• Local: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Duração: 10 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Cameron J , Setembro 2016

Fantastic tour! Visiting the Tomb of King David and the Jewish quarter was fantastic, although since the Jewish Quarter was completely destroyed by the Jordanians when they controlled Jerusalem in the mid 20th century you are seeing a very clean and very modern quarter where people live and raise their families. The guide Yoav spent a lot of time explaining the importance of the sites to the Jewish people which came together powerfully when we saw the Western Wall at the end. I think to have seen the Wall without the background would have really taken away the impact.

Later we toured the City of David and the excavations under the city where the water was fed into Jerusalem and then returning to the Western Wall via the old sewers completely dry and out of use for hundreds of years. At the end of the tunnel once you are under the Western Wall you can actually see two massive stones from the Jewish Temple that fell from the Temple Mount down to the street below, crashing through the street and into the sewer. Talk about a moment frozen in time.

One tip for this tour... When exploring the water system you can take the dry route or the wet route... The wet route takes you through then caves where the water still runs... Everyone that took the wet route said it was awesome! Just remember to bring shoes you don't mind getting wet you get wet up to your knees and a flashlight or cell phone.

Avaliado por: Carlos Ariel O , Janeiro 2014

Who ever loved history this is amazing trip with great tour guide very recommended trip great for anyone!!

Avaliado por: Mrs S I D , Agosto 2011

A wonderful adventure through biblical history the guide was most informative and knowledgeable and patient with the different kinds of people in the group, all together a wonderful full day tour. which we would recommend to any one.

Avaliado por: Natalie M , Canada, Junho 2011

This is a must. A lot of walking. Underground city has an option to see Hezekia's tunnel which requires water up to the knee...if i knew this I would have brought appropiate clothes to take this option. Make shure this is in the write up.....also payment into city of David is extra!!! Worth it though.

Avaliado por: Thomas S , Setembro 2015

An excellent tour. Yoel was a great tour guide. It was a good balance between covering a lot of territory but also having some personal time, especially at th Western Wall. I would say that this tour involve a lot of walking, with much of it on hills. So a participant needs to be prepared for this. Still, a great experience.

Avaliado por: Gillian F , Setembro 2014

This was really interesting - it took us to places we hadn't been before. It would be useful to have known in advance about needing a torch for the tunnel but at least we were prepared for the water!

Avaliado por: wisteria , Dezembro 2013

There was only 4 of us on this trip, good guide and Jerusalem was amazing! loved going to the wailing wall and the breathtaking view of the graves on the mount of olives. Found the city of david abit boring and wished i had done the Holocaust museam in the afternoon instead. But Jerusalem is a must.

Avaliado por: ian j , Maio 2012

the scheduled tour guide left without us at the rendezvousd point, so the tour organiser very quicky brought-in a replacement who was excellent - we essentially had a private tour, so it ended-up much better than it would have been with a larger group!

Avaliado por: Randy L S , Setembro 2015

The guide was quite knowledgeable about the City of David. My complaint, however, is the method of transportation. We were transferred and had to wait several times before and after the tour. Rather than a direct route to Jerusalem, we had to go to a central meeting place and wait for different buses to take us to our destination. This was particularly troublesome when the tour was completed and we were quite tired.

Avaliado por: George M , United Kingdom, Janeiro 2013

The trip was great, the guide terrible, he raced through everything in the morning and then dragged his heals for the last hour when there was nothing much to see, tight squeeze in parts of underground a lot of walking,