• Local: Valleta, Malta
  • Duração: 9 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Avrum P , Novembro 2016

Malcom was great - my wife is into the show - I've seen only 2 shows..I'm into photography and the site. Malcom engages everyone with in front / background and director information on GOT and other movies. You go to various locations for the full day - including his choice of restaurant in MDINA which was very good and not rushed. Malcom was extremely personal and did a very good job of looking after everyone and keeping it very interesting, a good pace, tons of history and some amazing locations. Malcom involved the 3 children including my daughter in a fun dramatic way that kept their interest. A very special day with a very interesting insight by a local - an actor - background director and insurance broker!!! kept it very human Thank you for an amazing day Malcom....My personal highlight was in Rabbat at the church and it brought back a vivid memory of the Madonna crying blood from the 1990's. Our group enjoyed our time with you and HIGHLY suggest to others - take this tour - its off the beaten tourist path and allows you to see some really special sites with a person that has a ton of passion about his work, family and homeland of Malta.

Avaliado por: Elaine G , Outubro 2016

Loved this tour! Malcom was a wonderful tour guide and had a lot of inside information about the film industry and some funny stories about GOT! The places we visited on the tour were fabulous! One member of our tour isn't a GOT fan and he still really enjoyed it!

Avaliado por: Paul R , Outubro 2016

Outstanding tour. Malcolm's genuine understanding and enthusiasm for the film industry makes this a most memorable experience.

Avaliado por: Denis M , Setembro 2016

Great tour, Malcolm was very entertaining and energetic. Fun locations and stories from the set. Very nice lunch at Medina where you pay but inexpensive and worth it. It is a long day so be prepared to be out from 9am-6pm and bring along plenty of water.

Avaliado por: Jana F , Agosto 2016

Es war ein exzellenter Ausflug, den wir jedem Fan von GoT nur wärmstens empfehlen können. Die lebhafte und anschauliche Führung durch Malcolm war einfach brilliant.

Avaliado por: Jessica S , Julho 2016

Absolutely loved every minute! Malcolm was an amazing host and everything went perfectly, the behind the scenes stories and the connections you feel to the locations really do make an amazing day for an excursion! Highly recommend to everyone going to Malta who loves Game of Thrones !!!

Avaliado por: Alex M , Junho 2016

The tour guide was highly knowledgeable about the subject, and presented the tour in an enjoyable way. I highly recommend this tour to others who are not only fans of GoT, but the film industry itself.

Avaliado por: Bryan S , Junho 2016

Was a highlight of my trip and you don and #39;t have to like games of thrones to enjoythis tour the sights are breathtaking

Avaliado por: lynn p , Junho 2016

great tour, malcolm was so knowledgeable made it very funny. the only thing if i had known that after dinner we would be going round the mountains seeing as i am a devout coward i would have opted to go back to the hotel, but 100 worth while trip, only problem is i have now got to start the series all over again so i can put all that we see in prospective, so make sure you save the box set before you go

Avaliado por: Claire E , Outubro 2015

absolutely excellent and great guide

Avaliado por: dontfear.thereaper , Junho 2016

A great tour with plenty to see and lots of information. The tour doesn't just cover Game of Tghrones sites but also other popular movie sites. It is a fantastic tour and well worth doing, you will even have a chance to see some of the other major towns of Malta such as Mdina. One thing to consider is that the tour stops at a restaurant for lunch but lunch is not included in the tour price. This can make it a little uncomfortable if you do not want to eat there or are on a budget and dont want to eat in a restaurant. Also, the seating in the restaurant is strange in that they seat you with whoever you booked with, so if you are a solo traveller, you will sit and eat lunch onm your own which is a biut strange for a tour. That was the only negative thing though, Malcolm is amazing and has a wealth of information to share. You really should do this tour, I dont think you will be disappointed.

Avaliado por: Torsten F , Janeiro 2017

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