• Local: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Duração: 16 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Charlotte H , Outubro 2016

Pétra est exceptionnelle. Une seule journée pour la visiter, c'est bien court mais c'est à ne pas manquer! Départ très tôt 5hrs et retour très tard 23 hrs. Il faut absolument apporter de l'eau et de la nourriture car le repas est servi vers 16hrs.

Avaliado por: Grant R , United Kingdom, Abril 2016

A long day but very worthwhile.
Early start in Tel Aviv to fly to Eilat.
Crossing into Jordan was fairly easy with the help of the guide who met us at Eilat airport.
2hr trip to Petra in 2x16 seater aircon vans. Young, vibrant and friendly group.
Fantastic trip around Petra. Spectacular. Nice lunch overlooking Jordan valley.
Arrived back in Tel Aviv around 10pm

Avaliado por: marinag , Março 2015

Unforgettable site, excellent organization of the tour

Avaliado por: Antonio S , Dezembro 2013

Las explicaciones fueron muy entretenidas, el viaje se nos hizo ameno y cortito. Vale la pena y la relación calidad/precio es realmente buena.

Avaliado por: Francesca V , Dezembro 2013

Due to a change in schedule in my international flight I had to change dates for the Petra Tour just a few data before the actual tour! Viator had an exceptional customer service!
Petra is simply breathtaking!

Avaliado por: Cotrim , Brazil, Julho 2011

Regarding the local operator the main problem was lack of information, I had to send many e-mails to get the information regarding the flights, time, schedule and also I had no representative supporting in the airport before and either after the flight… ok I did it, but just got it because I’ve asked a lot to local operator and also in the airport (and in many times I had the impression, due to responses way, they were upset with my messages) otherwise I would be waiting till today about the information and how to procedure…They don’t provided me, at least, the name of the air company! A had to discover in the airport half hour before the flight! Viator provided me a great support since the beginning of the process, but, unfortunately, this level of service and assistance was not the same with the local operator… Petra is amazing, the local guide (from Jordan) was very good and friendly, but I strongly recommend visiting through Jordan and not via Israel (Viator has good options from Jordan), the bureaucracy and security procedures are very hard if you are not from Israel, it is really a problem, believe me! In my personal opinion, they don’t like foreign people…I will never going back to Israel and never recommend to my friends….to my enemies, maybe….

Avaliado por: Mario Octavio V , Julho 2016

It's a very long and Intense day but Very Happy to having done it, more than one day is a lot better. We lost time upon arrival to Petra waiting for some people to pay for the Tour 2 hours and that delayed our visit causing us to being dropped late back in Eilat, we missed our flight because this problem in Organization, nobody helped us out to get another flight but Israeli Airport security and Airlines Employees, they were amazing! Nobody from the Tour showed up or was responsible for this inconvenient.

Avaliado por: Elisa B , Julho 2016

Great experience. However, I still don't get why we had to wait more than one hour at the Jordan border to get everything settled with two Indian passport of two group members. Didn't they already had our passports numbers? However, verything was great and the early wake up was really worthy!

Avaliado por: Michael P , Março 2016

Das Wichtigste: alles hat organisatorisch gut geklappt, d.h. Empfang am Flughafen, Transfer über die Grenze, Besichtigung in Petra und wieder zurück. Petra ist mindestens eine Reise wert und der Tag - Wetter hat auch gut gepasst - hat sich vollauf gelohnt mit bleibenden Eindrücken.
Kleinere Defizite: es sind einige Zusatzkosten aufgetaucht z.B. Wiedereintrittgeld von 15 Euro trotz Visum, die so nicht angezeigt waren, recht kleiner Bus für 12 Personen sogar die Notsitze waren besetzt, zwei Teilnehmer, welche die ausgemachten Zeiten nicht einhielten, was zu Verzögerung beim Mittagessen schließlich um 15.30 Uhr führte. Das Essensbuffet war aber sehr gut.
Alles in allem: lohnenswert!

Avaliado por: Alejandro P , Junho 2015

Great experience! Definitely a tour that everyone must make once in their lifetime. The guide knew the place like a local and took us to the right places.

Avaliado por: Lilianarees , Junho 2015

Wonderful trip! Just the guy that took care of us in Jordan was extremely hurried, did not really give us insight of what Petra is.... But over all, specially the guy fron Israel was wonderful,

Avaliado por: MARK H , Maio 2015

Tour was good I will recomended to my friends and relatives for sure. Thank you

Avaliado por: Tjeerd H , Março 2015

The trip went smooth no delay at borders only pick up at airport eilat was delayed. good tourguide at petra, funny and a lot of information. He was full of akaba and in the end drove through akaba en stopped for toilet at shop, must be a relative lol !

