• Local: Warsaw, Poland
  • Duração: Flexible (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Joanna O , Dezembro 2016

It was a great overview of the city and it's history, it gave us a starting point.

Avaliado por: FLORENCE , France, Agosto 2016

genail pour voir la ville

Avaliado por: Shane F , Junho 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Jacqueline M , Junho 2015

It was very easy

Avaliado por: Frederik S , Junho 2013

It was a rainy day and the top deck was covered. Even so, sitting anywhere on the bus provided good coverage of the sites. The audio provides good information so you know what you are looking at. I got off at several places to experience more and then got back on to get to the next stop while learning what is in-between.

Avaliado por: yvonne g , Setembro 2016

could be better !driver should stop on every place of interest

Avaliado por: Peter Fredberg , Junho 2013

En udmærket oplevelse, som vi altid anvender når vi besøger en storby. Turen tager os med til de væsentlige attraktioner, og vi kan derfor danne os et billede af byen og senere på egen hånd gå på opdagelse i byen. Denne gang tog vi bussen to gange, så vi fik placeret de forskellige steder ordentligt.

Avaliado por: Tammy T , Dezembro 2016

This was a great way to see a lot of the city in a short amount of time, but I think the buses are a bit too infrequent to be truly useful and the maps didn't seem to match up with the actual paths that the buses took. Thanks to this deviation from the routes, the audio did not always match up with the actual environment we were passing through.

Avaliado por: Alexandre P , Julho 2016

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Kelvin T , Dezembro 2015

It gave us a good look at some of the sights of Warsaw. But it was restrictive for jumping on and off as on one of the routes there was only 2 buses per day and the other 3.

Avaliado por: Dennis L , Novembro 2015

The audio track wasn't always synchronized with the locations the bus was visiting throughout the tour. As a hop on/hop off tour, it was inconvenient that the schedule didn't bring a bus back to the stop until 2 hours later. So, if you're going to hop off, make sure you've got to be sure to have at least 2 hours of eating or sight-seeing to do before the next bus comes around.

Avaliado por: andy.fergie , Novembro 2015

This was a good tour for getting orientated and choosing places to visit further, but if you travel on all 3 lines you will experience a lot of repetition in the places that you see.

Avaliado por: Carol Z , Setembro 2015

Tour very good address not listed for meeting place so confusing

Avaliado por: PRABIR KUMAR D , Setembro 2013

good Trip

Avaliado por: Nancy , Australia, Julho 2013

Very thoughtful and helpful drivers.
The commentary often was not in sync with the bus's position making it hard to correctly identify places.
The route was too short. We had walked over most of that area and hoped the bus would take us further afield.

Avaliado por: Miles C , Outubro 2016

Sound of commentary was distorted and could not be understood.

Avaliado por: Josefina B , Julho 2016

it wasn and #39;amazing at was took long time to found the starting point.the bus arrived at 10.45 instead of was the day of the NATO sumitt.i get less than half of what you promise than half price is more than faire for you.i was the single persone with voucher.

Avaliado por: Clare B , Junho 2016

Rubbish, 25 mins late on 1st bus of the day. Involved in RTC which messed all schedules up. Was told 25 mins late but after 40 mins gave up. Luckily had 2 day ticket but then both lines were combined, maybe just 1 bus!! Don and #39;t waste your money, have used in many cities by far the worst.

Avaliado por: james a , Dezembro 2015


Avaliado por: Brian G , United States of America, Novembro 2015

Stops not marked, And they do not announce what stop your at or even open the door at the stop unless someone is standing by the door

Avaliado por: sarah c , Novembro 2015

Nice tour, however audio very sketchy and inaudible

Avaliado por: gary w , Junho 2015

Route had changed on 1 day no notice given.Better signage around route for the bus stops.

Avaliado por: Walter W , Outubro 2013

I wasn't terribly impressed with this tour because I felt that it skipped some major sites. I ended up purchasing a ticket for a hop-on hop-off tour with a different company that made stops at more places of interest.

Avaliado por: Hartley H , Junho 2016

This was the worst hop on hop off bus we have ever travelled on. Half the time the audio wasn't working.
the bus didn't say when the stops were apart from shindlers facory and the shopping mall.
To add to our experience the tv screen on the upper deck fell off during our trip and hit my wife on the leg. The leg is still sore a week later. whilst we have enjoyed many other hop on hop off buses I could not recommend this line

Avaliado por: Lori T , Novembro 2015

Worst hop on/off bus EVER! OMG this was a waste of time and money! Where do I start? Mind you, I've done the hop on/off in 3 other countries besides my own of USA and I'm not one to complain as I've had great luck with all tours I've done via Viator and tbh, this is the only hop on/off company in Warsaw so it's not really Viator's fault but it was horrible! First of all, only 1 bus so it comes around every hour which isn't very convenient. Second, there's NO signs to mark the stops! Seriously, aside from the first stop that has a little kiosk and the stop in Old Town 5 you had NO idea where to get on/off unless someone actually wanted to get on/off while you were driving around. The map on their website is blurry and with no option to expand to see EXACT spot If not, the bus driver didn't stop or pull over so you never knew what was going on. It took me TWO HOURS to get on as I stood by the museum, they didn't go RIGHT by it so then I tried another museum but didn't know if it was in front or at the corner and again, saw it coming, ran but since he didn't stop, I missed it. Then once finally on, I rode all the way and only saw 2 stops since very few people on so few to get off. The map was confusing, the recordings were off my we turn left, you'll see.... and we are turning right! and that was if you could HEAR the recordings as the whole left side of the bus had non-functioning plugs! And if you DO figure out a stop point, you have to REALLY wave to the guy or he'll just drive by which happened to me once later in the day, at which point I just said heck with it and WALKED the rest of the bit to the last few stop. It was just ridiculous. Don't waste your time! Get a good map and do it yourself. OR, if you really feel you want to do this, just do 1 day vs. 2. Trust me, you'll want to throw your hands in the air and give up by mid day! if you go, start at either 1 or 3. They stop RIGHT in front of Chopin Museum. All other stops are a guess!