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Pops talking it over with Fred!!

rl75237, Outubro 2015

Grandson, 11.

Princess Sariah crossing over with Gen Washington!!!

rl75237, Outubro 2015

Tell us who's in the photo, what you were doing etc.

President Lydon Baines Johnson known as LBJ

Mary H, Maio 2015

I looked closely at the sculpture of LBJ and decided it looked very much like the president I saw in person at the White House in 1967.

General Colin Powell

Mary H, Maio 2015

Colin Powell also served as National Security Advisor 19871989, as Commander of the U.S. Army Forces Command 1989 and as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 19891993, holding the latter position during the Persian Gulf War.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Mary H, Maio 2015

Only time will tell if Hillary Clinton will follow in her husband's footsteps to the Oval Office.

Presidents? Bill and Hillary Clinton

Mary H, Maio 2015

A political power couple, President Bill and future president? Hillary Clinton

First Lady Michelle Obama of the United States

Mary H, Maio 2015

Michelle Obama has focused on improving the nutrition of school children while serving as First Lady, a campaign less political than Hillary Clinton's fight for universal health care.