Avaliado por: Siegy W , Novembro 2014

Oct 6th,2014. Flew from Tel Aviv at 6:30 in the morning and landed in Eilat where I was picked up to travel the 2 km to the border. The crossing into Jordan went smoothly. A bit of a wait for everybody else in the tour to get there. The tour was very good and the guide was as well. Had a lunch that was included and was good, but not great. After the day of touring made our way back to the border and crossed again, no problem. I flew back to Tel Aviv and was back at the hotel at 10:00 pm. A long day but well worth it.

Avaliado por: Dwight L , USA, Novembro 2012

Great one day trip. All went well and as expected. It took about 15 minutes for the Eilat guide to find me when I arrived by plane in Eilat; but all went well afterwards. Jordanian driver and guide did a fine job; good food at a restaurant in Petra; I recommend this trip.

Avaliado por: Robert P , USA, Agosto 2011

Petra is a sight not to be missed. Our guide was a little bit late upon our arrival to the airport so we weren't quite sure where to go but then when she showed up, it all went well. Crossing the border into Jordan is a bit tense but it just takes a while. Our guide picked us up on the other side, we were in a very nice bus and it's a drive to Petra... Once we got there, he took us all thru the site and explained things to us but I would go ahead an bone-up up the sight prior to going as I think it would enrich the experience even more. We rode camels (not incuded in the tour price) and it was like going back in time... A really exciting trip and, as always, well arranged by!

Avaliado por: NATTANYA A , Março 2011


Due to the tardiness of one participants in Petra, we were much delayed into Aquaba. You may wish to set stricter rules for the time of departure from the sight. Tks.

Avaliado por: Elva D , Março 2016

The major issue with the tour is the lack of time at the actual site, we would have preferred more free time to explore the area on our own. It was convenient that all details and transportation were taken care of by the guide and organization but there was a lot of wasted time, especially critical on a day trip. I would recommend at least two days for this trip.

Avaliado por: Patrick W , Dezembro 2014

Need more time in Petra it see it all.

Avaliado por: Daniele M , Outubro 2014

nice day trip.
things to do better: 1) the voucher more clear, more details, flight company, plan....thanks 2) better place to have lunch, not very good. too touristic and average food quality
other things good....nice guy who guided us through Petra!

Avaliado por: diana f , Julho 2014

The expedition was great. There was not enough time in Petra. Three hours was not enough time. the guide on the other side left us in a bus for almost half an hour while he sorted out accommodation problems in the town which could have been spent in Petra itself. The transport people on horse and buggies were extraordinarily aggressive, unpleasant and even threatening when demanding more money than we agreed upon for the ride up and would not even take us to the entrance. This absolutely needs to be addressed.It left a very bitter taste after a wonderful expedition.

Avaliado por: Joan B , Outubro 2012

Petra was fabulous and I would definitively return. However, there was much confusion with my return flights and I was put on a later flight from Eliat which was delayed and so thus returned to Tel Aviv very late. It definitely took away from the experience of the day. The other issue was we did not have an opportunity for breakfast since we left so early and were not served lunch till 4PM. This was after we had done the quite strenuous hike. Poor planning!!

Avaliado por: Thurman , Agosto 2012

Given one's individual situation, this tour may or may not be worth doing. I was TREMENDOUSLY limited in the time that I had in Israel, and I wanted to see/do AS MUCH as possible. So, to this end, the trip afforded me the opportunity to check-off yet ANOTHER item on my bucket-list. However, if I had it to do all over again, instead of purchasing the tour from Tel Aviv, I would have simply purchased the tour from Eilat. Then, I would have driven from Tel Aviv to Eilat and back (possibly not in the same day, but possible, if necessary). I feel that I spent A LOT of time waiting in the airport, and had I driven I could have seen more of the country (Yes! It's desert, but it's pretty.), and I could have spent some time in Eilat which has SO MUCH to offer!

The tour started off a bit awkwardly, as there was no one at the airport in Tel Aviv to direct me. Then, upon arriving in Eilat, there was no one in the airport to receive me. Instead, I had to go outside the airport and ask one of the guards who informed me that usually there will be a bus or van that says "Petra" for which I should look. After about 20 or so minutes of waiting, the van circled back around (I never saw it, initially). From this point, it was smooth sailing.

Crossing over into Jordan was easy. MAKE CERTAIN that you have money for the Jordanian visa if you require it ($55 USD/220 of the ladies on my tour was able to use her debit card.) Returning to Israel takes a bit longer, but just relax.

Avaliado por: Henie F , Maio 2012

The guide was great, the food and bus were fine, Petra itself was very interesting. The only problems were that there was no onje at Sde Dovin cash per person at the border to let us know where to go or what to do. Our first contact with any tour representative was in Eilat. Also, it was not made clear that there was a $55 charge to be paid in cash for the Jordanian visa.

Avaliado por: Chiara M L , Agosto 2016

The Petra part was amazing, but I never received any flight information and it caused me a great deal of stress! When I called the number that was given to me during the tour they had no record of my booking because it was a different company who did it. There was really no organization that I could find and It was extremely stressful to not know anything. Because I did not receive any flight information I was searched and questioned multiple times in the airport in Tel Aviv and Eilat.