• Local: Taormina, Itália
  • Duração: 13 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Michael T , Novembro 2016

I would absolutely recommend it! We saw so much on the water and the islands. The volcano was smoking and we saw sparks spewing out at night! The food was great and the crew was very welcoming. It was a great value.

Avaliado por: kku99 , Outubro 2016

The guide Heidi was great!!! Very knowledgeable and happy to share the info.

Avaliado por: Andreas A , Setembro 2016

Excellent day trip to do if you don't have much time, otherwise I recommend spending at least a night in Panarea and Stromboli! Very beautiful places to be!

Avaliado por: Christine S , Junho 2016

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: , Junho 2016

An enjoyable day and two different islands which were very charming. Unfortunately Strombili only puffed some smoke and no fireworks but the boat trip past the islands and the blue blue water was exquisite. Only complaint was that the sound system on the boat was inaudible as it was too loud and very difficult to hear anything. All up worth going on a beautiful day.

Avaliado por: Thomas K , Junho 2016

Nach dem Sonnenaufgang verdeckten die Wolken leider die Sicht auf die Eruptionen am Stromboli.

Avaliado por: Noel P , Junho 2016

A very long day, but well worth the money

Avaliado por: Anne B , Junho 2016

Loved it

Avaliado por: andrei nicolae g , Maio 2016

I liked very much this trip. Panarea so rustic. Stromboli impressive. I 'met' Ingrig Bergman there...!

Avaliado por: Harold D , Junho 2015

Super trip and great value but a little too long.

Avaliado por: maria , Novembro 2014

Panarea can be called the first step toward Heaven; Now you know how it is - each with his heaven :)
An oasis of tranquility, discretion, beauty, in the midst of the sea ...
Do not miss a meal at Da Francesco! The food absolutely exquisite, tasteful, refined and the service outstanding. If you add the nice view to the sea, you have a wonderful day. Sorry I spent just a few hours ...
Stromboli, fascinated me in the middle of the night when he offered a fascinating eruption of the volcano, with lava like trying to color the sea in red..

Is "a must do" , this trip .

Avaliado por: Jane H , Outubro 2014

Great trip! Panarea is so beautiful and the little beach is worth a visit. On Stromboli we did the walking tour around the small town offered by our guide. After we had dinner on the boat and watched lava trickle down the side of the volcano!

Avaliado por: Michael B , Julho 2014

Seeing a live volcanic eruption and visiting those beautiful islands were a wonderful life fulfilling opportunity

Avaliado por: Ben-Zion K , Outubro 2016

A very long trip. The islands are amazing. Guide and driver were fine.

Avaliado por: Ann P , Outubro 2016

Comfortable, great guide

Avaliado por: bsalzman1944 , Setembro 2016

The tour guide was extremely knowledgeable. We were able to see the beauty of both islands and had the opportunity to see three actual volcanic eruption at night. The water and islands were terrific.

Avaliado por: Nathalie V , Agosto 2016

Très bonne organisation guide attentif et intéressant. Dommage pour la brume sur le Stromboli qui empêchait de voir les éclats de lave.

Avaliado por: Héctor B , Julho 2016

Genial, Panarea un paraiso y Stromboli y sus playas volcanicas dignas de visita; una pena no ver el volcan en actividad, cosa que debe ser entre dificil e imposible. Me sorprendió que a pesar de haber pagado la excursión por adelantado en el autobus me pidieron mas dinero por tasas turísticas, raro.

Avaliado por: Reuben R , Julho 2016

Value for money, long day trip, well organised with lots of time on boats but dinner was very basic.

Avaliado por: Christina L , Julho 2016

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Mike M , Novembro 2015

We enjoyed this tour! In order to get to the top of the island for a view we were told it was 45 minutes. We decided to take the golf cart taxi 9 Euros each way. The taxi takes you as far as it can and then its another 20 minute hike to the top. This is necessary as if you hike from the dock it can be easy to get lost and miss out on the beautiful views from the top. This decision gave us time to stroll in the town afterwards.

Stromboli was fun as well seeing the volcano from the boat and strolling around the town afterwards. After we stopped and watched the lava explosions in the dark from the boat! It was incredible! The downside is this: They make everyone get inside on one deck of the boat there are three decks when leaving Stromboli to feed them a small pasta dish. The problem is they then pull in front of the vulcano. When you have a volcano erupt you don't want to be eating, but rather on the outside decks taking pictures! They should give people 15 minutes to eat at the dock and then move the boat in front of the vulcano. This to me is really simple. I don't understand why they would park the boat in front of the vulcano before people are ready.

Avaliado por: Stéphanie P , Outubro 2015

Le tour fut tel que décrit. Nous avons bien apprécié notre guide, moins celui qui venait de cefalu et qui parlait français de façon exécrable. Le temps aloué sur chaque île est résonable il est cependant bien de faire ces recherches avant car peu d'informations sont donnée quant à ce qu'il est possible de faire sur chaque île.
Le souper était correct sans plus.
Une belle journée qui restera gravé dans ma mémoire très longtemps.

Avaliado por: Vivienne F , Setembro 2015

Would've given a 5 star but the only downfall of this trip was the sheer number of people on the boat. There was a mad scrum trying to get back on the boat for the light dinner. We felt sorry for our tour guide Heidi, who was trying to keep some sort of order but to no avail. She was very good with lots of information and could speak in many languages. Panarea was a lovely island, very pretty, Stromboli is quieter but again very pretty. We saw 2 eruptions which were every 15 mins, the captain of the ship made sure that everyone had at least one chance to see them. We were lucky that we saw both, we were at the front of the boat but maybe the best view would be from the back. A very long day 13 hours but well worth it. It was everything we expected and that was a lot.

Avaliado por: Helen T , Agosto 2015

A fantastic tour. The coach picked us up from a convenient location close to our hotel in Taormina. We then had a 1.5 hour drive to Messina and caught the Aeolian Queen boat to Panarea - a beautiful small island where we swam and had lunch. From here we went to Stromboli where we sunbathed on the black sand beach and had a swim in the warm sea. We then hopped back onto the boat for dinner - this is my only fault. The meat eaters got pasta in a tomato and tuna sauce. Us vegetarians received plain pasta - it was very disappointing and I had to buy food from the cafe on board to supplement my dinner.
After dinner we then sailed around Stromboli so we could witness the volcano erupting - it was an AMAZING sight. I loved it so much I went back another day and did a hike to the top of Stromboli did this from Lipari.
The boat had lots of seating and was very comfortable. A fantastic overall trip except the food.

Avaliado por: Kim , Junho 2015

This was a lot of fun. The islands were spectacular. We were a little bummed that we didn't see the kava flow at Stromboli but Mother Nature had other plans.