• Local: Viena, Áustria
  • Duração: 5 horas 30 minutos (aproximadamente)

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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: DILEK K , Agosto 2016

A great package which helped me to see almost every corner of the city!

Avaliado por: Justin W , Julho 2016

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Mohit M , Junho 2016

Amazing tour! Great Guide. Helpful Info. Saw a lot of Vienna you cannot see on a regular walking tour.

Recomendid !!

Be sure to do walking plys cycling because it givee you an insight on interior and around of vienna.

Both gudies amazing!!

Good break in between two tours for some rest and food.

Avaliado por: Natalie S , Setembro 2015

Great guide. Very nice to use the bike in the city!

Avaliado por: julielee88 , Agosto 2015


Avaliado por: cindylr42 , Julho 2015

Fabulous tour! Good way to be introduced to main city highlights by foot and then by bike!

Avaliado por: Naveen S , Junho 2015

My wife and I did this tour in May 2015. The Walking Tour was about 4 hours long. We walked around many parts of the city, our guide explaining us the history of the place, along with tons of snippets. We covered much more than the main city attractions, including some spots which otherwise as a tourist we'd never know/visit. For ex. the wine cellar, which was underground and was huge inside. The tour ended up at Stephansplace which is a big touristy square bustling with shops, restaurants, etc. We had an hour before the bike tour, so this was a perfect place to grab lunch.

The bike was in the second half of the day. Our guide Walter was an energetic, loud and quite entertaining. Having walked for 4 hours earlier, it felt good riding around town. The bikes were comfortable with bins at the rear of the bike to put your backpacks while riding. We rode through an amusement park, which had the oldest Ferris Wheel, then through a large city park, along the Danube canal, to the Hofburg Palace, to the public quarters apartments, then to Mozart, Beethoven's house, the Parliament, etc. The list was endless and we ended up riding for over 4 hours. It felt we'd seen every street of Vienna.

The best part was that there was very little overlap of places between the walking tour and biking tour. Else it would've been redundant and boring. The walking tour was ok but the biking was a lot of fun. We must have covered thrice the distance compared to the walk. The weather was beautiful and Vienna by bike is simply amazing. By the end of the day we were quite tired but it was total value for the entire day's time. Highly recommend the biking tour !! In one day what we covered by walk and bike, individually would've taken us 3-4 days for sure. Value for time and money, must do !!!

Avaliado por: Florence L , Junho 2015

Mr Walter was our Guide for both the Vienna City Walking and Bike Tour. He was such a wonderful guide with juicy explanation of the areas we visited and he has a loud and clear vocal.

The weather during the time of our visit was quite hot, thus the walking tour of two and half hours is quite long, however, if its during Spring time, the timing would be nice.

The bike tour to the suburban district was an eye opener. we visited areas like the very antique amusement park new housing area, the very unique university, the lovely Hundertwasser and many others wonderful sights.

This is the first time that we have joined a biking tour, and will definitely join another for our further tours.

Avaliado por: Yan L , Outubro 2014

It is really good fun for the bike tour!

Avaliado por: Panagiotis K , Outubro 2014

This tour was fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyed my day. The bike tour was what I enjoyed the most. Saw parts of vienna I wouldn't normally get to see if I walked around.

Avaliado por: Joao Marcelo P C , Outubro 2014

Excelente, pois os tours se complementam. O walking tour é mais pela parte histórica da cidade e o bike tour sai mais um pouco do centro.

Avaliado por: Laura W , Outubro 2014

Both tours were great! We had a lot of fun. Saw different things on each tour, but they complimented each other nicely! Had such a great day, would highly recommend!

Avaliado por: MariaAntonietta S , Agosto 2014

I enjoyed this experience very much. The guide was amazing and we learnt a lot about the city. Totally safe and funny - I strongly suggest it!

Avaliado por: Sndy , Agosto 2014

Highly Recommended!!! Walter lead the morning walking tour and was a class act! Very well spoken, pleasant with a plethora of information. Always kept everyone together and spoke to "the group" not just an individual or no one missed any of the information. Definitely go and ask specifically for Walter! The afternoon bike tour with Rudy was so fun....even with the rain. Rudy was very conscientious about keeping the group together and tried to time the street crossings so we moved through Vienna as a unit. Lots of knowledge and just fun to talk to. I would love to go back and do this walking/biking tour again with these same incredible guides! You get to see Vienna in a whole different way than sitting on a bus!!!

Avaliado por: Terri W , Agosto 2013

Wonderful Tour - and Guide was humorous while providing many insights to the sites and culture as well, deftly interspersing his presentation with personal touches. By the end we felt as if we were all friends!

Avaliado por: MP W , Julho 2013

I thought our guide was really good and enthusiastic about the city she clearly loves (and now we do too).
We didn't go on the bike tour in the afternoon but instead went to the Danube Music Festival (no refund but that was expected).

Avaliado por: Vicki , Agosto 2016

Good overall tour, especially good value for price. We had only 1.5 hrs for lunch break, as opposed to 2 hours, by it was fine for us. We really enjoyed our guides, they made it interesting for all..

Avaliado por: Coupleonthego , Julho 2016

The morning tour was very interesting but moved quickly. The afternoon was just the opposite. While the bike ride was fun, the guide was not as knowledgeable I. E. and #34;Here and #39;s a church and there and #39;s a church and #34; with no descriptions. Slow talker with very little insight other than what and #39;s in a tour book.

Avaliado por: MARTIN K , Julho 2016

Better way to know the city. First on foot and then on bike. The tour guides on both the tours was very informative.

Avaliado por: didicapo , Junho 2016

A good overall way to get oriented to Vienna.
Guides were friendly and knowledgeable.

Avaliado por: Adam S , Setembro 2015

This was great. Our tour guide was Nathalie and she was wonderful. The weather was unbearably hot though so we skipped the afternoon bike portion.

Avaliado por: Genevieve M , United States of America, Junho 2015

Nice tour. We enjoyed the bike tour more than the walking tour, but both tours gave us a good intro to the city.

Avaliado por: Stacy , Julho 2013

Both our our guides for the morning walking and afternoon biking tour were very enthusiastic and knowledgable about Vienna. There was not sufficient time to get a lunch and do any exploring on our own, before we had to be back for the bike ride portion of the tour in the afternoon. There was some overlap in information from the morning tour, given in the afternoon. In hindsight, it would have been better for our family to just do the bike portion. During that segment, we covered more ground and received a lot of same information we did in the morning walking tour.

Avaliado por: Amanda B , Setembro 2016

I did the waking tour in the morning and the biking tour in the afternoon. In theory a great combination but the tour guide in the morning was an older woman who was more interested in pointing out shop fronts than tourist sights. It was a beautiful sunny day and she was more worried about staying out of the sun than actually being able to see the sights.She was also running almost 30 minutes behind time by the end of the tour making it hard to get food and get back to the tour office before the biking tour started. The biking part of the tour was amazing though. The young female guide Nichola was very informative about history and current events and very time conscience without making us feel rushed !! I would definitely recommend the biking tour !!

Avaliado por: Mark S , Julho 2013

Excellent way to see the full scope of important attractions. The morning walking trip and afternoon bike trip combo provides full coverage of this ancient city.