all sides. It was a relaxing day visiting these 2 islands and the captain of the Aeolean Princess made some detours to show us some amazing formations around the islands.

Avaliado por: Alexandra B , Outubro 2014

Excellent day out, the islands are a must see. Would have benefited from more detail about the day's activities and schedule but apart from the it was a great day out. The islands are stunning and a must see. We did our own activities on both islands instead of sticking with the tour group.

Avaliado por: Steve B , Setembro 2014

Really good day. The boat to the islands was quite packed and the journey to/from fairly long but we weren't disappointed when we got there. Lipari was beautiful, whilst Vulcano was a little basic and smelly but had a great black sandy beach.

Avaliado por: Alan W , Setembro 2014

The boat or ferry ride over to the islands is crowded and again you feel like cattle being herded into a cattle liner. Most people didn't have a place to sit down if they wanted to be outside. Lipari is fairly crowded but has great shopping and restaurants. Vulcano is quite smelly with the sulphur from the volcano but you can swim at the beach for an hour which is quite nice

Avaliado por: P S W , Janeiro 2014

Very well organised and enjoyable. Lipari was delightful. Would have preferred more time there and less in Vulcano's Portr di Levante - which was tacky and unpleasant

Avaliado por: Robyn Anne F , Setembro 2016

It was an enjoyable day. If you are looking for a relaxing change of pace , we suggest you visit areas away from main tourist area.

Avaliado por: Carmen P , Setembro 2016

Recommendation: take a Taxi ride around Lipari. It's 10 Euro/person and it's well worth it! You get to see the entire island in 1 hour and our driver was very knowledgeable.

Avaliado por: Daughertyj , Julho 2016

This tour uses public ferries to get to the various islands. I don and #39;t think that and #39;s clear on the summary so wanted to point that out. The ferry was very crowded and hot. The optional bus tour of Lipari was underwhelming. I guess a way to see two islands in one day from Taormina but it wasn and #39;t great

Avaliado por: curtis , Julho 2015

Good tour overall. Run by SAS. I probably would have taken the more expensive Aeolian Island trip if I had to do it over again. Not much to do in Lipari. Lots of gift shops. Not much historical to see on the walk.

Avaliado por: William M , Maio 2015

This was a very interesting and comfortably paced tour that explored a unique area of Italy. The tour took us to two islands Vulcano and Lipari which have rather distinct difference in their population patterns while sharing a common geological origin. Franco, our guide, was very competent in informing us about the area and the various attractions we could visit. I would emphasize that the tour is designed to give the individual maximum time to explore the town and areas of the islands on your own. The obvious advantage of the tour is that it manages the transportation logistics in a competent manner while informing you of key attractions and points of interest to explore at your pace.

Avaliado por: Marianna S , Setembro 2014

Nice islands, if you are already bored in Sicily.

Avaliado por: Susan Vousden L , Junho 2014

Our second trip in our 2 days - better dressed for all contingencies this time! First stop was Lipari - and we could have stayed there all day!! This island is a terrific place for an extended holiday,particularly as getting to the other islands by ferry is much easier! Volcano was interesting to see, but not a place for us. Both islands being closer to Milazzo, the boat was much bigger and so much more comfortable - the snack food was fresh and the coffee was good - did enjoy our Molinari sambucca with our last cup on the way back!! The two tours we took were an excellent way to get a look at the Aeolian Islands for first-timers to Sicily,particularly as we had started from Palermo travelling for 3 weeks anticlockwise as far as Taormina.

Avaliado por: mikecincotta , Julho 2016

We were not impressed with this tour at all. It was a glorified taxi and there were much less expensive options on the island. There was little to know direction on where to go when you arrive at the ports, 3 hours on Liprari was not enough time to explore the town and 3 hours on Vulcano was too much time.

In addition we had to walk about a mile to the bus stop for our pick up but the bus ride back from the port stopped soooooo many times to let small groups off that it took over an hour for us to get back to the bus stop.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone and instead advise people interested in this water taxi to book it in town and at the time we traveled it was 20 per person cheaper.

Avaliado por: Lynn O , Julho 2014

VERY long day, didn't like having to pick upand drop off different groups of people at other hotels or bus stops. Added 2 extra hours to the day. Didn't like having to listen to everything the guide said in 5 different languages. Didn't enjoy the additional tour of Lipari by bus, some pretty views but not much else. We are glad we went on this tour but wouldn't recommend it to anyone or do it again..

Avaliado por: Cassie , Julho 2014

This was the trip I was looking forward to most during my stay in Taormina, Sicily but I was quite disappointed with the overall trip and specifically the guide. I was travelling alone so was quite keen to engage with the tour guide and learn as much about the Islands history as possible.

Understandably, there were quite a few nationalities on the tour so the guide needed to translate everything said in three languages. I believe that although English may have been understood by a lot more of the group, it was not the majority nationality, so the guide decided to limit what was communicated in English. Whenever I asked a question, I found her to be quite short, dismissive and unfriendly!

Also, she was quite keen to make the group go off on their own during the time on the islands.

Lipari, was quite quaint and pleasant enough but Vulcano was very primitive and the smell of Sulphur was quite intoxicating at times. There is a large beach cafe opposite the mud baths which appeared very popular. I decided to have my lunch there and was so disappointed as the food was absolutely appalling.

To give a fair overall review, I think I was unlucky with my experience with my visit to the islands and maybe with a different tour guide and better choice of restaurant, the trip may have been more enjoyable!

Avaliado por: Nigel B , Novembro 2015

Did not go on this trip.