• Local: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Duração: 5 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Malte D , Dezembro 2016

Impressive and heart-wrenching at the same time, as the tour leads you through the border between Israel and Palestine. A shared history and a divided present time. The tour was very informative, even for me, being an atheist. Go and see it! Thanks to lovely Osama who picked us up behind the border and introduced us to Bethlehem and Palestine!

Avaliado por: JOSEPH E , Outubro 2013

I have been to Jerusalem five times . This by far is the best tour I have taken. The small bus was clean modern and very comfortable . I will return and use this tour again and again

Avaliado por: Keranka S , Janeiro 2013

Very good. Just don't forget to take your passport. Ossy is a great guide.
Don't miss the chance to buy olive wood stuff - difficult to find it in other cities.

Avaliado por: Inge B , Outubro 2012

Interesting place, but I missed a feeling of authenthicity there, with that church full of icons, decorations and crowds of people. I did appreciate, the fact, that we were transported in private cars, which brought us close to all places. Nice too, that our group was so small, we were allowed to ignore the big queue of people and could squeeze in between. I do have to doubt, if the people in the queue appreciated it too.

Avaliado por: Wayne , Julho 2011

Best trip that we took in Israel. Guide was terrific.

Avaliado por: Alban B , Costa Rica, Junho 2015

La excursión como tal estuvo interesante, y es recomendable por al contenido religioso cristiano. Personalmente me resultó más interesante el hecho de que para ir a Belén que está a muy poca distancia de Jerusalén se entra a territorio palestino. Y estando allí se constata cómo coexisten judíos, musulmanes y cristianos en aparente calma.
Por esa cuestión territorial hasta le recuerdan al turista llevar su pasaporte, aunque a nosotros -ya en el sitio- nunca nos pidieron mostrarlo.
Una experiencia adicional. Contratamos el tour saliendo desde Tel Aviv y pidiendo guía en español. Nos recogió en el hotel un guía en inglés que no podía explicarnos bien lo que seguía y que lamentablemente entendimos después. O sea, que nos llevarían hasta Jerusalén junto con excursionistas de muy diferentes destinos y que una allí todos cambiaríamos a otros buses según fuera nuestro destino.
Esperando y recogiendo gente tardamos como tres horas en llegar a Jerusalén, cuando el viaje es de menos de una hora. Y para hacer la cosa peor, ningún guía nos explicó en español algo NO habíamos leído en la letra menuda : que nuestra excursión terminaba en Jerusalén y que debíamos regresar a Tel Aviv por nuestra cuenta!
En medio de nuestra sorpresa aparecieron individuos ofreciendo llevarnos en taxi de regreso a Tel Aviv, por un costo en dólares o euros mucho mayor que el de nuestra excursión. Como no aceptamos ese ofrecimiento en adelante los guías nos dieron un trato bastante displicente e inapropiado.
Gracias a otro turista que iba con nosotros en el tour a Belén no al personal de la empresa operadora del tour! encontramos una forma económica y ágil de regresar a Tel Aviv.
Y aprendimos la lección: leer bien la letra menuda de los que se compra.

Avaliado por: kvkb , België, Dezembro 2014

Een zeer interessante en goed georganiseerde tour langs de belangrijkste plaatsen in Bethlehem. Vriendelijke en degelijke gidsen. Alleen zou er wat duidelijker moeten vermeld worden dat je bij deze tour nog een terugrit van Jeruzalem naar Tel Aviv moet bijboeken.

Avaliado por: Francis A. P , Novembro 2011

This was a great tour. The Palentian guide was excellent and we had a really nice time.

Avaliado por: Margaret S , Dezembro 2010

A well-organised and enjoyable trip with helpful, friendly and informative tour guides. We had no hold-ups going through the checkpoint as other travellers have reported. Unfortunately I did not read the small print that said the tour started in Tel Aviv but ended, somewhat inconveniently, in Jerusalem. The tour company were going to charge 140 NIS to travel back to Tel Aviv. Luckily we were able to make alternative arrangements.

Avaliado por: Glen M , Janeiro 2014

This tour is unusual in starting in Tel Aviv and ending in Jerusalem. This is not stated in the initial information and was the reason I booked. Another member of our party, an Australian who had also booked through Viator was given a taxi back. I think the itinerary should be clarified as a taxi trip costs 320 shekels.

Avaliado por: Ellen G , Setembro 2012

Communication from me via email was efficient and easy, however that company not having my reservation caused a one hour and 15 minute delay for my pick up. I had to call the company to get picked up. The bus ride to the transfer point was timely and the bus was clean, the tour guide was knowledgable and easily understood and made sure I found the correct bus to be on for my tour, he was going to Masada I was going to Bethlehem. The transfer bus was clean and the driver was nice. The driver and guide from Bethlehem were excellent! We were able to avoid long lines, they had incredible knowledge, made sure all 8 of us on the tour had a chance to see and photograph everything we wanted, and made sure we were on time for all sights. After the tour we were taken to a store that had quality items as well as kitsch items. I did not feel pressured to purchase. I enjoyed the hospitality of tea or coffee. The bus back to Jerusalem was late and the driver dropped us at Jaffa Gate instead of the hotel due to of the ladies on the tour requesting that they be dropped off at the Jaffa gate. The driver refused to take us to the hotel that was the original drop off point. We had to walk. Thankfully one of the other tourists knew where we had to go. My rating for the tour guide and driver in Bethlehem is a five plus, my rating for the Bein Harim part in Jerusalem and my pick up 2.5.

Avaliado por: Michael Y , Maio 2015

It was just ok. Nothing spectacular about the tour. Its just a pretty good way to get around places. Less time spent on each destination except the gift shops that they want you to spend your money on (typical tourist trap). I did three consecutive days with this company and its all the same.

Avaliado por: Mark W , Maio 2012

The guide was good but then there was no one to pick us up after the tour when it was downpouring outside. They also forget to tell you that if your staying in Tel Aviv that they will shuttle you to Bethlehem, but you will have to find your own way back.

Avaliado por: Darren J W , Janeiro 2012

While the trip was well organized I was disappointed. Since the tour was Christmas Eve I expected a little more flexibility. Everyone on the tour wanted to spend some more time in Bethlehem and then make our own way back to Jerusalem. We were soundly encouraged to stay with the group or we could be 'stranded at the border late at night'. The tour ended at 1pm just as the celebrations were beginning in Bethlehem. I was also very disappointed that the tour would pick up customers in Tel Aviv and then return them to Jerusalem. I have never been on a tour (been travelling the world the past year) that didn't bring guests full circle back to the location that they were picked up from. Adding a second mini bus that would return to Jerusalem later in the day would give customers the option of staying a little longer on this most holy day to Christians. And offering a shuttle back to Tel Aviv is the least that could have been offered. I was given no help whatsoever and had to make my way back to Tel Aviv on my own (by taxi)... which cost as much as the entire tour. I have used Viator for tours in Europe and was very pleased but this tour of Bethlehem does not meet those same standards.