• Local: Tóquio, Japão
  • Duração: 2 dias (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Eva P , Janeiro 2015

Great tour. Because of the weather we could only go up to the first station of the Fuji, still the view was amazing. The hotel was far more exquisite than I expected.

Avaliado por: Li Wei L , Setembro 2014

The guide (Harry) was very informative and knowledgeable, and helpful with giving us directions back from Hakone to Tokyo.

Our hotel (Prince Hakone) was spectacular, it was a great accommodation to relax and enjoy the quiet surroundings. Our room was facing the lake and some mountains in the background, a perfect sight to wake up to!

Avaliado por: Nancy N , Julho 2013

Great tour! Perfect blend of being escorted around by a guide and freedom to explore on your own. I'd recommend this to locals and visitors alike.

Avaliado por: alehtsan , Abril 2013

The tour to Hakone is a must go. The cruise around Lake Ashi is refreshing. If you are lucky you might get to see Mt Fuji. The hotel was amazing. Only do this tour if you know where you want to go by yourself in Hakone and know how to use the buses. The buses are still convenient but there will be little time for you to go to all the places in Hakone.

FYI, eateries and the shops at Hakone En next to the Prince Hotel close early. Make sure you grab dinner and souvenirs before they close. Otherwise you will have to get dinner in the hotel or walk to the closest town/shop for dinner. Buses using the free day pass retire early.

Avaliado por: Kong Moi Y , Novembro 2012

It was great. The guide was excellent and informative, the view was magnificent, Mt. Fuji was majestic, Prince Hotel with its onsen is superb, hotel staff was ever-so-helpful, Hakone pass was handy as we traveled to various spots around Hakone and it's good to experience the bullet train.

Avaliado por: Francesca B , Novembro 2012

Fantastic tour! Our tourguide Toko was great. Very informative and entertaining and kept everyone on schedule in order for us to make the most of the day. Apart from the obvious drawcard Fujisan, the highlights were the ropeway and definitely the overnight stay at Prince Hakone Hotel for the onsen! Would highly recommend this overnight tour and tour company.

Avaliado por: charlotte b , Junho 2015

Great way to experience Mt Fuji and Hakone. The guide on the bus was a fantastic character with a lot of knowledge to share. The second day with out a guide is a great way to see Hakone. The ropeways offer amazing views! Great value for money and well organised tour.

Avaliado por: N. L , Maio 2015

An incredibly friendly guide and a Well organised Tour.

Avaliado por: davidfyl , Switzerland, Dezembro 2014

Too much avtivities and places to visit in such a short time for Mt Fuji. Hakobe is super place. Another one day for Hakone will have been perfect. Lots of places and ville to visit and walk about.

Avaliado por: Maria I , Outubro 2014

The best part was the day at the onsen on Lake Ashi (prince Hakone hotel). The first day at Mt Fuji felt rushed but the guide was really nice.

Avaliado por: Nicole S , Julho 2013

I was very enjoyable and recommendable. The first day was a bus ride from Tokyo to the fifth station on Mt. Fuji and eventually to the hotel. The tour guide spoke english well and told us a great deal not only about Mt. Fuji but also Tokyo and Japan overall. The guide was very kind and helpful.
The first day was the guided tour. The bus ride was entertaining and informative, the lunch was delicious, and it was fun to ride the ropeway. The second day we were on our own to explore the surrounding mountainsides.
As this is a small mountain community all the businesses close early and the train rides from one locale to another are not very short so time is quite limited; my friends and I really had time for just one or two visits before having to catch the bullet train back to Tokyo on day 2. Granted, we had made a point of rising late on day 2 because all of the shops/restaurants opened late.
Thus, if you truly want to see a great deal of the mountain side then you would require a longer trip.
If you only wish to see Mt. Fuji, the one-day tour would suffice.
On the other hand, my friends and I enjoyed the 2-day tour (the Prince Hakone Hotel Annex is very grand and luxurious - out of our price range for the in-hotel restaurants and shops, but the hotel room was very clean and quite large even by western standards). We spent most of day 2 at the Hakone Art Museum which is very unique and lovely to see, particularly for any abstract art lovers.

Avaliado por: Katrina W , Agosto 2012

Fantastic tour, Mt Fuji unfortunately was clouded over, however Hakkone was beautiful and the hotel i stayed in was amazing - was lucky enough to wake up and see Mt Fuji from my hotel the next morning.

Avaliado por: caine.chappell , Janeiro 2015

The tour was ok. The day trip portion to Hakone and the my Fuji section was good. Not sure I would recommend the overnight stay in Hakone. The tour basically abandons you after 4pm on the first day and leaves you to fend for yourself, in the ghost town which is Hakone.

Avaliado por: HUI CHING H , Dezembro 2012

i go to mt.fuji on 18/11, fortunately weather is very clear, we can see mt.on the way。i had suggest,pls plan photographed the best place to mt.fuji,because i just take photo mt.fuji with mum at leisure station,after travel to mt.and hokone,tour guide never give me any suggestion whice place is the best take picute with mt.

Avaliado por: Ann B , Junho 2016

The tour to mt fugi does not allow for stops when we can see the mountain. really a one day tour.
Attami new akao hotel gives a lovely traditional evening with thermal springs.

Avaliado por: shankae , Janeiro 2013

First day was good on bus , all the things that were listed were done and were great. But at the end of our first day we were handed an envelope with our passes for the next day and our bullet train tickets and pointed in the direction of our hotel.. That was it it . Didnt have a clue how to get to the bullet train ,which was well over an hour away.I had no idea what we could and couldnt do. Wasnt given any directions on where to go by our guide.We missed the " free " bus to get to the bullet train and had to pay our own way there.And then nearly missed our train. The restaurant at the hotel was insanely expensive and the entire menu was in French and Japanese. There was no where else to eat so we had no choice. A bit more of a Guide as to what we were supposed to do the next day would of been realy handy.