• Local: Tóquio, Japão
  • Duração: 11 horas 30 minutos (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Alison W , Agosto 2016

Our guide was wonderful. That wind/ice cave was a really great place to be in the highest heat of summer. It was mystical, dark, beautiful and everything we expected.

Avaliado por: Corey D , Julho 2016

Go for the caving. Period. That and #39;s it. Nothing else. It was the experience of a lifetime, the highlight of my entire two week trip. It was amazing. Fuji was nice, but the caving experience is where it and #39;s at.

Avaliado por: Michael R , Julho 2016

Not to be missed! We had a great time and loved our guide!
It was perfect for our group of eight ranging from ages 22-62!

Avaliado por: Jacob B , Junho 2016

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Celma B , Junho 2016

Amazing experience! Really loved it!
Thought the line of buses on Mount Fuji was long, but we got there and the guide was super nice and helpful!
The cave is really scary and not for the weak! LOL
We had a great time!

Avaliado por: Destany L , Junho 2015

The tour was amazing to Mt. Fuji and the ice cave. It was awesome that Mt. Fuji was visible that day so I got some great pictures and the ice cave was more than we expected, so neat climbing 100meters down into it. Would recommend to anyone wanting a fun day.

Avaliado por: Denise , Abril 2015

We were exceptionally blessed to be able to see Mt Fuji during our trip apparently it is only this clear 30 of the year. The coach ride was pleasant, but we didn't get enough time at each station to really savour the beautiful sights only had abt 15 mins. The ice cave is definitely a MUST-TRY for the adventurous folks out there! The guide was extremely engaging, humorous, and helpful.

Avaliado por: Joe N. , Dezembro 2014

This tour was great! The guide on the bus to Mt Fuji was very informative and provided all sorts of trivia beyond what most people expect on a coach tour. We lucked out and visited Fuji on a super clear day, but cold day. Bundle up nicely if you're going during the autumn/winter months as it's much colder once you start gaining altitude. The stops may be short for some, but keep in mind that the destinations visited are not typically done in one day. The cave was awesome as well. We were provided coveralls and a spelunker's helmet. Watch your step as the cave is frozen year round and the floor collects layers of ice. At one point in the cave, there is 0 visible light, which was thrilling when we all turned off our helmet lights for a few minutes. Our guide Utaemon, who grew up in the area, was very passionate about the nature and local geology of the tour and was very educational. After getting back to Shinjuku we went out on our own and lived it up in the bright city lights. 5 star plus.

Avaliado por: Jun C , Fevereiro 2013

Went with 2 friends and had a great time especially exploring the caves. Our tour guide was also friendly and awesome convo. Note: wear water proof boots.

Avaliado por: Sylvia_Teo , Junho 2016

It was great. The Ice cave was just simply awesome. Highly recommend it to those who are adventurous and enjoy a good hike

Avaliado por: Abdulla M , Junho 2016

This tour was so nice, we went up to the 5th station of mount Fuji and then to Aokigahara forest the one that had kinds of strange trees affected by the lava of the volcano. Not only that, we went also to one of the wind caves over there and It was such an experience being in that very cold cave. The only thing I didn't like about it is that the stops were for a maximum of 30mins reaching to a point where we had to not order lunch because it's taking time and the tour guide apologised to us and told us you can have some snacks or sandwiches so that we don't miss going to the forest.

Avaliado por: Gladys G , Junho 2016

My son loved it although we found out from the guide that this wasn't really THE ICE CAVE. It was the WIND CAVE. It was also covered wd ice. I didn't like it cuz I thought It was very dangerous. There is no railings, no pathways, no ropes and no lights. We had to rely on the lights attached to our helmet to guide us. Maybe I am not adventurous enough..

Avaliado por: SALLY M , Maio 2015

This is two very distinct tours - the first a traditional hotel pick up, coach experience. The second a small, local, adventurous, more independent experience. We saw Fuji on a perfect day and the lunch was excellent. The ice cave tour is actual caving - not for the fainthearted! We loved both our guides, and learned a lot. Be prepared to make your own way home from the world's busiest train station. Overall, a great long day.

Avaliado por: Jono , Dezembro 2014

Unfortunately couldn't see Mt Fuji due to fog, but the forest was very impressive at this time of year (late October).

Avaliado por: Jacqueline K , Agosto 2013

The highlight of this trip was the Aokigahara Forest where the cave is located. If you're lucky like my group was, no one else will have signed up for this tour and you'll get an awesome private guide from the Country Lake Systems tour group. Exploring the cave does require some physical ability so I would only recommend if you're able-bodied.

The only downfall of this tour is that it was delayed due to peak season traffic so we had to shorten some stops to accommodate our schedule. However, all in all I would recommend this package for those who want to visit the Mt. Fuji area without having to coordinate logistics (transportation to and from the area, excursions, etc.).

Avaliado por: Giovanna A Z , Dezembro 2012

It was ok, the cave was very interesting, but the tour guides weren't that good, and the tour finished way earlier than it supposed to...

Avaliado por: James R , Junho 2015

Nelly was awesome on the cave tour. Disappointed at the wait time for bus back to Tokyo. Too long! Need a tighter itinerary.

Avaliado por: Abelardo D , Junho 2015

Really the forest ICE CAVE was 5/5 Stars!!! Unfortunately, I rated lower because the Mt Fuji experience was way too hurried and short!! There was not enough time give to enjoy Mt Fuji or to even shop for souvenirs. The lunch provided was EXCELLENT!!! Yet, you don't have a lot of time to enjoy it either. The ICE CAVE was SUPER COOL!!! I would not recommend it if you don't like outdoor activities, but we had only 9 total people, including the guides, so it was very personable!!!

Avaliado por: Eugenia R , Junho 2013

The tour was good in terms of variety of different places to visit and things to do (visiting the Mt. Fuji visitor centre, the 5th station and the cave in Aokigahara Forest). However in terms of organization it was really bad. When they picked me up at the hotel they had in there records that we were 2 but it was only me. They never gave me before starting the trip an itinerary, so I had no idea what was the plan for the day. I was really confused because they thought I was staying a night in Hakone but I wasn't and considering that at that point I had no idea what was the plan it was a bit frustrating. When they finally gave me the itinerary I found out that I was getting separated from the main group to go to with another group to the cave (this is were the confusion about the night in Hakone came from). When they stopped at the Mt. Fuji visitor centre they only gave us 15 minutes to have a quick view at the mountain and buy some souvenirs at the shop which is not enough time. Then at the 5th station they only gave us like 20 minutes. It felt a bit rushed all the way until I got to the tour in the cave. The nice thing about this tour in the cave at Aokigahara Forest was that even though it was only me booked for that tour they still carried on with it so it was like a personal tour. The tour guide at the cave was really friendly and guided the tour at my own pace with a lot of flexibility. He didn't speak much English but we still managed to communicate. When doing the cave tour take good tramping shoes that are water resistant. The shoes will get wet!!! The japanese lunch was nice. Don't bother emailing Viator cause they never answered me the emails with my questions before my trip.