• Local: Taormina, Itália
  • Duração: 10 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: maria , Novembro 2014

Do not miss this trip! Fantastic view, feeling on top of the Volcano ...

Avaliado por: Tracey F , Setembro 2016

Enjoyable trip a long day traveling if your not a good traveller. We enjoyed the trip and the scenery well worth the cable car journey. The food in the store at the base was very tasty.

Avaliado por: Jonathan S , Setembro 2016

The tour was very interesting and the guide was also very knowledgeable.

Avaliado por: Emma S , Junho 2016

The tour was great - be prepared for lots of travel, but so worth it

Avaliado por: lisa.collins123 , Janeiro 2016

fab tour - Etna great, coach long and too packed but nice journey although squashed, tour operator awful - we booked the trip with train and to the top, leaves at 7am, couldn't reach the contact number and wasn't staying nearby, got lost was 4 mins late - they went without us!, we spent nearly 2 hours from 7am in S

Avaliado por: francoiseguerin , Novembro 2015

Une belle excursion surprenante dans sa réalisation.Il ne faut pas chercher la vitesse.La Sicile est réputée pour son flegmatisme.En conclusion nous avons été très satisfaits de la journee

Avaliado por: Peter R , Agosto 2015

Great experience. Alcantara Gorges is just alright but Etna was really cool. Wish we had a little more time to see the smoking peak.

Avaliado por: gregoryjgrove , Maio 2015

I so enjoyed visiting the Alcantara Gorge that lost track of the time and then lost my tour group. However, the local agents SAT were on the ball they hooked me up with another group and after some unscheduled activity I met up with my own group at Etna. Etna didn't put on too much of a show that day, but just seeing the surreal landscape, black ash with patches of white snow, was incredible. I can also now claim to have walked across a volcano crater not during an eruption, mind you. I was sorry that we did not get to to the actual rim of one of the active craters.

Avaliado por: Stacey R , Outubro 2014

This was definitely a full-day trip. The portion of the trip that was focused on Mount Etna was exactly what we expected, and we enjoyed this very much. However, I expected something a little more dramatic on the Alcantara Gorges portion of the trip, based on the pictures advertised - instead, we had to pay extra to go into the gardens, and really, it was to see water flowing in a river downstream of the gorges. So perhaps the description of the trip was a bit exaggerated. However, I will say our tour guide was very knowledgeable (in three languages at a time, no less!); and I must mention that our bus driver did a fabulous job getting us around on some very tiny streets with challenging traffic.

Avaliado por: Peter B , Setembro 2015

Did this tour recently and was a highly worthwhile tour to do. Mount Etna rules this island of Sicily and a tour up to near her summit is a memorable trip. The bus was comfortable and air conditioned and the driver excellent. Overall including the Alcantara Gorges was a good itinerary.

My only faults were that I could see a hotel pick up option on the booking site. When I was in Taormina because I was staying at Isola Bella and the start time was 7:00am at the bus station I caught a cab up at an additional cost of EUR20. Once on the bus we got on our way and the bus picked up many people including some only 200M from my hotel. Not impressed.

Secondly we were told at the start that this tour would be outlined for us by the guide in Italian, Deutsche and English. While it started off this was, it was very evident that by the middle of the tour the main languages used were Italian and Deutsche only by our guide Alfredo. We were receiving about a third of the dialogue that the Italians and Deutsche were hearing. We were hearing words about wines vino rosso etc and the volcano and extras that were evidently being spoken but got inadvertently left out of our abridged version. This was consistent with what two other couples on the tour thoughts as well. If I booked a tour like this again I would ensure that the tour was in English as much as the other languages to ensure you get the full story. Just a tad disappointing.

Avaliado por: ehhsalumni , Maio 2015

From my point of view we spent far too much time riding on a bus and a train and not enough time enjoying and photographing the countryside, vineyards, pistachio nut bushes and learning about the geology of volcanic activity from a native speaker. I did not enjoy long portions of the narration in German and while Elizabeth was pleasant, her directions were often unclear.

Avaliado por: Chia Jung Y , Setembro 2016

Paid 8 euros visiting Alcantara Gorge but ended up spending only 1 hour inside.

If you could, please cut off the train tour part.

Don't see any point of taking the train tour since we simply just sat on the train for an hour and went back to the same train station.

Avaliado por: Richard B , Setembro 2015

Guide did tour in 3 languages, 2/3 of time we were bored

Avaliado por: susan d , Julho 2015

Had to pay 20 euros to get to bus station, coach was waiting to pick us up elsewere, etna tour, paid to go up to top, but as it was raining, the poor guides, wouldnt quide, waited an hour, then had to go back down as we were running out of time. not a fab day !!!!

Avaliado por: Mgaltieri62 , Outubro 2014

Positives about the tour- ease of getting to and from Mt Etna without having to worry about language barriers, the tour guide spoke in several languages so repeated everything over and over for all non Italian speaking guests, the final destination itself which is spectacular, the amount of time given so it does not feel like you are rushed.
Negatives - why bother with the train ride? In my families opinion, this was not value added at all and the description of this part of the tour is far more romantic that what it really is. The train is very old, toilet facilities are questionable and the view of a dirty town ruined our expectation. My suggestion would be to remove this from the itinerary.