• Local: Valletta, Malta
  • Duração: 1 dia (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Hinesh M , Agosto 2015

Good way to travel around Malta.

Avaliado por: Keira G , Julho 2015

We did this on our first day in Malta, and was the perfect way to get a scope of all the main attractions before you dug into them at a later date. Overall enjoyable.

Avaliado por: Alister W , Janeiro 2014

Very worthwhile - got to see some wonderful sights. Really needed two days to do justice to this city.

Avaliado por: Thorsten W , Março 2016

Mann kann sehr viel von der Insel sehen und hat immer die Möglichkeit aus- und zu zusteigen. Besonders schön war für uns Mdina. Wenn mann was bemängeln kann so ist es der Fahrstil der für so einen Bus schon recht flott ist. -

Avaliado por: Christian T , Setembro 2014

Un bon moyen pour visiter l'île.

Avaliado por: ANGELINE , Agosto 2012


Avaliado por: Balti-most , USA, Maio 2012

A good way to see the sites - and get some sun

Avaliado por: David H , Setembro 2011

Did the north route trip and 'hopped off'' at Mdina which really shouldn't be missed. Circular route took in all the main sights of the Valletta up towards the northern tip of the island. Just a quick tip the photo shown on the Viator web page is of the wrong bus company. The tour is run by City Sightseeing and they own the red buses, jump on one of these and not the white ones.

Avaliado por: Marina , Julho 2016

The bus was quite old, the traffic was crazy and the driver not particularly friendly. It was also so hot that we decided against doing a second route.

Avaliado por: Curt H , United States of America, Junho 2016

Good way to see Malta - nice narration - good music when not narrating. Lower stars because there was a good deal of stopping and waiting

Avaliado por: Shanel C , Fevereiro 2015

The bus is convenient and a good way to see different parts of Malta. You choose a specific route out of 3 routes and theres enough to see on the hop-on, hop-off bus to take up a day. It is a lot more windy and cold on the top of the bus, I wasnt prepared for this and was quite cold, so beware.

I might add that Malta does have a 1.5 Euro bus ticket that gives you full and unlimited access to the whole of the island, so if you are on a budget, you might want to just save the money and get a day bus pass.

However, I think with limited time and for the convenience and not getting lost, that paying for this specific tourist bus that takes you direct to the spots and not going a much longer route round the houses is probably best.

Avaliado por: GAUDARD N , Novembro 2015

La société était bien présente vers le port
je n'ai pas compris lorsque j'ai donné mon bon d'exchange : j'ai reçu des tickets de 10 euros alors que j'avais payé plus
le bus était en mauvais état, peut être que ce bus valait des trajets à 10 euros il y en avait d'autres très beaux
nous étions descendus à l'arret de la grotte bleue et nous avons attendu très longtemps
nous avons eu la peur au ventre de manquer notre bateau : ouf nous sommes arrivés à un quart d'heure près
les autres bus de compagnie panoramique ont fait deux à trois fois plus de passage à cet arret
et nous avons eu à nouveau le bus en mauvais état pour le retour au port

il faudrait mettre un meilleur bus sur l'autre circuit grotte bleue

mais bon Malte est magnifique et nous sommes partisans de ce type de visite touristique

Avaliado por: Geoffrey H , Julho 2015

Too many people for the busses. People were able to push into the line because the buses stopped in random places. You had to wait for two or three buses and push yourself to get on one. Never again for me.

Avaliado por: alfred h , Março 2015

mal renseigne sur place, on nous a fait perdre une heure devant l’arrêt de bus, nous disant and quot;ce n'est pas votre bus, attendez, plus tard... and quot;pour enfin nous dire que'il fallait nous rendre beaucoup plus loin pour monter dans un bus ou nous avons attendu encore 30 minutes
le voucher Viator n'a pas été le bien venu, il a été même dénigré parce que venant d'Internet.
conclusion, nous n'avons pas pu faire le route du nord dans la même journée, et nous avons payé cette partie pour rien

Avaliado por: Susanne V , Dezembro 2014

Leider hat die interessantere der beiden Linien (die Längere) so früh geschlossen, dass wir sie nicht nutzen konnten.

Avaliado por: adeibler , Outubro 2016

Company Overbooked this hop on, hop off bus. No room to get on bus 3 times in a row.. Finally got on 4th time,1st driver drove so fast people lost their hats on top deck, audio headphones did not match up to what you were seeing. No defined lines at cruise pier, everyone just pushed and shoved to get on, mainly because it was overbooked. 2nd driver ground gears so hard we were afraid he didn't know how to drive. Not enough room to get back on bus at Blue Grotto, had to take taxi back to pier as to not miss our ships departure. Beware of this, it ruined our day in Malta.

Avaliado por: Carole S , Setembro 2015

Miserable.when we hoped off and visited a sight we could not get back on.we had two buses pass us up because they were full. When we finally forced in we were smashed against many bodies and no one got off because they were afraid they wouldn't get back on. That was the end of our tour.

Avaliado por: Gabriele M , Maio 2015

we recently took a cruise and used the hop on hop off buses on several ports. our experiences with these bus services were lovely except for the one in malta which was a nightmare.
our bus driver did not stop. we were not given any headphones for information about historical sites and to orientate ourselves as to where we were and before we knew it we were back in valletta. we demanded to be let off the bus he was going to take us back to around where the ship was docked. he eventually let us and a few others off people yelling at him only to drive off with one of our members still on the bus. A NIGHTMARE:

Avaliado por: amanda w , Setembro 2012

Terrible. First off the stops arent marked at all boarding locations. Second, i purchased my ticket in advance and in the conformation email itsaid i had the option to use an e-voucher and show the driver my conformation email with my smart phone.